Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips for Parents

Effective Carpet Cleaning Tips for Parents

I am a mother of two small children and I know how difficult carpet cleaning can be. Especially when you have a boy and a girl, you have to know how to cope with completely different problems on the carpet. Let’s give you an example – last week my three year old daughter painted with her pastels my lovely light beige carpet that I had bought just two months ago. The same day my son entered the children room with his filthy shoes after he has been playing outside. I had to cope with two completely different types of stains – pastels and grass stains. I consider myself an expert, not only because I am a mother but also because my husband is a professional carpet cleaner who has attended several cleaning courses. Now I want to share this helpful carpet cleaning tips with you. They are especially useful for parents because they emphasis on the most common problems, caused by children.

My first mistake I made is to buy light-color carpet for the kids’ room. Light - color carpets require much more maintenance and everyday cleaning. If you cannot afford the luxury to clean the carpets at home every day, choose another type of flooring or dark carpets.

Let’s start with the first problem I mentioned – pastel stains on the carpet. You have to vacuum the remains from the pastel and then you can move on to cleaning the stain itself. You may use spot remover, specifically designed for use on carpets, or you can use spot remover for clothes. Dishwashing liquid can also be helpful if you don’t have specialized product for removing pastel stains. However, it is always preferred to use natural products for carpet cleaning. If the spotter is too strong it may discolor your carpet. You will cope with the stain itself but will cause additional fading of the carpet’s colors. So every time before applying some cleaning product for the first time on your carpet, test it on small invisible area of the carpet. 

It is curious to know that some people try to hide stains with painting on them. I don’t recommend you doing this but you should know that it is widely spread practice. Using dishwashing liquid is also common method for coping with oil pastel stains because it is specifically designed for eliminating greasy remains.

If you have a boy, for sure you should learn useful carpet cleaning tips for removing grass stains. If you allow your child enter home with his shoes on, it is guaranteed that you will face this problem. It is good to make a rule for all the members of your family to take their shoes off when enter the front door. However, if it is too late for that rule and you are observing the grass stain on your favorite carpet, it’s time to act. You should mix ¼ tea spoon of laundry detergent with a cup of cold water. Take a clean white cloth or towel and damp it into the solution. Then treat the stain very carefully, starting from the outside of the stain, working toward its center. Don’t rub the stain, because that way you make the stain even bigger.

If you have a daughter at some point of time, you will notice she is painting her face with your make up. For that reason sooner or later you will have to cope with mascara stains on the carpet. Always, when you have to clean your carpet, use clean white cloth. Take the cloth and sponge the stain with a dry-cleaning solvent. If this method does not help, try one of the most common carpet cleaning tips – sponge the mascara stain with detergent solution. Then mix tbsp ammonia with ½ cup of water. Mascara stains are really persistent. You can treat the stain with one tablespoon white vinegar with one cup of warm water. Then sponge the stain with cold water.

Blood stains are also an issue when you have kids. If you clean the stain while it is still fresh, it would be much easier than if you try to remove it after it is already dry. If the stain is still fresh, you have to blot the blood. Then spray the blood stain with cold water. Never make the huge mistake to spray the stain with lukewarm or hot water. Also, never apply too much water because that way you will make the stain bigger than it used to be. Again absorb the stain. After that, apply salt paste on top of it. It is good to know that you must vacuum the place once the salt is dried. If you do not do that salt will damage carpet’s fibers.

There is many more carpet cleaning tips you need to know if you are a parent. However, these are the basics and it is helpful to be aware of them.


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