If you are looking for a special feeling of comfort and style in your new home, then you need to focus on the carpets’ choice. Correctly chosen design, color and shape will make the carpet the main semantic center of the room. However, if you do not have a clue how to choose the ideal carpet for your home, check our list of helpful tips!

Tip # 1: Choose the Carpet According the Type of the Room

Decide in which room you need an accentuating color or a dose of comfort. Bedroom, living room or dining room - the carpet for each of these rooms should be different in size and texture. A product with thick pile is perfect for a bedroom or living room, but such a carpet for a hallway or dining room is not the best option. Choose short-pile carpets for these rooms, as they won't make carpet cleaning an overwhelming burden.

Tip # 2: Pay Attention to the Composition of the Carpet

When choosing the carpet, do not forget that not only the shape and colour should be ideal - the performance and quality characteristics are no less important. Natural carpets are soft to the touch and appear solid and luxurious. However, keep in mind that they are susceptible to fading and abrasion, and can also be an ideal breeding ground for dust mites.

Synthetic carpets are the best option when it comes to affordable prices and a great variety of colors. Although they are easy to clean, they will not be able to serve you a long service: they quickly lose their appearance and wrinkle.

Think about your lifestyle and how much time you can invest on carpet cleaning. If you have children and pets in your home, choose the most practical ones. A small carpet made of artificial or mixed materials is the best option.

Tip # 3: Choose the Right Carpet Size

The first step before choosing the right carpet for your new home is measuring the floor area you are going to decorate with it. A small model will help to emphasize the necessary areas. For example, there will definitely be a place for such a carpet in the living room near the fireplace. For the living room, choose a rug of a size that is wider than the sofa and covers the entire sofa area.

Tip # 4: Find the Perfect Shape

The shape of the carpet, as well as its size and color, has a great influence on the perception of the interior of the room. Therefore, you need to think over the question what is the best carpet shape for each room in your home. An oval or round rug is ideal for decorative purposes. Place it in the center of the room, near the sofa area or window - accents will be placed in the right place.

If you want to zone a room, you need more than one square rugs. For instance, in the bedroom lay a small carpet near the dressing table, and another one – near the bed. Try to match your rug to the shape of the furniture in the room. If sharp angles and straight lines prevail in the coffee table, sofa and armchairs, a square or rectangular carpet will definitely emphasize them. For round and flowing shapes, use oval or round patterns.

Tip # 5: Pay Attention to Carpet Texture

If you have children or pets, then long piled carpets are not an appropriate choice for your home. Placing such type of carpets in the dining area is also not a good idea. Leave fluffy, shaggy and soft Moroccan rugs for the living room and bedroom. For the hallway and dining room, short-pile or lint-free carpets are best suited. They will look decent, and taking care for them is easy. Remember that the finer and smoother the texture of the carpet, the easier it is to clean.

Tip # 6: Decide on the Color and Pattern of the Carpet

To create an interesting visual effect, become a bright accent in the interior or complement it harmoniously - with the right carpet color scheme you will certainly achieve the desired result. Does a neutral living room seem boring and overly calm? Then you need a bright carpet. Complement it with decorative pillows in the same color scheme for a fresh and luscious living room in your new home.

The main thing is to choose the right color of the product: it should be combined with the color scheme in the room, but at the same time it should not be lost. A difference of several tones is not just acceptable, but necessary. Otherwise, your new carpet will be lost and will not perform all its functions.

It is useful to know that light shades visually expand the space of a room. This golden rule also applies to carpets, so light models will be the best solution for owners of small apartments. Solid carpets of rich and warm colors will visually narrow the room, and cold and calm ones will expand. A large pattern on a carpet has no place in a small apartment: space and distance are required for its perception. But the size of the carpet for a room of modest footage should be as large as possible: do not divide the space with a small model.

Tip # 7: Choosing the Carpet According to the Interior Style

For rooms in a minimalist style, plain carpets or carpets with geometric patterns are suitable.

The main feature of the Art Nouveau style is curved, flowing lines. Hence, it is worth paying attention to the choice of oval or round carpets. A rectangular option is possible, but in this case, the drawing should be without sharp corners and straight lines.

For a Mediterranean style, you can choose a plain or discreetly patterned carpet in a blue or lavender shade. It is better if it is made from natural fibers - silk, cotton, sisal or coconut fiber.

Cleaning a Brand New Carpet at Home

Practicality and ease of maintenance depends not only on the composition of the materials from which the carpet is made of, but also on the observance of all technological processes in its manufacture.

By far the most practical, in terms of carpet cleaning, are short-pile synthetic carpets.

Do not be alarmed if during the first carpet cleaning procedure you notice a lot of fluff in the vacuum cleaner's dust container. These are leftovers from the factory haircut and will no longer be present during subsequent cleaning.

When you spread the rug on the floor for the first time after purchasing, the ends may bend or curl slightly. As a rule, after a few days, it will "lie down" and straighten out.

 A properly selected carpet will allow you to create coziness in your home for years to come and to fully enjoy the comfort and warmth that it will give.

Shaggy Rug

How to Take Care of a Shaggy Rug

The shaggy rug is a very popular and widespread product with a characteristic long pile that fits perfectly into almost any decorated room

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