Easy Way to Remove Chocolate Stain from Carpet

Easy Way to Remove Chocolate Stain from Carpet

 Festive season is round the corner and your kids love enjoying them. Most common thing that would be used by them is chocolate. You can never expect that they would enjoy chocolate without even letting them fall on the carpet! If anything such happens before you seek help from carpet cleaning in London, take action yourself. Do not let the chocolate melt and follow the tips below for better results.

Scrape and Scoop

Before you start removing the chocolate stain from the carpet, you need to scoop out or scrap any solid chocolate that is still on the stain. Do not rub hard as it would be bad both for the stain as well as the fiber of your carpet.


After removing the excess chocolate from the carpet, now you must blot the stain with simple water and white cloth. You must avoid any colorful cloth as if you use them then the color from the cloth may drain into carpet, ruining it more. Be sure that you are blotting the stain and not scrubbing it as if you scrub it, the fiber of the carpet may get damaged.

Now, while you are blotting the stain with white cloth, check out how much chocolate is removed? If you think it’s enough then you do not have to use any cleaning agent. Else you may need some.

Cleaning solution

If you find that water and cloth was not useful, then you need some detergent for carpet cleaning in London. You can mix some detergent in water and make a soapy solution. Now again blot the stain like before. You can find that some stain is removed. After you have dome, place some clean dry cloth over the area and try to soak the liquid there.

While you do all this, do not forget to take professional help. Getting help from professional carpet cleaning company, like Prolux Carpet Cleaning can always be good option.

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