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Where to Find the Best Upholstery Cleaning Eltham?

Prolux upholstery cleaning Eltham based company exists in the market of cleaning services since 2000. By our careful and attentive approach to work, we year by year deserve the trust of customers. We offer cleaning services for carpets, upholstered furniture, auto salons, both to individuals and legal entities.We do not doubt that upholstered sofas, armchairs and ottomans are an integral part of the comfortable environment in your home. We will help you to get rid of the dust and unpleasant smell with the help of dry upholstery cleaning. You can enjoy taking a rest thanks to the upholstery cleaning Eltham based company Prolux!Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home is the most effective way to give your furniture a neat, fresh look and keep it clean. For this, no transportation is required; the deterioration of the product is excluded. In addition, the client can control the entire dry upholstery cleaning process. For work, we use modern mobile equipment, suitable for premises of any area, which has proven itself in the carpet cleaning and upholstered furniture market.Dry cleaning of sofas, armchairs, and chairs is carried out approximately once a year. Upholstery eventually accumulates dust, in which pathogenic microorganisms multiply, so chemical cleaning should not be neglected.We carry out dry upholstery cleaning in Eltham with the help of certified professional tools, eliminating practically any pollution, safe for pets and not causing allergies.Every dry cleaning specialist in our company has been trained in modern methods and technologies for cleaning furniture and carpets, understands the use of various chemicals and knows how to clean most of the upholstery material, no matter whether it is velvet, suede, silk, cotton or linen. For each material, a separate cleaning method is used and professional equipment and a cleaning agent are used. In addition, the state of the upholstery of your furniture and the degree of its contamination are taken into account.


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £45
3 seater sofa £60
Armchair £23

Upholstery Cleaning Process
eltham upholstery cleaningFirst, we process local spots and contaminants with special stain removers. Then upholstery cleaning is carried out with the help of an extractor machine, which removes both surface dirt and dust and microorganisms in the depth of the material.
The extraction method consists in that the washing solution is injected into the surface to be cleaned under high pressure. Immediately after this, the dissolved particles of dirt are absorbed into the tank of the extractor machine. This provides an ideal cleansing at great depth.
Then, residues of dirt and detergent are removed and deodorization is carried out. At the last stage, the surface is treated with an antistatic agent.
For "gentle" materials, such as silk or velvet, special sparing compounds and special methods of dry cleaning are used.

Advantages of Upholstery Cleaning Eltham with the help of Prolux specialists:

- removal of even the most stubborn spots with the help of highly effective and safe solutions- giving the upholstered furniture the original outer gloss and freshness- individual selection of cleaning agents, based on the complexity of the contamination and the type of upholstery- extending the life of your furniture- process control- dry cleaning of sofas and upholstered furniture at home at a convenient time for you around the clock, without days off
The main advantages of dry upholstery cleaning Prolux, in addition to the highest quality of services – are the efficiency of execution and individual approach to each client. If you decide to get rid of all sorts of pollution, then a dry cleaner Prolux will cope with this best.
Prolux experts are highly qualified professionals who have vast experience of work. We use only modern technologies, equipment and washable products. We are trusted, and we do not fail our customers. If you are interested in cleaning upholstered furniture - feel free to call us. Experts will not keep you waiting long. Dry cleaning is carried out using industrial equipment - effectively, thoroughly and inexpensively!

Upholstery Cleaning at Home on Your Own

The first thing you need to remember - you can remove only light impurities and fresh spots on your own! For example, a fresh greasy or wet spot will go to 70-80% if you immediately attach a well absorbing towel or towel to it.Traces of lipstick or ink can be removed if the stain is treated with a soap solution and then rinsed with water.When darkening the upholstery from prolonged use, it is not necessary to use chlorine stain removers or compounds based on petroleum products. It is better to treat the fabric with a mild soap solution, and then rinse the upholstery with clean water.
But the main problem is the stains after drying. They appear not only from dissolved mud, but also simply from water. Over the years, the upholstery of furniture absorbs a considerable amount of dust, which, mixed with water, and forms unpleasant stains. Avoid their appearance or make them less visible only if the house has a powerful washing vacuum cleaner that will remove excess moisture from the upholstery.
If you have already purchased an expensive stain remover, the manufacturer of which guarantees an excellent result, and are full of determination, the main thing is do not rush.First of all, carefully study the properties of furniture upholstery to eliminate the recommended cleaning methods, including the use of strong stain removers.In order to find out how the dyes and upholstery fibers are behaving, or how shrinkage of the fabric is possible, soak a cotton swab with the reagent that you intend to use, moisten the tissue site tucked under the backrest or under the armrest and look at the result after drying.In the event that you are still not sure of your abilities, or if the result you saw did not suit you, you should better consult specialists. Professional upholstery cleaning Eltham does not take much time and does not hit the family budget. In just a couple of hours, your sofa will have a brand new look! And at the same time there are no risks of ruining your upholstered furniture!

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