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Carpet Cleaning Finsbury

Professional carpet cleaning Finsbury consists of much more than removing stains and improvingCarpet Cleaning Finsbury indoor air quality. It is all about taking care of the health of your family and pets and doing the best you can to protect them. By using ProLux Cleaning services, you are getting outstanding carpet cleaning procedures at the most affordable prices in Finsbury.

We truly believe that everything comes with experience. For the last 10 years, we have proved that practice makes perfect. On our way up in the ranking of top quality cleaning service providers, we have tested different cleaning methods, products and techniques, until we found those that ensure the best results possible. We are happy to work with specialists with extensive experience and full dedication to their work! We are convinced that business success cannot be achieved without trust between employees. Therefore, we trust each employee and guarantee the high quality of the services we provide.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Steam Carpet Cleaning FinsburyIn addition, we work with the most expensive and powerful, industrial-grade equipment available on the market, which is regardless completely safe for delicate carpet fibres, such as wool.

Over the years, we realized that only customers could help us truly improve and develop as a professional company. Your needs and desires helped us look at cleaning from your point of view.

Benefit from our special promotions for new and loyal customers! We do our best to make you feel comfortable. Only thanks to our customers can we bring cleaning services to a truly new level. Create an environment where professionals work, and there is no place for second-best. Use the services of ProLux Cleaning, and you will be convinced that you have made the right choice!

experts carpet cleaning Finsbury

Our experts are available 24/7 and you have the amazing opportunity to choose the day and the time of your next cleaning procedure. What is more – we are specialized not only in carpet cleaning, but also in mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning and upholstery cleaning (including synthetic fabric, leather, fake leather, suede, velvet, velour and more)! Top-quality results are achieved in the safest possible way – with the help of ProChem cleaning solutions and steam cleaning machines. These are our ''weapons'' against dirt and harmful allergens that may be a hazard to your health.

Book your next carpet cleaning procedure and become one of the thousands of customers who have already tested our services. Only by doing this, you can make sure we are one of the best carpet cleaning companies in Finsbury.

Stainless carpets by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Finsbury
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Stain removal by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Finsbury
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
best carpet cleaning companies by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Finsbury
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER

I had situated a big area rug in the living room but after I poured apricot juice on its surface, I was devastated. On it came into sight huge stain. Of course, I made attempt to remove the spot with some preparation that I had at home but the it stayed on its place. Luckily, my aunt told me about Prolux Carpet Cleaning carpet cleaning London! I am extremely thankful to her because without Prolux Carpet Cleaning’s process, I would have to get rid of my fabulous carpeted flooring. I had never assumed that deep carpet cleaning London may give such awesome results! After the procedure my area rug had a brand new look!!!

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