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Cleaning company ProLux specializes in professional leather upholstery cleaning in London. Our upholstery cleaning services are done by certified, insured and highly trained cleaning technicians using eco-friendly cleaning products. All the cleaning solutions we use are made by Prochem, and are child and pet friendly.

We clean your leather sofas with a sponge dabbed in special leather solutions and a soft brush. Your leather furniture will be treated in the safest way, as this cleaning method is completely harmless. In some rare cases, leather pieces of furniture are also suitable for hot water extraction cleaning. The latter is done with a commercial steam cleaning machine, which is our method for fabric upholstery cleaning.

Four reasons to call a professional leather upholstery cleaning company:

  • Experienced cleaners with certificates and insurance
  • Child and pet friendly cleaning solutions
  • Possibility to order same day upholstery cleaning services
  • Complete disinfection of the upholstered furniture


As sofas are a central element of your home, they are very often used to sit and sometimes nap on. The frequent use leads to a higher rate of stains and wear of the material compared to other pieces of furniture. As a professional cleaning company, we know how to provide proper care for your sofas.

ProLux experts have attended hundreds of courses on how to be the very best cleaners for upholstery, mattresses, carpets and rugs. They continue to attend new ones as well, so they can know more about the latest cleaning techniques. Cleaning veterans of our company have over 12 years of experience and the best gear available.

Our cleaning equipment for most types of leather consists of a brush, used to scrub the dirt stuck to your sofa. We also use a sponge to apply the eco-friendly solutions to the material, which we wipe off with a cloth. After the treatment, we apply two types of conditioners to your leather upholstered furniture.

The conditioners are divided into two types, which are known as cream and oil. Once applied to your sofa, they will take between 1 and 2 hours to be absorbed into the material. Their effect is to make your leather sofa be more elastic, shiny, and to prolong its life.

In our leather upholstery cleaning services, the highest quality of cleaning products are applied to your furniture. They are completely safe for you and your family, as well as the material structure and colour. The products are also highly effective at stain removal of all physically removable stains.

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An inspection of the leather furniture, to determine its condition and specifics of the material. After performing this, our professional cleaner will know the best cleaning method for your sofas, chairs and stools.

The upholstery is hoovered in all reachable areas with a commercial vacuum cleaner by our representative. This step is crucial, as it will remove most of the dust and crumbs from your furniture.

Areas which are particularly dirty are scrubbed with a soft and delicate brush to get the stuck dirt off. It is then hoovered, before any cleaning products are used, so it does not stick right back to your furniture.

Eco-friendly cleaning solutions are applied with a sponge by our cleaning expert, then wiped off with a clean cloth. Your sofa will be fully disinfected and free from all removable stains.

The cream and oil conditioners are rubbed onto the furniture, and left to be absorbed. It is highly advisory to not sit on the sofa for a couple of hours while this is ongoing.

Leather and fabric sofa cleaning East London

It is becoming a common occurrence to order a mix of fabric and leather upholstery for your home and workplace. At home, the lounge usually has fabric, whereas leather upholstery is reserved for the office. Business owners have started placing fabric chairs and sofas in the office kitchen, and comfortable leather settees in the manager's office.

The reason for this is rather simple, as a synthetic fabric sofa is much easier to maintain compared to a costly leather one. Still, no matter how well you preserve them, eventually both types of sofa covers will need professional maintenance.

ProLux professionals are here to assist you, as we are capable of providing the best upholstery cleaning methods for both. For the leather settees, the manual method will be used, and they will be conditioned to extend their service lives. On fabric sofas, we use commercial steam extraction machines with high pressure and temperature settings.

Whichever kind of upholstery you have, you choose the best when choosing our company. Our experienced staff know how to perform deep cleaning on all types of artificial and natural fabric. We provide cleaning services for velvet, suede and other specific material as well.

Sofa cleaning in East London

ProLux cleaners are highly mobile throughout all of London, with perfect coverage of the city and adjacent regions. Some of our most frequent residential and business clients reside in Ilford, Romford, Greenwich, Sidcup, Dagenham, Canary Wharf and more.

Our customer service centres are open 24 hours and 7 days a week for our many clients' convenience. We offer the opportunity to book combined services, such as getting mattresses cleaned together with carpet cleaning.

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Victoria McCready
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Our leather sofas are just 2 years old, but thanks to our messy grandchildren they were full of stains. Chris was the technician appointed to clean for us and we’re really happy to have met him. Wonderful person and professional who did a great job of bringing back our sofas to their original white colour!

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