How to clean nail polish out of carpet?

How to clean nail polish out of carpet?

In our dreams, every woman imagines that she has enough free time and financial resources for daily visits to the beauty salon. However, in the harsh reality, most women for some reason are forced to perform manicure and pedicure on their own.

If you managed to tilt a bottle of bright liquid onto the carpet with an awkward movement - do not despair. We will tell you how to clean nail polish out of carpet, giving it back its former appeal and purity.

Removing fresh nail polish stains from the carpet

It is easiest to remove traces of nail polish from the carpet immediately after their formation. Prevent the drying of the stain, while maintaining the moisture of textile fibers, which will make the carpet cleaning procedure faster and more efficient.

What do I need for cleaning nail polish out of carpet?

Before removing the nail polish from the carpet, thoroughly moisten its fibers and prepare the following cleaning agents:



 acetone-free nail polish;

 hydrogen peroxide;

 hair spray;

 means for cleaning carpets;

 soft tissue napkin.

The liquid used for removing the dye from the nails can be also helpful for cleaning the carpet surface. To achieve the best possible cleaning result, it must be used according to the following instructions:

  1. Blot the soiled surface of the carpet with a small piece of dry and clean cloth.
  2. Change the cloth as often as possible to avoid spillage of the stain on the floor covering.
  3. When the dye stops absorbing, and as a result of dipping, you will find a clean cloth; moisten the cloth in the liquid to remove the varnish.
  4. Apply the chemical compound to the stain and achieve transfer of the varnish from the surface of the carpet to the fabric.
  5. If necessary, moisten the stain with water to prevent contamination from drying out.
  6. Continue the cleaning procedure until you achieve the desired result.

Before using this carpet cleaning method, check the effect of the special fluid on the carpet surface. You can do this on an inconspicuous part of the product. Also it should be remembered that it is necessary to use chemical formulations without acetone.

Apply hair spray and alcohol

To achieve the desired cleansing effect using hair styling products, follow these recommendations:

  1. The area of pollution should be moistened with cold water.
  2. Apply to the hairspray on the stain.
  3. Add a few drops of medical alcohol on top of the contaminated substance.
  4. Brush the carpet with a small brush for a few minutes.
  5. Repeat the cleaning process until the dye track disappears completely.

It is much easier to remove just a fresh spot. Besides that, immediate cleaning will leave you more chances of completely removing unpleasant contaminants. Do not forget to constantly moisten the carpet.

Use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning nail polish out of carpet

If you are looking for the most practical solution, than to wash the nail polish off the white carpet, then a solution of hydrogen peroxide is perfect for these purposes. You can buy this medicine in any pharmacy.

Hydrogen peroxide has a whitening effect, and therefore it can not be used to clean colored or dark carpets.

To achieve the best possible cleaning result, use hydrogen peroxide according to the following instructions:

Mix the medical solution with water, keeping the proportion 1: 1.

Moisten the resulting area of contamination.

Put the carpet outside.

Using any of the above means, you can clean the surface of the carpet with a special household chemical means. Remains of moisture can be removed from the textile surface with clean cloth.

Removing a dried stain of nail polish

The dried traces of nail polish are much more difficult to remove from the carpet surface than fresh contaminants. However, you can still try to achieve the desired result. To do this, you need to loosen the textile fibers of the carpet and carry out their further cleaning.

What is needed?

To solve the problem, how to remove the dried nail polish from the carpet, you have to prepare the following means in advance:


nail polish remover;


a vacuum cleaner;

soft cloth;

stain removers for carpet surfaces;

an old toothbrush;

shampoo for carpets. 

Cleaning process

The most effective in cleaning the carpet from dried nail varnish will help achieve a comprehensive application of several means:

  1. Moisten the carpet with plenty of water.
  2. Apply a small amount of liquid to the surface to remove varnish and alcohol.
  3. Using an old toothbrush, clean the carpet from the loosened dye.
  4. After "weakening" the nail polish stain, use a stain remover or shampoo for carpets.
  5. Let the carpet dry out in the fresh air, substituting the cleared area under direct sunlight.

Carefully and as quickly as possible you should remove the loosened dye from textile fibers. That will help using a vacuum cleaner.

Other products that can be used to combat stains from nail polish: shaving cream, hydrogen peroxide, window cleaners and Vanish for carpet cleaning.

Do not apply bleach on the carpet. This cleaning product is not appropriate for carpet fibers and can lead to discoloration and damage. If the stain is small and only on the surface, it may be possible to remove it by trimming the carpet fibers.

If you are afraid to start such a serious cleaning or, after testing all the recommendations, you could not completely remove the nail polish from the carpet, contact professional carpet cleaning company!

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