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ProLux Cleaning offers professional mattress cleaning London services with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our highly trained, fully insured and certified technicians clean your mattress using steam machines. The method is called hot water extraction and is suitable for deep cleaning your mattress and the mattress cover.

We are one of the most reputable cleaning companies in East London. We offer a complete set of domestic and commercial deep cleaning services in London. Our mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning services are top quality. We use industrial machines and harmless cleaning products to perform all cleaning services.

We know how to remove stains, odours and germs from your fabric beds and mattresses. Our expert mattress cleaners use high-end equipment to ensure stain removal of all removable stains. Due to our cleaning method and gear, our professional cleaners can achieve incredible results on your mattress.


If you require deep mattress cleaning in East London, call us today! We deliver high quality mattress cleaning services that guarantee removing of dust mites and bacteria. Our affordable prices and great results have won us many happy customers. Your mattresses are going to be deeply disinfected and ready to use after a short drying time.

Over time, dead skin cells shed and fall onto your mattress while you sleep. Bed bugs and dust mites are subsequently attracted to your bedding. These household parasites can provoke severe allergic reactions in people and pets.

Do not endanger the health of your family - order our professional mattress cleaning services regularly. Hot water extraction mattress cleaning is the number 1 disinfection method available. We use it to deeply clean and disinfect your mattresses and fabric headboards.

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  • We check your mattresses for stains and odours, as well as typical issues. The most common mattress stains are caused by sweat, urine and blood. We use special cleaning solutions to achieve smell and stain removal.
  • All surface dust and dirt on the mattresses is hoovered. This takes care of the hard debris and gets the fabric ready for the next step.
  • After hoovering with a vacuum cleaner, mattresses are pre-treated with a cleaning agent. This solution is designed to dissolve the dirt and stains on the mattress.
  • We use steam extraction cleaning machines to deeply disinfect your mattresses. The extraction machine sprays hot water under pressure deep into the mattress fabric. Our technician then uses it to suck out dirt, dust, stain residues and 90% of the water.
  • Special attention is given to any stubborn stains and unpleasant smells. Our professionals apply the necessary harmless chemicals to remove stains and odours.
  • The mattresses are fully disinfected, refreshed and left to dry for several hours. Optionally, we can also apply stain protection onto the fabric.

Mattress Stain Protection

Stain Protection is an after-care spray that can be applied to your mattresses after the cleaning. It will form an invisible layer on the surface, which will make new stains easier to remove. To receive a free quote for this service, call our customer support centres.

Mattress cleaning services

Our professionals provide mattress cleaning throughout East London and all London areas. Some of our most satisfied customers are from Ilford, Romford, Hackney, Poplar, Lewisham, Canary Wharf and more.

ProLux offices and technicians work 24/7 to ensure you get a good night's sleep. One of our customer service specialists is going to answer your questions and give you a free quote. Please take the first step in ensuring the health of your family by calling us on 020-3318-6387.

Tenancy cleaning East London

If you are a tenant and ready to move out, you require tenancy cleaning services, and mattress deep cleaning is one. Our professional cleaners offer the possibility to book same day mattress cleaning if needed. Our professional cleaners offer the possibility to book same day mattress cleaning if needed.

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Mattress CleaningPrices
Single mattress (both sides)£25
Double mattress (both sides)£30
King size mattress (both sides)£40
Super King size mattress (both sides)£45
Queen size mattress (both sides)£50

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Every year we have our mattresses cleaned by ProLux, just to keep them fresh and they always do a good job. I would recommend Bobi and Tisho in particular who are very friendly and nice to have a chat with!

Annette Kensell
Annette Kensell

My friend and I had just moved into this property, but we didn’t bring our own mattresses so we had to get the ones in the flat cleaned asap. A lovely gentleman managed to organize the cleaning for me in a short notice, and the guy sent was also excellent. Our mattresses are now smell fresh, way whiter than they were before and all that for a very fair price!

Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor

We used ProLux to clean our mattresses for the first time and will definitely be using them again! The mattresses were done in just under an hour, with nearly all stains removed as well as the unpleasant stale sweat smell. The cleaner was also on time and did a good job explaining the process.

Mark Schaffer
Mark Schaffer


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