How to Clean Baby Poop off Carpet?

How to Clean Baby Poop off Carpet?

 Every mother of a baby or a toddler is facing different problems, especially about carpet maintenance. Everyone knows the typical concerns like removing food or vomit stains from the carpet. However, here comes the critical situation when the mother asks herself how to clean baby poop off carpet. It is not as difficult as it seems, but this procedure is quite unpleasant! How to Clean Baby PoopThat is why many parents prefer leaving this quite nasty procedure to professional carpet cleaners.

If you are going to do this, you need to remove the baby poop from the carpet. Put on protective gloves, take some toilet paper or wet wipes and lift the baby poop off carpet. Through it in the toilet and open the windows to air the room. Make sure your baby is away from the affected area and pay attention no one steps on the poop stain while waiting for the specialists to come to your home.

On the other hand, if you are one of those women who want to solve every problem by themselves then check some helpful tips how to clean baby poop off carpet. It will take you not more than 5 minutes to read this article but this won’t be a waste of time!

You can fully trust us! We know that sometimes, no matter how cautious you are, accidents happen. Especially, if the baby is sick, has temperature and diarrhea at the same time. It can happen to lift the baby for just a minute and that time is enough to see some baby poop on the carpet.

Choose Your Cleaning Agent

As we mentioned, it is necessary to remove the baby poop off the carpet first. It is recommended to use homemade remedy or a carefully selected cleaning agent that is completely safe for your baby sensitive skin.

An excellent tool for removing different stains and offensive odors is baking soda. After you have removed the poop off the carpet, spread baking soda generously on the carpet. Leave it for an hour to stay to absorb the unpleasant smell and whiten the carpet.

After the hour is gone, turn on the vacuum cleaner and collect the spread substance. This tip works every time and is perfectly harmless for the health of your baby. Moreover, you can use baking soda for general refreshing of carpet’s fibers and restoring its splendid look! Baking soda can be used for improving the look of your upholstered furniture as well, in case you have “poop incident” on your beautiful soda.

If your carpet can be wet, you can try another simple advice that doesn’t require special equipment or preparations. After removing the poop, pour some dishwashing liquid on the stain and gently spread it with a sponge. Don’t apply too much pressure! After 10 minutes, clean the area with cold water and open the windows to speed up drying process.

Baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Some mothers claim that the most useful tip how to clean baby poop off carpet is with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This mixture is incredibly effective for coping with various types of stains, not only poop stains.

If you have a steam cleaner, then it will be incredibly easy to cope with the problem. In the jag, add the following products to the water: 1 tblsp peroxide, 1 tblsp dish soap, 2 tblsp vinegar, and 30 drops of lavender. Don’t worry! You won’t damage the carpet with the application of hydrogen peroxide! Vinegar will remove the unpleasant odor and the lavender will make the carpet incredibly fresh! The whole room will smell of lavender!

You can clean the area only with wet wipes. They will eliminate the problem and depending on the brand, they can disinfect the area!

Always clean the stain with cold water! If you apply warm or hot water, you can make the stain permanent!

The three magic tools, that will be quite helpful in the task of maintaining the carpet while having a baby, are baking soda, vinegar and water. You can use them for eliminating urine stains, vomit or even blood stains! Vinegar will disinfect the carpet and leave the carpet spotless!

Cleaning baby poop is one of the problems that no woman expects when she is being announced that she is expecting a baby! Everyone is excited and happy but the reality is quite different! Every mother knows that having a baby means loss of sleep, no time for herself, and no time to rest, constant cleaning and diapers changing! It is a lot of hard work and not all of it is pleasant.

Having a baby means sacrificing yourself and devoting every minute of your day to this precious baby! So if it happens to ask the question how to clean baby poop off carpet, don’t worry! You are not alone! Millions of women around the world are curious to find out the answer to this question, because they are having the same problem! And one more thing – the fact that you have a baby does not mean that you should neglect the look of your home!

If you think that you have no time or no energy for carpet cleaning, contact expert cleaners and schedule your next carpet cleaning service! You can use that time for spending time with your baby or for going out with friends, while the babysitter is taking care for the baby!

How to clean baby poop off carpet? It can be done in several ways and we have gathered the most effective ones that will be of use!

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