How to clean carpet spills?

How to clean carpet spills?

As a floor covering, the carpet is subjected to severe wear day after day, and if it is not given proper attention, the carpet requires premature replacement. Without proper care of the carpet, the flooring will look dirty and faded, and the fibers will lose volume and softness.

Whenever you spill anything on the carpet, time is important. The sooner the carpet is cleaned, the better the result. Do not be fooled when the spill is identical to the color of the carpet, as any stains have the property of changing color over time.

The first stage in cleaning carpets from spills is to remove moisture using a paper towel or impregnation with any cloth. Do not use liquid at this time, since any wetting will increase the spill site and help spread the stain. Pay attention to take the necessary measures and collect as much liquid as possible with paper towels.

If special carpet cleaners are used during cleaning of long carpet rugs, check the product on the inconspicuous part of the carpet first. Apply a few drops of detergent solution to the stain, and then place a white paper towel on top. Wait 10-15 seconds, and check to see if the carpet dyes have appeared on the towel. If this happens, you should turn to the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.

 If the test for new detergents for carpet cleaning is well under way, keep in mind the following tips for removing stains from carpets: Use the least amount of cleaning agents. Work from the outer edge of the spot to the center to avoid spreading it.

Do not rub the carpet too much, this can damage the fibers. Make sure that the carpet dries quickly enough, use a fan if necessary. If the effort does not work, ask for help from a professional cleaning company. The lack of timely action sharply increases the chances that the stain will remain forever.

The cleaning process begins with identifying the type of tissue and the kind of stain.

Synthetic fabrics can usually be cleaned at home without the professional cleaning services of cleaning companies. We inspect the manufacturer's label, there usually mark the material 100 percent synthetic or it consists of a mixture of natural and synthetic materials, such as cotton, polyester.

Mixing fabrics require special treatment, so clean the cleaning chemistry for the least visible area of ​​the carpet before attempting to clean the entire carpet. In case the fabric contains over 50 % cotton, and has complex spots in the visible area, you’d better contact cleaning companies.

If you have to clean fresh champagne spills, here’s the right way how to do it.

  • You will need:
  • White paper towels
  • Sponge
  • Soda Club
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Instant Carpet Stain Remover

Actions for cleaning the champagne spill:

Soak up excess liquid with white paper towels. (Do not use a paper towel or napkin, dyed, as it could transfer the dyes to the carpet as you clean.)

Moisten sponge with soda and thoroughly blot the spill until removed. Use a soda instead of seltzer, although saturation will either help remove alcohol from the carpet, salt in the soda solution can prevent stains if the alcohol remains. If there is no soda available, blot with seltzer or cold water, then follow the steps below to prevent coloration.

Make a weak mixture of dishwashing liquid in water. Blot for spilling from the outside to the middle.

Instead of a dishwashing liquid, you can clean the area with a stain shot of the instant carpet stain remover. Observe the manufacturer's instructions.

  • When the spill was cleaned, rinse well with cold water.
  • Blot the area dry with white paper towels.
  • Allow to air dry completely.
  • Vacuum for lifting fibers.

Pink champagne stains can be considered as red wine stains. If after performing these decisions a reddish stain remains visible, use red wine stain remover.

Keep in mind that not all stains can be removed.

Clarified areas, whether due to sunlight or liquid bleach, have nothing to do with carpet cleaning. The urine, if allowed to dry, also leaves permanent spots. In theory, professionals can re-paint problem areas of the carpet, but do not count on perfect color similarity.

Stains from products that include many food colors, like grape soda or Coca-Cola, are often impossible to remove. The only chance to avoid a permanent stain from such products is to take action to clean the carpets of polypropylene immediately.

Many spots containing sugar attract dirt so effectively that even when the spill as such does not have color, very soon the stain will change color to dark and will remain so until cleaning. Then, when the dirt is removed, the natural coloring of the carpet becomes obvious and will look like a "new" one.

Remember that even the best tips for cleaning carpets do not always give the desired result. Most carpet owners simply do not have the equipment at their fingertips, which can really clean the carpet thoroughly (and although such equipment is often available for rent, achieving professional results takes longer and is more of a hassle than those that homeowners want to deal with).

Regardless of how often you use a vacuum cleaner and clean the carpets yourself, you should eventually contact the professionals from the cleaning company. In most cases, hiring experts to clean carpets every 12-18 months will help you keep the carpets in excellent condition, and also prolong their lives, which is also not bad.

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