Carpet Cleaning In Offices Must Be Done More Often

Health Hazards Associated With Dirty Carpets

Health Hazards Associated With Dirty Carpets


If you want that your carpet looks good, are clean, and last for longer time period, then you should seek for professional carpet cleaning in Hainault. If you think that carpet cleaning keeps your carpet look like new, then there are many other things too that you get from a cleaned carpet. It helps you protect your health. How? Read on


Carpet fiber catches everything easily and in the same way it absorbs germs and bacteria too. They come to your carpet with your feet, along with your pet or from the spills. Now, you may not be much affected by these bacteria, but the story would be different for your kid. They easily get affected by the germs and thus get ill without any reason.

Now, you can clean a normal floor easily but the carpet fiber should be handled properly. Thus, you need professionals who would clean the carpet properly.


Many time when the carpet do not dry properly there are chances that mold develops on your carpet. They are toxic and are associated with growth of mold spores. These spores if inhaled can create respiratory disease even among older people. They can be removed by scrubbing but that would damage the fiber of the carpet. Moreover while doing some may inhale them and face respiratory problems. Thus, it is better to call professionals to deal with the molds and clean them properly.

Slipping and tripping problem

If you clean your carpet yourself then there are chances that due to improper cleaning techniques, the carpet would lose its structure. This would affect the size of the carpet as it may shrink. Apart from that due to poor cleaning the non-slip coating of the carpet also may get degraded, thus increasing the chances of slipping on the floor.

So, when there are such health hazards associated with dirty carpets, it is better that you call professionals who would clean the carpet neatly and see that they are hygienic. Call Prolux Carpet Cleaning to ensure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly.

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