How to Clean the Carpeted Covering at Home

How to Clean the Carpeted Covering at Home

Carpets are one of the most popular textile floor coverings around the world. They are usually placed in bedrooms, children's rooms and living rooms, and are able to create a feeling of comfort, softness and comfort of the occupants.

Carpeted coverings, however, have their own specific characteristics and peculiarities that make them simultaneously a little more difficult to maintain. They are mostly attached to the corners of the room and are trapped with strips. This specificity, however, has one major flaw. Although the carpeted covering looks more aesthetic and creates a feeling of completeness, it implies the impossibility to be moved and removed from the place. Not to mention that unlike carpets on which sometimes there is only one coffee table and chair, on carpeted coverings can be arranged all your furniture.

All this comes to remind us that when applying carpet cleaning tips we will encounter difficulties which are not typical of other types of flooring. Carpeted covering should be washed in place.

How to wash the carpeted covering at home?

Cleaning the carpeted covering at home significantly narrows the possible solutions that we can do, but it gives us some choice. In any case, we are not confined to a single option. Generally speaking, we have a choice whether to wash the carpet yourself or to look for a specialized company.

How to clean the carpet yourself?

The first option we have is to clean the carpeted covering in our own strength and with cleaning products we have at home. A bowl or bucket, brush or rag and detergent – it can be used washing-up liquid, washing powder, soap or special detergent for washing carpets.


It is better to choose specialized preparation because the dishwashing liquid is used basically to cope with grease, and soap is able to leave quite unpleasant stains on the fabric after it is dried.

It is better to use less water and less detergent, and water should be lukewarm.

The small amount of water and detergent will help us to change the water often until we clean the entire carpeted covering. That way you will not use the same water for the whole carpet that could become more polluted than to clean it up.

It is better to use a brush with artificial hair, after the wash to clean the carpeted covering thoroughly and leave somewhere to dry. Also, you could use rags. It is ideal to use an old garment, from which just to cut pieces of fabric, and then to throw away.

Applying carpet cleaning tips in order to maintain the carpeted covering at home on their own, however, has huge drawbacks. Because you cannot use high temperature and so strong detergents, in addition lacks and speed, you can improve the look of your carpeted covering but without eliminating the bacteria.

This leaves the opportunity to retain some of the most harmful and resistant microbes in the carpeted covering while we quietly think that everything is clean. Only mites, which are quite large enemy of our health can decline significantly, but still not enough.

Carpet cleaning, performed by expert cleaning firm

Most carpet cleaning companies will come to your home to perform the cleaning service, which for carpets is very important. As we said, carpeted coverings can not move.

Usually the company comes into your home and for about an hour or two, as the time depends on the area to be treated. After that you will enjoy shiny, clean and fresh carpeted covering. This time is incomparably shorter than the time it is used in cleaning the carpeted covering personally. You can spend the whole afternoon, rubbing the carpet and still won’t be enough.

The cleaning company will be able to wash the carpet with special carpet cleaning tips that give good results. In addition, carpet cleaners can use hot water, which will further destroy more dust mites and germs.

Do not forget the preparations that these companies apply. They are much more powerful and effective than those who are accustomed to using at home so far and sold anywhere commercially.

Especially good is relying on specialists if you think that your carpeted covering is quite dirty or if you think you have stains on it that can not be washed. This will solve your problems, because after expert cleaning it is very likely the stain to be almost nonexistent.

And a few words to finish. If you want to clean the carpeted covering by yourself, learnt the best carpet cleaning tips. If you want to search for a professional cleaning company, find serious professionals who are recommended by your loved ones or that offer the best conditions for you.

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