How much does it usually cost to get carpets cleaned?

How much does it usually cost to get carpets cleaned?

Carpets are recommended to be cleaned at least twice a year. It is no secret that these colorful products eventually accumulate dust and dirt, hair, animal dander, harmful bacteria, viruses, harmful fungi and mold, as well as various unpleasant household and organic odors accumulate in the pile.

Carpet cleaning is a time-consuming process that requires appropriate equipment, detergents, experience and knowledge of the nuances of removing specific dirt and old stains. Depending on the type of material and the type of stain, certain chemical means and stain removal methods are used.

Improper use of chemicals or the wrong method can not only fail to cope with the task of cleaning, but also harm the product: spoil the pile or color, leave dirty stains.

The cost of carpet cleaning depends on several factors:

  • Carpet cleaning method that is chosen for the specific type of carpet;
  • composition of the product – synthetic or natural fiber carpet;
  • the degree of contamination and the presence of stubborn stains – if you have a pet living with you, you may be charged an additional fee for carpet cleaning;
  • surface area to be cleaned;
  • the type and amount of detergents used;
  • order fulfillment speed.

If you are not sure what method is the most suitable for your carpeted flooring, consult with professional carpet cleaners in London.

Basically, steam cleaning method is used for cleaning sofas, other upholstered furniture and most modern carpets. However, its efficiency, as well as the safety of the product, is entirely dependent on the qualifications of the performer.

Depending on the material of the product, the degree of contamination and the type of stains, it is necessary to be able to choose the right carpet cleaning detergents and to correctly determine their concentration. Otherwise, there is a risk of discoloring, deforming, or permanently damaging the carpet or furniture.

To avoid the appearance of defects and deterioration, trust the dry cleaning with an extractor method only to a qualified professional!

Another aspect of an effective and safe extractor cleaning is high-quality chemicals. Poor quality detergents can harm not only the carpet or sofa, but also health. This problem is especially relevant for allergies. Therefore, using the extractive method, you must be sure of the ecological compatibility of the used chemical compounds and their safety for the family.

Having this information in mind, you can get different quotes for hot water extraction cleaning. You cannot expect excellent quality of the procedure and use of eco preparations from a carpet cleaning company, having the lowest prices on the market. At the same time, many providers of professional cleaning services who have long history in this sphere, offer special discounts to regular clients, which makes the price of carpet cleaning procedure quite affordable.

However, keep in mind that the hot water extraction cleaning is not universal and is not suitable for all types of carpets. Due to the high degree of moisture, the extraction method is not appropriate for cleaning wool, silk, antique and other carpets that require minimal moisture content and a particularly delicate approach. You can only clean them with a dry method.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Method

All in all, extraction cleaning is suitable mainly for synthetic (polyester, polyamide, nylon, acrylic, etc.) and factory wool products, while for carpets made from natural materials (silk, cotton, viscose, jute, handmade wool products, etc.) e.) it is recommended to clean with special chemicals.

Cleaning natural carpets, as well as products with a long nap or fringe costs more, as this is a more complex and time-consuming process. It will cost more to work with exclusive products that require an individual approach and a more detailed inspection by the technologist to determine the optimal carpet cleaning method. Also, when determining the price for carpet cleaning, it is worth considering that expensive cleaning agents that are necessary to remove certain types of persistent dirt and stains.

In order to avoid premature wear of products, you should carry out wet cleaning of carpets and furniture no more than once every six months.

Besides extraction cleaning, you can use dry carpet cleaning. Often it is called powder cleaning, because visually the cleaner resembles powder. In fact, the detergent composition consists of millions of microscopic cellulose sponges impregnated with a specialized composition that can dissolve any stains, even on an oily or fatty basis.

Detergent composition is safe for health, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Such dry cleaning of carpets is good not only for cleaning the office premises, but also for the apartment. Dry cleaning of carpets is a long, delicate process with a high cost compared to cheap rough washing of products.

Degree of Contamination Influences the Price for the Service

Not all carpets are subject to home cleaning from dog urine (for example, viscose carpets, silk carpets, most hand-made carpets).

You should not try removing the stain by yourself. If you apply too much pressure on the urine stain, it is possible to damage the pile and increase the stain on the carpet (the spot is cleaned from its edges towards the center).

All detergents must be checked on a small area of ​​the carpet (to ensure that they do not have a negative effect on the material of the carpet and dyes in it). What is even more important, cleaning experts  apply specific products that won’t provoke allergies, rashes or other health concerns for your dog. Special knowledge and training is required for cleaning carpets in a pet-friendly way. You can expect to be charged additionally if you have a pet, living with you.

Depending on whether a fresh or old spot is from dog urine, a different approach is needed for its removal. That also requires knowledge and experience in removing stubborn urine stains.

How to calculate how much carpet cleaning costs?

There are two ways on which most professional carpet cleaning companies calculate the cost of their services - this is an estimate by room and floor space. Below are explanations for these two methods, as well as the pros and cons of each calculation of the cost of cleaning services.

The room rating method includes an area estimate. Most carpet cleaning companies include the maximum allowable quadrature pricing to offset costs for really large rooms. They have a minimal cost, also.

For example, carpet cleaning can cost X pounds per room up to 20 square meters with a minimum number of three rooms. And this is a useful limitation, because some rooms can significantly exceed this square. On the other hand, if the company strictly adheres to the established limits, as a client, you may experience the disadvantages of this pricing. The advantage of the method is that you can get an estimate by phone without the need for additional measurements.

Another method for calculating the price of carpet cleaning is by area, based on square meters. If your chosen company evaluates the work on this method, make sure that you have a general idea of ​​the area of ​​the apartment or office. The cleaning services sales manager can go to the site to calculate the area of ​​the cleaned area and deduct places that will not be cleaned, such as cabinets and other large furniture and based on this will tell how much carpet cleaning costs with the provision of estimates. The advantage of this method is accurate payment for the territory you are going to clear. The disadvantage is that measurements are required to ensure that you pay a fair price for carpet cleaning.

Services You Have to Pay an Extra Price for

The price of carpet cleaning usually does not include special treatments and additional services:

  • Ozonization is a technology of special surface treatment with ozone, due to which unpleasant odors, bacteria, viruses, as well as mold and fungi are eliminated;
  • protective water-repellent and antistatic treatment - has a mud-proof and water-repellent function. The treated product does not absorb spilled liquid, dirt, and the product maintains a clean and presentable appearance for a long time;
  • anti-moth treatment - implies the impregnation of the product with a special hypoallergenic composition that prevents the appearance of moths and other insect species;
  • also a whole range of additional services: removal of specific types of pollution, carpet storage, urgent delivery and other services.
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