How do you clean wax out of carpet?

How do you clean wax out of carpet?

Paraffin or wax (from a candle or for depilation) is one of the common contaminants that can appear on the carpet. In this article we will look at some tips how to remove wax out of carpet or paraffin at home, so that the carpet remains clean and free from stains. 

In order to clean the carpet of wax, you need to know a few simple features of wax (paraffin), namely, it hardens and crumbles on cooling, and melts when heated (about 60-70 degrees Celsius) than we use to gently it remove and leave no residue on the carpet or area rug.

It's easiest to clean dark and colored carpets with low pile from the wax and more difficult – to clean white and light carpets with a long pile like Shaggy. Also, the composition of the carpet and the way it is produced are important factors (for example, viscose and silk carpets, especially handmade, it is better to entrust specialists to their dry cleaning and not to clean them yourself).

How to remove wax or paraffin from a candle from a carpet?

Cleaning carpets from candle wax or paraffin can be divided into several basic stages: freezing and removing the bulk of the wax, heating and removing wax or paraffin residues from the nap on the carpet, and cleaning the stain from wax or paraffin (especially colored, if any). Cleaning of the carpet from wax and paraffin passes in this sequence.

Freeze the wax with ice. To do this, you have to collect the ice in a sealed plastic bag from the freezer. Apply it to the wax on the carpet and wait a few minutes for it to freeze and become harder and brittle.

After freezing with a conventional tea or table spoon, you should remove the frozen wax (paraffin) from the nap and collect it with a vacuum cleaner.

After the main part of the wax is cleared from the nap on the carpet, go to the second stage. For this you need a regular iron and a paper towel. You have to put a paper towel on the waxed area on the carpet and gently iron it (heat the iron in a minimal mode for delicate fabrics). As a result of this procedure, the wax melts and immediately absorbs into the paper towel. When ironing, it is important to always look and change the towel to a new one, if it has become contaminated with wax.

If, after ironing, all the wax or paraffin does not leave the carpet and there remains a small stain (especially if the paraffin in the candles was colored), go to the final stage - removing the stain from the wax. To do this, we will need clean cotton swabs and alcohol (or soap solution, in which 1 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent or liquid soap is mixed into 1 liter of water). If you use alcohol, first of all you need to check how the dyes in the carpet react to it (alcohol can remove weak dyes from the carpet and it fades), for this, on a barely noticeable section of the carpet we check its effect by wiping a small piece of nap with a cotton disc soaked in alcohol. If the dyes are not washed out, go to the spot from the wax (paraffin). Gently rub it lightly moistened in alcohol or soap solution with a cotton disc until it is completely removed.

The first stage of wax cooling with ice can be skipped if wax or paraffin got on the surface of the carpet for a long time (the wax managed to fully harden), but this procedure will not be superfluous if the room is warm or hot.

Important advices you need to know:

If you are cleaning a carpet (or a thin cloth), start with a low temperature iron. If necessary, increase the temperature. Carpets and other things can be made of fibers that can melt under the influence of high temperature.

Do not turn the temperature too high, as the paper bag may catch fire.

Make sure that the paper bag is at least twice the surface of your iron, so as not to damage the fabric.

Wax can stick to a damp cloth if you do not use caution.

How not to spoil the carpet with candles?

The main prevention from stains of wax is the purchase of quality candles and their proper location.

First, be sure to read the composition of the candle. Ideally, the composition should include paraffin, stearic acid, dyes and aromatic fragrances. It is the stearic acid that helps the paraffin burn, so the amount of wax flowing from the candle is significantly reduced.

Secondly, properly place the candles. Be sure to choose candlesticks in size, with a large enough bowl to collect the wax. After using candles, always remove the dripping wax from the candlestick. And most importantly, do not put candles near windows or fans: from the streams of air, the flame will tilt and melt the candle more strongly. This will significantly reduce both the time of its burning, and lead to a rapid overflow of the candlestick and shedding of the wax.

In conclusion, it can be noted that knowing how to remove wax from a candle from a carpet, this problem now will not catch you unawares in the future and you can easily clean your carpet at home.

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