How to clean up the mess on the carpet after pets

How to clean up the mess on the carpet after pets

Eliminate all stains and odors as quickly as possible after the incident with a few simple carpet cleaning tips plus special cleaners. Do you think it will take a whole day? It's not exactly like that. Solve the problem in just 5 minutes.

Many pet owners do exactly what they should not do when trying to clean the dirt on the carpet after their household pets. If you learn how to clean the stains the most appropriate way with the right products and proper technique, you can avoid getting a permanent spot in the middle of the room.

We will tell you about two different carpet cleaning tips that work flawlessly with all pet messes and will discuss the advantages of a short one possible cleaning products. The results are best if you have at hand the necessary preparations and cleaning agents and activate quickly after trouble on the carpet.

Cleaning of wet dirt

Buy a small and handy portable aspirator to suction fluids from the carpet. It works much better than trying to absorb the spilt liquid with paper towels or rags. The aspirator is made for this task and unlike other similar devices, it is very easy to clean.

Using napkins for removal of various impurities from urine to vomit, help the liquid to seep beneath the surface. And despite the diligence carpet ultimately remains even more dirty and cleaning wipes with only proved its flawless inefficiency.

Even the slightest pressure with handkerchiefs, however well absorbed they will help the liquid to soak under the carpet. Do not use anything else before turning to use the aspirator. Treat the carpet as quickly as possible, as if every second counts. However, if you haven’t purchased aspirator yet, you may use a dry clean cloth for absorbing the liquid. Do not apply much pressure on the surface.

Once you have finished vacuuming the liquid with the aspirator, it comes the time to turn in action and bio-enzyme preparation. Ask for this products in pet stores and they will direct you what you need. In addition, you can search the stores for detergents. This type of preparations neutralize urea and uric acid and eliminate all the protein and starch. Ordinary carpet cleaners can not do that.

In fact, if you do not clean the carpet with bio-enzyme preparation, but with ordinary detergent, carpet stain will likely remain permanently. Liquid dirt easily spread in the tissues of the carpet so that in the end they always occupy a larger area than originally intended.

We all know that urine have specific repelling problem, and you need to cope with urine problem immediately. If you are not aware of proper carpet cleaning tips, contact professional cleaning firm for help.

Cleaning of solid dirt

Let's start from there, it's good to have a special spatula at home that you know that it is designed to be used just to clean such stains. In order not to spread the filth on a large area adjacent to shovel pollution and gently push the garbage shovel.

Like liquid contaminants, cleaning the solids with paper towels or rags can actually force them to soak deeper into the carpet. Instead, as we have said, use a trowel and shovel to scoop them carefully.

For all solid messes that your pet has left behind, you should again stick to the rule for the use of bio-enzyme detergent. Let it stay on the carpet for at least 45 minutes in order to clean up any solid particles from the fibers of the carpet. Once you have collected in the blade solids, bio-enzyme preparation will require more time to work.

We all know that cleaning after the dog is not a pleasant job but it is necessary if you want to maintain your home in decent condition. Normally, if you don’t have a dog or a cat, you’ll have to use high temperature water cleaning procedure once on every six months. If you live with a pet, you’ll need to benefit from this process much more often. If you have a pet, you will need to schedule expert cleaning service on once on every 3-4 months. Ask cleaning experts to give you useful carpet cleaning tips about proper maintenance of your carpet, especially when you have a pet. The most important factor when you are cleaning pet’s remains is the application of right preparations.

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