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What are the Reasons to Use Professional Upholstery Cleaning Fulham?

Dry upholstery cleaning Fulham at the customer’s home or office is one of the directions of Prolux cleaning company. The most typical problem for owners of upholstered furniture are stains from drinks, fruit of the meal, or stains caused by the hands of a growing child. In addition, persistent dirt is difficult to be cleaned with improvised means. Testing aggressive shop chemistry on your upholstery, although coping with stains, can seriously damage the furniture itself.

Having ordered our upholstery cleaning in Fulham, you will receive:

  • Primeval purity: clean soft furniture from stale dirt, stains and spots;
  • Resistant effect: we process soft furniture with special compounds, which will protect the surface of the sofa, chairs, protect from new spots up to 6 months;
  • Save time and effort. When ordering an upholstery cleaning service for a sofa, it takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours. After 2-4 hours, the soft furniture completely dries up and is ready for use again.

Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £45
3 seater sofa £60
Armchair £23

Prolux Upholstery Cleaning in Fulham – Expert Care for Your Furniture

Over time, a sofa, an armchair, chairs lose their appearance, no matter how carefully you have tried to preserve their look. Undoubtedly, dirty pieces of furniture ruin the elegance and respectability of your interior.

upholstery cleaning FulhamThe danger is that there are many types of upholstery, and for each sofa, chair, ottoman or armchair, you need to use a certain cleaning method, a stain remover of a certain direction and a cleanser of established firms. Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture in Fulham, which we offer, will save you from such consequences.

Along with other methods of cleaning upholstered furniture in Fulham, we offer a service of extractive cleaning of upholstered furniture. The idea of ​​the method is that under high pressure the reagent is injected into the surface of the product, and then the solution is removed along with the mud.

If you need upholstery cleaning Fulham for your home or office, you just need to call the contact phone or use e-mail to place an order. Any of the orders will be executed equally qualitatively, professionally and with a guarantee of safety for health.

As for cleaning upholstered furniture, and in particular cleaning the sofas, then you can not do without a simple vacuum cleaner. This is a rather complex technological process, during which:

  • various spots, including old ones, are removed;
  • greased armrests and headrests;
  • eliminating unpleasant odors.

Upholstery cleaning in Fulham is done with the help of special equipment and specialized cleaning products.

Diagnosis of pollution, like the proper selection of chemistry, and compliance with the entire technological chain, requires special knowledge and considerable experience. That's why we dared to claim that dry cleaning of furniture and sofas should be entrusted only to professionals.

Upholstery Cleaning in Fulham at Affordable Prices!

Do not forget about the economic component. You will not be cheap enough to do all this yourself, not to mention the fact that you need special equipment that you do not have and can not have, because it is professional. Therefore, the order of professional services will be much cheaper, and the quality will say for itself.

Reasons to Use Professional Upholstery Cleaning Fulham

Perhaps everyone knows about the fact that the house needs to be cleaned every day. Another thing is that not all fulfill the demand. If you do not perform periodic care for upholstered furniture, this can lead to serious problems. Upholstered furniture must be cleaned at least once a year. Why? Let's figure it out.

Often it seems that the furniture is in good condition, and no professional upholstery cleaning is needed. But this is a deceptive impression. You see only what happens outside, but if you look inside the upholstery, you will call professionals right away! Therefore, from time to time, vacuuming soft furniture is not enough - you need to regularly deep clean it.

The main reason for this need must be the desire to maintain a neat appearance of the furniture. Professional upholstery cleaning allows you to significantly extend the life of furniture items and at the same time maintain their aesthetic qualities at a high level. Upholstered furniture, especially with frequent use, has the property of getting dirty, and this can not be avoided. The most vulnerable places are the armrests of armchairs and sofas, so they should pay special attention.

It's a pity, but over time, soft furniture becomes a typical "dust bag". Dust settles on the nap and penetrates deep into it, as a result of which a person who sits on a sofa or armchair may develop an allergy. Do you often sneeze? Does it scratch your nose? It is possible that the reason for this was a dusty sofa.

But dust is not the worst thing. The most terrible thing is ticks, which may well appear in the upholstery of upholstered furniture, if it is not cleaned for a long time.

Are these arguments not enough for you? If you value your furniture and you are worried about your own health, at least occasionally give the sofas and armchairs in the hands of professionals. Dry cleaning will return them a neat appearance, cleanse dust and ticks, and sitting on them will again be nice and safe!

Rotary shampoo - Upholstery cleaning in Fulham SW6
BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
Rotary shampoo treatment - Upholstery cleaning in Fulham SW6
No hidden charges - Upholstery cleaning in Fulham SW6
BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
Denny Kennedy

A few weeks ago unexpected guests came home and I was extremely embarrassed because my sofas looked awful! I have 2 children and a dog and there are all kinds of problems on my upholstery! I don’t pay much attention on them – somehow I have got used to this problem. However, I never invite people at home, except for my sister, because I am ashamed of the condition of my home.

 After that incident, I decided to call professional cleaning company immediately! I checked the Google results and called the highest rated company – Prolux! I scheduled a procedure and I benefit from a special discount they offered at that moment.

It took Prolux experts several hours to clean all upholstery furniture at home. The final result was impressive! Everything seemed perfectly clean and smelled incredibly fresh! The atmosphere in the apartment was changed! They cleaned all the stains from the sofas and coped with the dog’s fur! Moreover, they gave me excellent tips how to maintain the furniture clean with minimum efforts. All in all, I am positively surprised by the great quality service, received at very affordable price! I recommend Prolux to all parents, pet owners or people who don’t have time for cleaning!

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