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Carpet Cleaning Hornchurch

Professional carpet cleaning in Hornchurch is performed by the highly trained specialists of ProLux Cleaning. Our carpet cleaners in Hornchurch are some of the best carpet specialists in all of East London. Over the years, we have cleaned over 200,000 carpets for domestic and commercial customers.

Our deep steam cleaning service is the most effective stain removal and disinfection carpet cleaning method. We have the knowledge to restore the original look of your carpet in less than 2 hours. The friendly team of ProLux professionals uses only high-quality equipment and harmless chemicals.

Below you can see a short list of reasons to call us right now:

All ProLux operatives are fully insured and certified expert carpet cleaners
We offer the most efficient cleaning method - deep steam with extraction
All products we use are harmless, eco-friendly solutions
Highly mobile and flexible cleaning company with a variety of services

WHY CHOOSE Steam Carpet Cleaning Hornchurch

Choosing steam extraction carpet cleaning services in Hornchurch is full of benefits. For starters, hot water extraction carpet cleaning is the best stain removal method on the market. All physically removable by cleaning stains will be extracted by our expert carpet cleaners. The high powered cleaning equipment and our staff's considerable training allows the highest quality of deep cleaning.

All of our professional carpet cleaners have a minimum of 4 years of experience in the cleaning industry. They undergo frequent re-training and further skill sharpening courses. We aim to have the best carpet and upholstery service providers in East London.

The hot water extraction machines we use are industrial grade, with multiple settings for water temperature and pressure. Combined with the possession of multiple nozzles, the equipment allows us to clean carpets and other fabric of any material. Artificial and natural carpets and rugs can be cleaned by ProLux' expert cleaning technicians.

When you contact our customer service centres, you will always receive a free quote over the phone, online or via WhatsApp. Ordering domestic and commercial carpet cleaning in Hornchurch RM12 takes only a few minutes. Our office assistants can walk you through the whole process of getting your carpets professionally cleaned. Afterwards, a veteran carpet cleaner will attend your property and perform everything you expect him to.


Deep steam cleaning is the other name of our professional carpet cleaning method. Over the years of using it, we have managed to achieve near-perfection in its application in carpet cleaning services. What follows is an in-depth explanation of how the cleaning technique is applied by our professionals:

1. A certified and insured carpet cleaning expert of our company is sent to your property. He will begin by inspecting the carpeted areas to determine the best course of action.

2. The carpets will be hoovered, which is done to remove the dirt and dust from the surface. Afterwards, the actual steam extraction machine can be used.

3. The machine sprays the hot water and cleaning products deeply inside the carpet fibres, reaching to the base of the carpet. Around 90% of the water used is immediately extracted with the dissolved dirt.

4. If any issues are stubborn, they are given additional special treatment. The end goal of removing stains which are possible to be removed is always achieved.

5. The carpets are left fully disinfected and refreshed, and in their best possible condition. Your carpet's original look will be restored, and it will have a pleasant aroma.

6. A stain protector product can also be applied optionally. This spray will create an invisible layer which chemically reacts with new stains when these occur, making them easier to remove.


Steam extraction is highly recommended for use on a regular basis, as the method is highly effective at disinfection. It is the unrivalled champion at battling germs and dust mites. Carpet cleaning companies suggest choosing professional hot water extraction services at least twice a year. Bacteria are unable to survive the water temperature (between 60-90° C) of our steam cleaning method.

Stain removal is what hot water extraction also excels in, as proven over the decades of experience of our professional cleaners. If you have issues on your carpet as drink or food stains, unpleasant smells or other problems, don't worry. In these cases, it is always best to contact a carpet cleaning company straight away. ProLux is here to assist you by returning the original look of your carpets.


Despite being based in Hornchurch, we are not limited to this area. We also cover the rest of East London, such as Romford, Ilford, Upminster, Rainham, Dagenham and many more!

Dry Carpet Cleaning HORNCHURCH

Dry cleaning is recommended by professional carpet cleaners for owners of sisal weave carpets and rugs. Unfortunately, water-based cleaning methods are unsuitable for this type of fabric.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Bacteria, germs and mites neutralisation by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Hornchurch
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Anti-static treatment by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Hornchurch
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
dry carpet shampoo by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Hornchurch
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Val Everett

The carpet cleaner from ProLux did a great job steam cleaning my carpets. I literally could not believe removing a coffee stain from 3 months ago was possible.

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