How to clean carpet dog poop?

How to clean carpet dog poop?

 Dogs are one of the most loved and devoted pets that can be found in many homes. In this article we have considered the problem faced by many dog owners – how to clean carpet dog poop and urine?

It is a topic that is a matter of interest to anyone who has small puppies. Here you will find some suggestions how to deal with this problem, how to get the dog's urine off the carpet and get rid of the smell of canine urine on the carpet at home.

How to remove the dog's urine from the carpet and remove the unpleasant canine smell?

The presence of dog in the house or the apartment is often accompanied by the appearance of an unusual smell of dog poop and urine. If the dog is young and untrained, then there are problems like going to the toilet throughout the house, in particular carpets.

The smell of canine urine is quite persistent and the "marked" carpet can smell unpleasant for a long time, therefore it is always important to remove the stain and odor from urine and poop as soon as it appears and does not dry up, soaking the carpet up to its base.

It is important to remove urine and its odor from carpets best in specialized dry cleaning, using professional carpet cleaners and special equipment, especially for expensive handmade carpets, as well as carpets from "demanding" materials (viscose, silk, bamboo).

What is needed to clean the carpet of stains and the smell of canine urine or poop?

·        Clean rags and sponges.

·        Washing and cleaning products (from improvised means or special chemical).

·        Normal cleaning water at room temperature.

·        Washing vacuum cleaner (not necessary, but can facilitate the cleaning process of the stains).

·        Rubber gloves (to protect the skin of hands from the action of cleaning products).

For the cleaning of carpets and removal of unpleasant odors from them, popular methods and ordinary household appliances can be used. On many forums and sites you can find tips on the use of iodine and manganese solutions, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine (chlorine-containing cleaning agents) to clean carpets from urine of dogs, but it is better not to use them, as they can ruin carpets (paint them or vice versa clean out the dyes).

From improvised means it is better to pay attention to soda, vinegar and laundry soap. Using these tools will help not only remove stains and smell from canine urine, but are also more likely to be well received by the carpet (the material of its nap and base will not damage it, and the dyes will not remove it).

Among the special carpet cleaners, professional that often have a narrow purpose (for a certain carpet material and for a certain kind of dirt), as well as the usual universal household cleaning and washing products for carpets that are sold in many household shops and supermarkets.

To remove carpet stains and remove the smell of dog's urine or poop, it is better to use special means designed specifically for this process. They are specially designed for different types of carpet materials and have in their composition safe and effective chemicals that can not only qualitatively remove urine from carpets, but also neutralize its unpleasant smell.

General recommendations for cleaning dogs urine from carpets

Not all carpets are subject to household cleaning (for example, carpets of viscose, silk, most handmade carpets). Do not rub the stains from the urine (rag, sponge, brush), as you can damage the pile and increase the stain on the carpet (the stain is cleared from its edges to the center).

It is not necessary to wet the carpet strongly during cleaning, and also after drying it is necessary to dry wet and damp places on the carpet (if this is not done, the carpet will start to deteriorate, mold and bacteria can get, an unpleasant smell may appear).

All cleaning agents must be checked on a small section of the carpet (to make sure that they do not have a negative effect on carpet material and dyes in it).

When using purchased cleaning products, always read the instructions carefully and follow it exactly. Well ventilate the room in which the cleaning will be carried out (during and after harvesting).

Depending on whether a fresh or old spot is from dog's urine, a different approach is needed to remove it, so we'll go on to figure out how to get rid of new and old spots of dog's urine on the carpet.

How to get rid of a fresh spot of dog's urine?

The first thing is to collect the urine from the carpet, as much as possible to soak all the liquid from the surface of its carpet. For these purposes, you can use paper towels, dry and clean rags, sponges, or use a filler for the cat's toilet (if any) that absorbs urine and the smell from it. Next, you need to remove the remains of urine from the carpet, for this you can use several methods.

1st method

Wet area from the urine on the carpet is treated with a special cleaning agent (it is desirable to buy a good product for removing urine from the carpets immediately, as soon as a dog appears in the house). You need to act according to instructions on the packaging of this product (in each specialized chemistry its own cleaning sequence developed by the specialists of this company).

After cleaning, you should dry the carpet thoroughly and enjoy its clean appearance without stains and unpleasant odor.

The same method can be applied if you have to clean dog poop from the carpet. Always use protective gloves when you have to clean the carpet from feces or urine.

2nd method

You may use improvised means for cleaning the carpet from dog's urine. Among the most effective and popular home methods of cleaning can be identified:

·        Vinegar and soda. The most popular way to remove not only stains on carpets, but also the smell of canine, other types of urine or poop. Vinegar is mixed with water in proportions (1: 3), after which it is applied to the stain from dog's urine (sponge, spray). You should wait until it is well absorbed and reacts with dog urine.
Next, after the stain is almost dry, sprinkle it with soda and wait for the carpet to dry completely. In conclusion, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed (especially the place where there was a stain).
Basically, baking soda is one of the most used tools for cleaning the carpet from various contaminations.

·        Alcohol. The affected place on the carpet is treated with a solution of alcohol (1: 1) or ordinary vodka, and then you have to wait for about 10 minutes and carefully wipe the remains of the stain with a clean dry rag to remove moisture and dry the carpet.

·        Laundry soap. The usual laundry soap is rubbed on a grater, mixed with a small amount of water (until the formation of soap porridge) and this mixture is cleaned spot on the carpet (applied with a soft brush or sponge), after which the area is washed on the carpet with ordinary water. This method is not suitable for many types of carpets, so it means abundant water contact with the carpet.

How to remove an old stain from dog's urine?

Old stains from canine urine are difficult to bring out at home, as they have already been thoroughly absorbed not only in the carpet nap, but also at its base. To remove them completely, you need the help of professionals from dry cleaning. You can also try to clean yourself, but it is very likely that you won’t be able to remove the stain completely.

If you have a dog, you’d better use professional deep carpet cleaning services twice a year. Even if you are well aware how to clean urine and poop stains from the carpet, you will never achieve the same magnificent effect like professionals.

Be very careful what cleaning products you use for carpet cleaning and stain removal because dogs have very sensitive skin! Use only safe eco-friendly preparations!

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