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Carpet Steam Cleaning Enfield, North London

Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process that pools the benefits of the use of different chemical agents, a high-pressure jet of hot water, and steam to eliminate dirt from different materials and surfaces. Various types of cleaners are used for the task, depending on the specific application.

Rug and Carpet Hot Water Vapor Treatment

When it comes to cleaning carpets, water vapor cleaning is the most popular and universal method as of now. It is safe, effective and efficient and applicable for many carpets and fibers. The heat and the moisture help dissolve dirt lodged into the fibers of the carpet. Carpet steam cleaning machines use a solution of hot water and some type of carpet cleaning agent. The liquid is routed through pressurized jets allowing the vaporized water to permeate the fibers of the carpet and to loosen the dirt. As the cleaning solution releases the dirt, the cleaner uses a strong vacuum to remove the now dirty water and excess detergent. The end result is a carpet that is completely clean and is going to dry in an hour or two in most climates.

Steam carpet cleaning with purified water without detergents is recommended for newly purchased rugs to clean and sanitize before putting them into use. One fringe benefit - the high temperature kills mite's eggs and larvae nested in the fabric. Cleaning carpets with hot water vapors gets rid of bad warehouse odors present in as well.

Window Blinds and Shades Hot Water Vapor Method in Enfield, North London

Blinds and shades as an alternative to curtains and drapes were introduced not long ago, yet they quickly grew in popularity due to their contemporary look, functionality, and ease of use. At the same time, blinds and shades just as curtains exhibit similar flaws- they have a tendency to accumulate dust and absorb bad smells. These issues vary in scope and degree in different models, however each product must be cleaned at some time. Nearly all types and makes of window shades and blinds are steam cleanable. Just as with curtains, shades and blinds do not have to be removed from the frames.

One cannot go wrong with steam cleaning new window shades. All blinds go a long way before they get attached - factories, warehouses, stores, contractor's hands, etc. Having them thoroughly cleaned with purified water kills many of the nested pollutants.

Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Steam cleaning is very effective for upholstered furniture cleaning and stain removal in residential and commercial places alike. Hot vaporized water is highly effective penetrating deep into the fiber and loosening foreign materials lodged in. Steam cleaning is highly recommended for grease and wax spots, chewing gum, and wine and juice spills cleaning.

We recommend steam cleaning performed with pure water only for new, recently delivered from the store furniture for general sanitization and decontamination.

A word of caution - despite its wide use steam cleaning has certain limitations. This method of cleaning is not suitable for water intolerant fabrics. Always read and retain the manufacturer label for care and maintenance instructions.

Humidity and heat may fix permanently spots caused by protein products. Steam cleaning is possible to ruin paint or lacquered parts of the furniture. It is always best to consult and retain the services of professionals like Prolux Carpet Cleaning in Enfield, North London for best results.

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