Helpful Advices for Carpet Maintenance

Helpful Advices for Carpet Maintenance

 To keep the beauty and durability of our carpets, we have to follow the carpet cleaning tips, described below:

Carpet that was placed under heavy furniture or objects can have wholes on its surface where the traces of the furniture are visible. It should be cleaned with a brush and vacuum cleaner regularly.

To prevent dust accumulation it is recommended to be cleaned at least once a week.

Vacuum cleaning is carried out in the direction of width of the carpet.

When cleaning, you should avoid excessive use of water and detergents.

Preventing of stubborn stains on the carpet requires a quick response from your side, with the necessary water or detergents.

In the event of a stain on the carpet, it needed to be cleaned first with a vacuum cleaner and then washing and drying. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule. It is not applicable to all kinds of stains. For instance you should not vacuum stains, caused by liquids like tea, coffee or blood. Always treat such stain very carefully. You have to clean the stain from the side to the center of the stain in order to prevent further damage of the carpet. Absorb the liquid with clean white cloth without applying too much pressure. If you press the cloth to the stain, the liquid will penetrate deeper into the fibers, and for sure that’s not your goal.

If you use cleaning products with strong chemicals we recommend you to try a small spot of carpet which is not prominently. Always use protective gloves when cleaning the carpet with chemical preparations. All in all, avoid the use of toxic detergents because they have really repelling odor which is dangerous for your health. You should not stay in the room where you have applied this preparation on the carpet. Moreover, open the windows to bring some fresh air into the room. Toxic preparations are especially harmful for pregnant women, babies, or people suffering from asthma.

Carpet should not be placed near stoves or other appliances.

Carpet should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The consequence of this exposure will be fading of carpet’s colors and damaging of its fibers. Simply said, your carpet will look wasted just after year exploitation.

When transporting or carrying the carpet from one place to another, you must be careful not to get wet or be left under heavy objects to avoid damaging on the carpet.

Carpet cleaning tips for coping with stains on the carpets

Depending on the origin of the stain, different carpet cleaning tips will be used. Here we have paid attention on the most popular types of stains.

  • Alcohol stains – apply a suitable detergent and then swabbed with white spirit

  • Shoe paint stains - first treat with korselin, then wipe with alcohol and finally clean with detergent

  • Chocolate, caramel, sweets stains - in lukewarm water, add 5% ammonia and clean the stain

  • Fruit and edible oil stains – these type of stains have to be cleaned with lukewarm water

  • Candle or paraffin stains- put on the stain clean dry towel or newspaper and then use the iron to clean the stain. After you heat the candle, it will stick to the towel or newspaper and will be removed from the carpet. After that you have the clean the carpeted flooring with a suitable preparation

  • Chewing gum remains – This is a very common problem when you have children. All you have to do is to place ice cubes on the gum to freeze it. After that you will easily remove it with a knife or a spoon.

  • Red wine stains – There are several carpet cleaning tips you may use for cleaning stains. The first method is to mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and then for a final cleaning, use appropriate preparation. The second, considered more popular method, is to pour some white wine on the red wine stain. White wine won’t leave traces on your carpet and won’t cause additional stains. The third method for removing red wine spillage from your carpet is to spread baking soda on top of the stain. It will absorb the liquid but it takes time. After the soda has absorbed the liquid and has dried, you have to collect it with a vacuum cleaner. In stead of baking soda, you may use salt. It will give fabulous results.

  • Mud stains - wait for it to dry then vacuum

There is one simple rule that applies to all types of stains – “Never clean carpet stains with hot water”. Depending on type of the stain, you should use cold or lukewarm water.

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