How Fast Does Carpet Dry after Steam Cleaning?

A common complaint of customers and users when cleaning their carpets is their slow drying. When you buy a carpet for your home or office, normally you are trying to keep it clean as long as possible. However, a moment comes when the carpet gets bumpy or dirty. Then professional carpet cleaning detergents and disinfectants come to help to return the purity of your carpet. Everything here is great, but most customers want their carpets to dry out as quickly as possible. How is this supposed to happen?

In the following lines, we will share a few tips to help you dry up your fresh cleaned carpets as quickly as possible. When cleaning your home or office, it is best to use quality professional carpet cleaning detergents and disinfectants, professional cleaning mops, microfiber cloths, quality vacuum cleaners.

Before you begin cleaning your carpets, make sure that your vacuum cleaner and all and parts of hoses, filters and systems are working normally. Cleaning begins by first using your vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the carpet with the vacuum cleaner removes the driest dirt areas, so you may need to use less moisture further. Here comes the time of using professional carpet cleaning products and disinfectants. It is important to choose the appropriate detergents, shampoos or sprays to clean carpets.

It is important to dilute the preparation by following the instructions on the packaging. Then, clean the contaminated areas of the carpet with the prepared detergent, making sure you do not spill too much liquid.

You now have to open all the windows and turn on the ventilation system in your home or office. This will greatly help to dry the damp carpets. It is time to reuse your vacuum cleaner or vacuum hose. With the vacuum cleaner you can treat the wet areas of your carpets repeatedly by following the degree of their drying.

Once you've helped the drying process with the use of a vacuum cleaner, you can put several fans to your carpet. Put the fans in a strategic place to the cleaned part of your carpet. Once you have done all these consecutive actions, your carpets will be as dry as possible. If this period of drying of your carpets seems long, then it is good to look for the services of professional hygienists.

One of the most popular and widely used methods for deep cleaning of synthetic carpets is steam cleaning. It has many advantages – it helps refreshing the carpet’s fibers, removes unpleasant smell from the carpet, eliminates the bacteria and leaves the carpet perfects clean and safe for your love ones. However, steam cleaning has one drawback – it leaves the carpet semi-dry and you cannot use it immediately after the cleaning procedure is over. To speed up the drying time, you can use the same tip we gave you above in the article – open the windows and turn on the ventilation system in the house.

Normally, it takes 2-3 hours for complete drying of a steam cleaned carpet.

Be sure to dry the carpet on both sides! You cannot dry only the pile of the carpet - then the base may begin to rot. Dryers, heaters, etc. are great for drying. The main thing that the air was not hot - it is harmful to the pile of the carpet.

How to Dry a Carpet?

Check that your carpet is UV resistant

This is explicitly indicated by a pictogram on the back of the carpet. Even if this is indicated, we recommend that you dry not under direct sunlight;

Do not hang the carpet on levers or the like

Under the weight when it is wet it is likely to be deformed and not lying stretched out on the floor. It is possible that the part that is on the lever fades and have a carpet with a light strip in the middle;

The carpet is dried in a clean and airy place, lying on the floor

For drying carpets, you can also use household appliances that radiate heat. For example, hair dryers, heaters, and fan heaters. Unfortunately, with a large area of ​​wetting, drying the carpet with household appliances takes a lot of time, but this option is quite budget. Moreover, do not forget not to place hair dryers or other sources of heat close to the carpet, because you can damage the carpet fibers.

In addition, there are special household appliances that are designed to drain air indoors - these are air dryers. With their help, you cannot be afraid that the hot air will damage the pile of the carpet or the base of the carpet will remain undrained. In the event that you have been wondering for a long time how to dry carpet or carpet in ideal conditions - be sure to pay attention to the household air dryer.

The principle of drying a carpet with an air dryer is as follows: water from a carpet evaporates into the air, the intensity of this evaporation depends on the moisture content of the air, the less moisture in the air, the more intense the evaporation process. The air dryer drives the moist air through itself, removing moisture, and returns it back to the room dry.

How to Dry a Small Wet Area on the Carpet?

If you accidentally spilled a liquid, or in another way it hit a certain part of the carpet, then you should follow these recommendations for drying the area of the carpet:

If just water is spilled, then the wet place to start with is to get wet with a clean dry towel, a sheet or another white cotton cloth, do not rub it, just wipe until most of the moisture goes to the cloth.

A washing vacuum cleaner may well help, but the main thing is not the usual one, which is not intended for wet cleaning! It can well collect water from the carpet, and if dirty water has been spilled, it can clean the polluted area with clean water.

If the carpet is not large, or when water is poured on the edge of the carpet, then it is better to lift this area by placing something under it for better air circulation. When drying, it is important not only to dry the surface of the carpet, but also the foundation, which may deform or rot in the future.

Pay attention to the composition of the carpet, different materials react differently to the liquid.

For drying, you can use a hair dryer, a fan, a heater, the main thing is not to blow hot air close to a wet place, this is harmful for the carpet.

Result of a Long Action of Water (Moisture) on the Carpet

If the carpet is wet for a long time, then depending on its composition, such problems may arise:

Dyes will float.

If the carpet is glue-based, then it can be damaged and the strength of the carpet decreases.

Pollution on the surface of the carpet can be absorbed more strongly into its structure and base, which further complicates their removal.

In a wet carpet, bacteria and fungus can quickly get divorced, due to which it will begin to rot and give off an unpleasant odor.

Materials of natural origin under the long-term exposure to moisture lose their shape, are deformed.

Knowing and using these simple rules, you can dry the carpet at home, without losing its appearance and qualities, but it is always better to contact the experts on this issue, because, having made only one mistake during drying, you can permanently ruin your carpet or carpet coating.

How to Dry the Carpet Completely Quickly?

If the product has a long nap or is difficult to dry due to its large size, do not suffer. Immediately contact a dry cleaner. This is especially true of the cold season. In the summer try to dry the carpet this way:

Take a rag and collect water around the perimeter of the carpet. Then with a dry cloth, walk around the product until liquid stops flowing from there.

Release it from all heavy objects and furniture so that the carpet retains its original shape. Do not go there, otherwise the nap will come down.

Roll the product into a roll and bring it to the street. Spread a dry sheet on the grass and lay the carpet on top. Dry in the shade.

Everyone wants to put their cleaned rugs in the home or office as soon as possible after cleaning. That's why we've introduced some tips to speed up the cleaning and drying of your carpets. It is important for the cleaning and drying process to use quality consumables and appliances.

For cleaning, they are professional cleaning agents and disinfectants for carpets, brushes, professional cleaning mops, microfiber towels and others. Vacuum cleaners and other vacuum cleaners are important for drying. To store and place all this in one place, you can use multifunctional professional cleaning carts.

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