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Are you looking for quality upholstery cleaning East London services? Probably you are a bit confused by the great amount of cleaning companies, offering that service. You have come to the right place!

Book a professional upholstery cleaning procedure by Prolux Cleaning and benefit from more than 10 years of experience in the cleaning field! We are always available when our clients need our help as we work 24/7, including bank holidays. By covering London and the surrounding areas, we have gained the trust of thousands satisfied customers who use our eco-friendly services on a regular basis.

Over the years, our upholstery cleaning East London based team has specialized in cleaning different types of materials, used for manufacture of upholstered furniture.

Each type of fabric requires specific approach. Our technicians are equipped with the needed knowledge, right cleaning methods and safe preparations to accomplish the best possible results. Each and every one of them is certified and personally trained by our most accomplished supervisor who has more than 12 years experience on the cleaning market in London.

The cleaning solutions that we use are all provided by ProChem, which are one of the leading manufacturers in whole Europe in the cleaning industry. Their products are annually tested for environmental impact and are proven to be completely harmless to people, children and pets!

Our commercial machines are suitable and powerful enough for all kinds of different types of fabrics. They are over 500 psi and are able to absorb all of the dirt, germs and bacteria from your upholstery. They heat up the water to 90°C and with high pressure spray it deeply inside the material to ensure that each and every part is thoroughly cleaned and successfully sanitized.

If you are in the search of new ways to bring a new look and freshness to your upholstery in home, look no further than ProLux Cleaning. We are able to achieve the best condition of your favourite sofa and armchair, and also get rid of that wine stain that has been bugging you since forever! Put your trust in us and we won’t disappoint!


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £45
3 seater sofa £60
Armchair £23

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Armchair £30
2 seater sofa £55
3 seater sofa from £70

Here is how East London technicians operate on your upholstery:

  • Inspection of the elements which need cleaning

  • Vacuuming of the upholstery

  • Applying pr-treatment in the form of a spray

  • Deep Steam Cleaning the upholstery

  • Extraction of sprayed in water

  • Stainless and Odourless upholstery

Most typical types of fabrics

Cotton Fabrics

In the creation of the cotton fabric, fibers are involved - fluffy, thin, twisted around the axis of the "thread" from the cotton box. The resulting material has strength, softness, chemical resistance to aggressive detergents, the harmful effects of sunlight and dampness.

upholstery cleaning East LondonCotton is famous for its ability to withstand the influence of high temperatures. The material easily withstands heating up to 140 degrees. Cotton fabric is wrinkled and does not independently return the lost shape. For that reason, it is recommended to clean cotton fabrics with warm or cold water only. Cotton is distinguished by its inability to withstand the harmful effects of fungi. With prolonged exposure to moisture, the fabric rots, deteriorates, decaying into flaps. Solid plain fabrics made of thick cotton can be washed in water of any temperature.

In order for cotton to last longer, you need to follow simple rules for caring for the fabric. The main guideline in the organization of the care of the material is the manufacturer's recommendations indicated on the product label. Our professional cleaners are trained how to clean different materials, and know what carpet cleaning procedure to use for cotton fabrics. In each service, they use safe eco-friendly cleaning agents by the leading manufacturer Prochem.

Linen Fabrics

It is always important to remember that light, eco-friendly, and such a nice material as linen can lose all its properties if it is washed with a powder that contains aggressive components. It is best for washing linen fabrics, and products made from them, to use special powders for delicate washing. Our upholstery cleaning East London based professionals use Prochem products for each cleaning service they perform. Those cleaners are eco-friendly and are a safe way to keep your linen fabrics in top condition!

steam upholstery cleaning East LondonIt should be noted that the worst enemy of linen is chlorine. From it, flax fibers lose their strength and linen products become unusable. That is why only oxygen bleach can be used to wash white linen items.

All things from linen dyed fabric require a careful attitude. Therefore, it is necessary to wash colored (dyed) linen fabrics using powders for delicate washing, or those powders that contain colored granules.

Silk Fabrics

Natural silk is the finest natural fiber of animal origin, made from silkworm threads. It has unique properties: it must regulate its temperature depending on the ambient temperature. Therefore, you will have an unusual sense of comfort at any time of the year!

Natural silk fabric can shed much during normal washing. Silk is a light and thin fabric, so you can only wash it manually in slightly warm water. In no case should you rub your silk item with your hands and twist it. Prolux upholstery cleaning East London based professionals recommend silk fabrics to be maintained only with the help of dry cleaning procedure!

Velvet Fabrics

The traditional distinguishing feature of velvet was that it was a symbol of power and wealth, due to its silkiness and brilliant tones. This type of fabric has always been a favorite among priests and aristocrats.

Nowadays, this valuable material is used by both the largest brands in the fashion world, and is used in the world of construction or furniture upholstery. Its many varieties can be divided into two main categories: figured velvet, consisting of tiny nets that come out of the fabric and cut or joint velvet, the main feature of which is thick and short wool.

The so-called “soprarizzo” or “cesellato” velvet belongs to the last group, which, among all processed velvets (those arising from various processing methods), needs a more complex production, the end result of which is a fabric with intense tones that force us to tremble.

When ordering an upholstery cleaning East London service, you should be ready to tell us what kind of velvet is going to be cleaned, and whether it can be cleaned with hot water extraction method or is subjected to dry cleaning only.

Compliance with the rules for caring for velvet will help preserve its beauty for many years. You must remember how to clean velvet products.

  • The dust on the fabric is disposed of with a vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp sponge.
  • It is possible to wash velvet only in warm water (30-45 degrees), it is impossible to twist the product.
  • After washing, it is necessary to suspend the product and wait until the water drains, squeeze velvet items in a terry towel, and dry it on a cotton cloth.

This is a selection of universal rules, but when buying a velvet product, you need to ask how to care for it, because each type of fabric has its own characteristics. To clean velvet from serious contaminants, it is better to use professional dry upholstery cleaning East London services, so you will definitely protect your favorite thing.

On the market, there is a great variety of fabrics, used for making comfortable and stylish upholstered furniture. Here, we have mentioned the most widely used fabrics that require special care.

Leather Materials:

The major classification of leather materials divides them into four main types, according to their quality. The quality of the leather is determined by the factor from which part of the animal the leather is taken and the latitude where the animal lives.

Here are the four basic types of leather:

  • Full Grain Leather
  • Top Grain Leather
  • Corrected Grain Leather
  • Bonded Leather

Despite this division of leather into four basic types, you can find other classifications according to the leather resistance, percentage of organic material and additional processes in the leather material production.

Here you can read more about the most widely spread types of leather materials:

Pigmented Leather - the most practical type of leather, most often used as upholstery. It is additionally treated with wax and oil to increase wear resistance and dirt resistance. It needs the most minimal care, and most of the fluids will simply drain over its surface, and not be absorbed into the leather.

Crust Leather – crust leather can be divided into two additional subtypes – Chrome crust and Vegetable crust.

Chrome crust is performed by chromium compounds, which are safe for humans. For the preparation of working tanning solutions, several compositions are used to obtain salts of trivalent chromium, and dry chrome tanning agent with a given basicity is also widely used.

The main advantages of using dry chrome tanning agent are standard products and the stability of tanning, which ensures good quality products. Since when using a dry chrome tanning agent no special stations are needed to prepare the extract, production areas are freed up, sanitary and hygienic working conditions are improved, and the labor intensity of work is reduced.

Vegetable crust is a completely natural product, since its processing is done with the help of natural substances and products: acids of oak, mimosa and walnut. Before the basic tanning process begins, the raw skin goes through a series of preparatory processes that bring it to an ideal state suitable for tanning. Vegetable crust is elastic, flexible, its distinctive feature is the ability to take shape. It is great for engraving and embossing.

Embossed Leather – Embossed leather is a type of leather with mechanical application of the necessary pattern. Such type of leather is mainly used for haberdashery. The leather is prepared in a special way and warmed up. After the leather is rolled through the rollers with a pattern. For tight beards of any leather that has the desired characteristics.

Finished Split Leather - this is the leather obtained from the lower layer of the animal's skin (that which adjoins the flesh); if this layer is very thick, then it can be divided into two or three more layers. Such layers can be turned into leather with artificially applied “grain” or a plain glossy coating (this will be corrected-grain leather), or suede. It is not surprising that for some brands, the same models at the same price may be available in suede and corrected-grain (polished) leather: for both options, raw materials of the same level are used, the same price. However, it is worth noting that there are several methods for producing suede, so the quality of this material varies greatly.

Pull-Up Leather – Pull-up leather or oily pull-up leather stretches over time. It is considered to be a symbol of high quality leather.

Suede - Natural suede is made from the skin of sheep, moose, goats, deer and other medium-sized horned animals. This material is used in various fields of textile production. It is pleasant in appearance and to the touch. In any case, products made of natural suede cannot be dried under the sun, near a battery or other heating elements. For cleaning use only suede products.

Prolux upholstery cleaning East London professionals know how clean all types of leather materials. The products we are using for the cleaning services are specially designed for use on leather upholstery. After cleaning a product, made of leather, we apply oil that nourishes the leather and makes it look spectacular. The leather upholstery cleaning procedures is done 100 % on hand. Only in case our professional decides that it is safe to use portative steam machine, he uses it in order to make the hand cleaning process easier and more effective.

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