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Prolux Carpet Cleaning is a well-respected steam cleaning company stationed in Epsom. We work in all areas of London.

Just now you can search for the ideal carpet among thousands different types. Carpets have different forms, colors and surfaces respectively you shouldn’t hurry when making such an important choice like selecting the perfect carpeted flooring. If you wish to save the magnificent condition of your floor covering you need to maintain the floor cover on regular basis and take advantage of proficient carpet cleaning procedures in Epsom 1 or 2 times a year. According to the type of the carpetthere are two main technologies to be used for successful cleaning. Each and every of them is applied to assure high resistance of the carpeted floorings and superb fresh colors. Professional rug cleaning is the superb cleaning way which uses the power of high temperature water steam to vanish each of the spots and dust from the rug. The other method is popular as dry carpeted flooring washing is executed from the bottom of the rug and is beneficial for removingall kinds of dirt, dust, mildew and bacteria. According to the various characteristics of your carpet you have to choose the most recommended washing process. If you don’t have enough information about pros and cons of the different cleaning techniques, contact a professional carpet washing business in Epsom to share with you an informed recommendation.

Prolux Carpet is believed to be one of the most preferred carpeted flooring washing firms in Epsom. It is a family company that was established 7 years ago and is building up its performance and skills day after day. We are putting great efforts to be perfect, overcoming each and every one of the difficulties and competition thus to persuade our clients that we are the most used firm in the city. We apply only safe preparations and very expensive machineries to assure you the highest quality procedures. Besides being always at your disposal,we takeemergency services. We do not make breaks or refuse to take orders. For us each client is of great importance and needs exceptional attitude. Our expert cleaners go to trainings once a year, and each of our experts are trained to overcome any accident or problem situation that may come up. Besides top quality services our rug cleaning specialists in Epsom will give you some helpful advices about maintaining your carpeted flooring in magnificent condition.

Simple explanation of steam carpet cleaning process

There are several very easy steps to follow. First, our specialists need to vacuum clean the whole carpet. The next thing to do is a detailed test of the carpeted flooring is done supposing making a checklist of the problem areas it has. A very important stage of the process is noticing what is the cause for every single stain, found on the surface – cola, juice, ink, nail polish, lipstick, tomato juice, vomit or something else. The clients will be asked to give some more information about the way they take care for the carpeted flooring. Then attentively chosen cleaning products are used on the various stains. At the end, proficient rug maintaining is executed that brings back the brand new condition of the rug. The proficient washing method is applicable for getting rid of persistent stains from the carpeted flooring and for exterminating all the dangerous bacteria on the carpet. That maintaining procedure has found to be the most effective one for creating a safe atmosphere for your kids.

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