How to clean tough carpet stains?

How to clean tough carpet stains?

No matter how careful people try to be in order to protect their stylish carpet from stains, they will still find a way to appear clean tough carpet stainsthere. Then the person faces the real problem – how to clean the carpet from tough stains and not damage or discolor the carpet’s fibers. Of course, many in this case resort to dry carpet cleaning services. From this article, you will learn a few practical ways to quickly and easily clean tough carpet stains.

Eco-friendly cleaning methods for cleaning touch carpet stains

Practical housewives have found out several ways to effectively fight pollution on the surface of carpets and area rugs at home. Now we will get acquainted with them.

Method number 1

In winter, it is recommended to clean the carpet from stains with snow. Take a small amount of snow in the hands and starts rubbing the surface of the carpet. You have to do this until the entire surface is thinned. Then you should take a broom and sweep the remaining snow from the cleaned surface.

Method number 2

To clean the surface of the carpet from various spots, you can use salt. For this procedure the salt of a fine structure is suitable. You should take a small amount of such salt and evenly scatter it on the carpet. Then the areas with dirt begin to be carefully rubbed with a broom or a brush.

As soon as the dirt begins to disappear, the remnants of used salt should be removed from the surface of the carpet with a damp broom. If there are still visible spots on the carpet, then the actions should be repeated. As soon as there are no marks left from the stains, the entire carpet should be well vacuumed. This cleaning method is especially appropriate for cleaning fresh greasy stains.

Method number 3

To get rid of all sorts of stains on the surface of your favorite carpet at home, it is recommended to use sauerkraut. First you need to wring out the whole cabbage brine. This can be done directly with your hands. Then sauerkraut must be spread over the entire surface of the carpet. You should take in hand an ordinary brush and begin to intensively clean it with places where there are tough carpet stains.

At the same time you have to clean the places of contact of cabbage and brushes. With the passage of time, the cabbage will begin to absorb the impurities and become dark. It is desirable to collect such cabbage broom and rinse, putting it in a colander. Washed cabbage can be used again. In this way, it is possible to remove stains ecologically and practically.

As soon as the used cabbage ceases to change its color to gray during the cleaning of the carpet, the surface can be considered cleaned. We remove the remaining cabbage from carpet’s surface and leave it to dry. Once the surface becomes dry, it must be vacuumed.

Method number 4

Stain removal can be done, using ordinary wood chips. You need to take dry sawdust and pour them on the pollution. Then use a brush to clean the place thoroughly. Sawdust will become gray, if possible replace them. As soon as the sawdust ceases to change its color, the carpet can be considered clean. Remains of sawdust should be swept off the carpet with a wet broom.

Method number 5

Clear carpet from various kinds of contaminants can be done with the help of large bran. You need to take a small number of them, pour them on the stains and rub it well. As you grind, you can see how the dirt begins to disappear from the surface. The above methods will help you at home to save your favorite carpet from various contaminants.

How to clean the carpet from tough carpet stains?

What kind of pollution can be found on the surface of your luxury carpet? Usually, you can see the remains of food, cosmetics, paint, dirt and much more. Each type of pollution has a certain structure with its own characteristics of adhesion to the pile. Knowing them, you can easily clean your favorite carpet from any dirt or tough stains, without doing it any harm.

If there are stains from street dirt on your carpet, do not rush to clean them. Wait a while for them to dry out, and then vacuum this place with a special brush with a thick pile.

Spots from sweet tea can be removed at home using a warm soapy solution. It is desirable first to get the place wet with a dry napkin, and then apply a little soap solution on it. After that, everything must be brushed.

You can clean the carpet from blood stains with cold water. It is necessary to moisten the edge of the brush in it and clean the resulting contamination. Over time, you can see how the blood begins to disappear.

Remains from dried chewing gum can be cleaned with a small piece of ice. Cover the area with a plastic bag and put it on the dirt. Chewing gum under the influence of low temperatures will begin to harden, after which it will be easily separated from the nap.

To clean the carpet from chocolate, urine or crushed fruit, an effective cleaning agent can easily be prepared at home. Take a teaspoon of wine vinegar and mix it with a spoon of grated laundry soap. The resulting mixture is poured with a liter of warm water.

Mix everything well until the soap is completely dissolved. The composition should be applied to the tough carpet stains and brushed. Everything will go away instantly.

You can remove stains from paraffin or wax spilled on the surface of the carpet by attaching a cold object to them for a while. Paraffin and wax will harden, and they can be easily separated from the surface.

Clear the carpet from the same pollution can be done with not only low, but also high temperatures. On the stain it is necessary to put a piece of absorbent fabric, which should be ironed well with a hot iron. Under the influence of temperature, paraffin wax will begin to melt, passing into a liquid state, and then absorbed by the cloth.

With simple methods, you can easily clean your favorite carpeted flooring from tough carpet stains at home..

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