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What are the Specifics of Upholstery Cleaning Enfield?

Prolux has a lot of experience in upholstery cleaning Enfield. These services we have been providing for more than ten years. During this time we cleaned a lot of sofas, armchairs, padded stools, chairs and mattresses. We clean furniture and textile coverings of any type! We have mastered and successfully applied the most advanced technologies for cleaning upholstered furniture. We keep up to date and every day we improve the process of cleaning furniture: knowledge, skills, technological base and service.

By calling Prolux, you will get such advantages:

  • Security. We work with proven, reliable preparations.
  • Technological. Modern industrial equipment and a high level of training, the availability of a wide range of special means, allow us to implement the most advanced technologies for cleaning upholstered furniture.
  • Guarantees. We conduct a free preliminary inspection of upholstered furniture before cleaning; prepare a forecast of the result and risks. We guarantee the quality of cleaning according to the forecast.
  • A responsibility. We are financially responsible for the result of our work.

Specialists of Prolux cleaning company performing upholstery cleaning in Enfield, undergo a long training, which includes the study of: materials science, furniture manufacturing principles, pollution chemistry and cleaning agents, safety techniques and, of course, the method of dry-cleaning textile coatings.

Why You Should Use Deep Upholstery Cleaning by Prolux?

Upholstered furniture is recognized as one of the most difficult places at home to maintain. This is not surprising, considering what kind of testing it is exposed to every day: dust accumulates on it, as everywhere else, but that's not all - couches and armchairs are regularly poured with tea, coffee, wines and other hard-to-drink drinks, they are dropped ice cream and wake up the ground from flower pots, on them pets leave a wool, which immediately digs into the upholstery. Therefore it is not surprising that upholstery cleaning Enfield confidently comes to the forefront of preferences, almost equaling with such a popular type of services, such as carpet cleaning at home in Enfield.

Upholstery cleaning is not limited to processing it with a vacuum cleaner. What is more, it is often not recommended to vacuum up soft furniture. A powerful vacuum cleaner, together with the dust, pulls out the micro particles of the nap; as a result, the sofa becomes not as fluffy and pleasant to the touch as when it was brand new.

In addition to the removal of dust, it is also necessary to use special chemicals. Most people are unaware what kind of preparations to use for various spots on the sofa. For that reason, they often apply inappropriate cleaning agents that not only leave the problem unsolved but also damage the nap. If you don’t know how to remove stains from your upholstery, you’d better contact professional cleaning company with experienced specialists!


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £45
3 seater sofa £60
Armchair £23

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Armchair £30
2 seater sofa £55
3 seater sofa from £70

Specifics of Professional Upholstery Cleaning Enfield

Such a procedure as professional upholstery cleaning Enfield is a multi-stage and complex process, the implementation of which is better entrusted to specialists. And, nevertheless, many owners prefer to cope with the problem on their own. Most often, the owners resort to all the known and simplest - the wet method of removing the spots that appear, as a result of which moisture inevitably penetrates the furniture through its upholstery. Since the removal of moisture back is almost impossible - leaking inside, it will inevitably provoke the rotting process of the filler.

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In turn, professional upholstery cleaning at home is carried out in several stages. First and foremost, experts determine the origin of local pollution, the amount of work to be done, and then assess the appearance and condition of the upholstery fabric. Then, based on the available information, experts select the necessary tool, designed specifically for this kind of upholstery, and also - the necessary equipment for cleaning upholstery material.

In different cases, various cleaning technologies for upholstered furniture are also used. So, to eliminate simple dirt can be applied surface dry upholstery cleaning. If you identify deeply stale, long-standing or hard-to-stain spots, specialists can choose such an option as a deep dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home. Pre-upholstery of furniture is cleaned with a "dry" vacuum cleaner, after which experts can inspect and test the upholstery in order to find the most suitable cleaning agent for it. At the same stage, experts can appreciate and such an important property of upholstery, such as the stability of its color in front of the components of the chemical cleaning agent. Upholstery treated with a special solution or foam, in the case of old and difficult to clean contamination - the surface of the furniture is cleaned with a sponge or a special brush. If, after the procedure, traces of old contaminants still remain on the surface of the upholstery - it is treated repeatedly with special stain removers. If necessary, the treatment of the contaminated area with a steam generator can also be carried out.

After the procedure, the upholstered furniture acquires an irreproachably clean, renewed appearance, and the upholstery materials become brighter and fresher.

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BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
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BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER

I have never been an exemplary housewife! Housework is just not for me! I hate cleaning and when my carpets or upholstery need refreshing and stain removal, I contact Prolux! I am Prolux regular client and I am very satisfied by their services and attitude towards clients!I started using their procedures 5 years ago. The first time I called them was after I had celebrated my birthday party at home. When the party was over, I saw several pieces of the birthday cake on the sofas, as well as some red wine stains. I knew I couldn’t cope with that problem and I asked my sister what to do. She gave me Prolux number. She told me she had used their services recently and I should try them.I called Prolux and scheduled a service for the very same day. The whole procedure lasted not more than an hour. However, the effect was really impressive! Not only the stains were gone, but the pieces of furniture seemed like brand new!After three months I called Prolux again to clean my carpets and furniture. I was preparing my home for an important family gathering and I wanted everything to be perfect! They were absolutely perfect with the cleaning procedure!Now I now that I can rely on Prolux completely! They can cope with all the problems on my upholstery!

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