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What Method to Choose for Carpet Cleaning Hounslow?

Prolux carpet cleaning Hounslow based company renders professional carpet cleaning services with a visit to the house or office in the territory of Hounslow. Thanks to the proven technology and impressive experience, we effectively cope with the majority of possible contaminants on any type of carpeting: synthetic and wool carpets, area rugs, rubberized products, etc.
Professional deep cleaning of carpets at home will be an ideal solution for owners of slightly contaminated products, as well as non-removable carpeting that can not be removed and subjected to industrial processing in the shop.

We clean carpets of any type - from industrial carpets to costly carpets made of silk.

Experience and exact adherence to technology allow us to achieve our ideal results - dry cleaning by the Prolux specialists gives carpets and furniture to our customers a second life.
Our company employs only professionals in their field with a special education and great experience in carpet cleaning. Before the beginning of the work, our employees necessarily determine the composition and method of making the carpet or furniture upholstery, learn about the service life and previous cleaning, determine the degree of contamination and the nature of the stains, as well as the durability of the dyes. Proceeding from this, the most effective and delicate type of dry cleaning, suitable for this product, is chosen.
We work with both individuals and legal entities, but regardless of the volume of the order, every customer is important to us! Our experience, advanced technologies and individual attitude to each client allow you to achieve brilliant results and will give your home cleanliness and comfort!

Prolux Carpet Cleaning – The Best Care for Your Carpets!

carpet cleaning HounslowPerfect cleanliness in the house without tedious daily work is now available for those owners of carpets in Hounslow, who use the services of Prolux carpet cleaning Hounslow based company. The specialists of the company guarantee their customers a top quality cleaning service.

Our cleaning company provides a wide range of cleaning services for residential and commercial premises, using safe and efficient technologies and products that meet sanitary and hygienic requirements, as well as eco-standards.

Responsible and experienced staff engaged in cleaning carpets in Hounslow, has been working in this area for more than ten years, that is, from the day of the founding of the company "Prolux".

The key rules of Prolux cleaning company are transparent, honest, mutually beneficial cooperation with private and legal entities, to which we offer loyal tariffs for comprehensive services.

Choosing a complex of cleaning services in the Prolux carpet cleaning Hounslow company, you can include the following options in it:

  • steam cleaning of floor coverings;
  • dry cleaning of the floor with special equipment;
  • stain removal – we work with the well-known top quality cleaning products, offered by Prochem to eliminate stains from coffee, wine, food, juices, make up, paint, sauces, etc.

We provide deep carpet cleaning services at the most affordable rates in Hounslow. Our experts restore the original appearance of the carpet by using only eco-friendly cleaning products. Even if your carpet has become dusty and stained over time, we will update its appearance.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Hounslow

Water extraction, which is also often called steam cleaning, is the most effective way to care for carpeting. The application of this method allows you to remove up to 95% of the contamination of a variety of origin.

Extractor method of carpet cleaning is the "gold standard" for the care of pile products. Most carpet manufacturers recommend using hot water extraction as the most effective and safe way of professional cleaning of floor coverings.

Cleaning with an extractor technique is suitable for most modern industrial carpets. However, it is worth noting that its effectiveness directly depends on the qualifications of the staff: only an expert can determine exactly which detergents can be applied to the carpet. So, slightly soiled carpets can be cleaned simply with water. This is especially true if the house has small children prone to allergies. But polluted and heavily dirty carpets require the addition of detergents to water in a certain proportion.

It is equally important to choose the optimal cleaning regime, which, on the one hand, will help you to get rid of pollutants, and on the other hand, will not damage the carpet in the form of discoloration or shrinkage. After all, some products easily tolerate the effects of temperature, while others can withstand only a "cold shower".

The unconditional advantage of the steam carpet cleaning method is that the carpet is cleaned "to the bottom": the cleaner is supplied under high pressure and penetrates to the deepest layers. Even after the final processing and drying of the carpet, the moisture content of the product is at least 5-10%. That is, the carpet takes some time to finally dry out in natural conditions. It is because of the high humidity that the extractor technique is not recommended for dry-cleaning woolen, silk, antique and other carpets that require minimal moisture and a particularly delicate approach. You can clean them only by a dry method.

Besides carpets and area rugs, the extraction technique is also ideal for cleaning sofas and other upholstered furniture. The use of extractive devices, together with detergents, allows cleaning almost any dirt and stains from textile upholstery of armchairs, chairs and sofas.

Prolux carpet cleaning Hounslow experts recommend resorting to steam cleaning of carpets and furniture no more often than once on every three months to avoid premature deterioration of products.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Hounslow – Completely Harmless Procedure

In the process of dry carpet cleaning, we take a powder-micro sponge, consisting of thousands of wet cleaning sponges, and we apply it to the carpet with the help of a special machine. All the dirt from the carpet is collected, without damaging it. The greatest benefit of dry carpet cleaning is that you can walk on the carpet right away! Also, you can leave your children on it without fear: there is no harmful chemistry in it, and there is no time for drying either.

In general, Prolux does not like aggressive chemistry - after all, through the skin and lungs, it gets directly in our body. Dry carpet cleaning in this sense is completely harmless and non-toxic. A vacuum cleaner with a fast rotating brush removes dirt and dust from the carpet, while simultaneously spreading the caked pile. Then a cleaning powder with micro-sponges is applied to the carpet, and two rotating brushes help distribute it along the entire length of each fiber. At the end our experts carefully collect powder from the carpet using a powerful vacuum cleaner that clean up the last specks stain remover.

Dry carpet cleaning will not change your plans: for example, visitors to your restaurant, hotel or office can walk freely on the carpet during the cleaning process, and guests of your home will not feel any discomfort if they come to you right after the procedure. Such troubles as shrinkage, damage to the carpet or the fading of colors are completely excluded.

carpet steam cleaner by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Hounslow
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Use of special environmentally friendly cleaning detergents by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Hounslow
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Deodoriser by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Hounslow
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Clem Jessie

For a couple of years we have been using a Professional Deep Steam Cleaning Company to maintain high levels of hygiene and brightness in our house .What a relief it was to have our home cleaned by a company that has proven to be.Prolux has provided great service for 3 years. It is so encouraging to have cleaners who are so friendly and professional as they made our home look its best. Prolux workers faithfully arrive for each regular appointment. They provide top cleaning and are one of the best in the professional deep steam cleaning business. When they are done, it smells great, the carpets and the rugs are cleaned,bright and shinny , the pillows are put back,arranged. I can tell Prolux has left its special touch! Our household would recommend Prolux to anyone!They are the finest!Professional cleaning on a superior level!

Billy Collins

Last week I ordered my first carpet cleaning procedure by Prolux and I am extremely content by its quality. I am a stay-at-home mum, and I am having 3 years-old daughter and 2 months-old baby. It is extremely difficult taking care for both of them, and keeping my home spotless at the same time! I am trying to devote all my time to my children. Knowing that I will spend about 3 hours in carpet cleaning was the reason to contact Prolux. I didn’t want to spend that valuable time in such meaningless operation like carpet cleaning. I believe many mothers will understand me.Also, I had heard a lot of positive feedback about Prolux cleaning procedures from different people – my neighbors, my sister, the wife of my husband’s colleague from work. All of them were using Prolux cleaning regularly and were claiming this is the best cleaning company in Hounslow! I can confirm that Prolux offer exceptional cleaning services! They gave a brand new look to my wasted carpet. After the procedure, it was spotless! And everything was accomplished only with safe cleaning products that are harmless for children, babies and even people suffering from allergies!I have to be honest! I don’t know whether Prolux is the best quality carpet cleaning firm in Hounslow because I have never used such services! I have always cleaned the carpet by myself! However, I am deeply impressed not only excellent cleaning procedure and affordable prices, but also by the attitude towards clients! From now on, I will use Prolux cleaning services regularly! Actually, I am planning a sofa cleaning procedure for the next week! Definitely recommend Prolux!

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