How to Clean Vomit from Carpet?

How to Clean Vomit from Carpet?

If your friends drunk too much tequila last night or your baby had an incident on the carpet it's time to get the smell out of the carpet. So here comes the question how to clean vomit from carpet? We'll look at several methods that will not help you forget what you saw, but help you forget how it smelled.

First, dampen the stains with water to loosen the remnants. Try not to let excess water leak into other places of the carpet, as this can spread the stains, and it will be difficult to vacuum all the water from the carpet. Of course, remove any solid waste that may remain.

Next, apply a small amount of carpet cleaning detergent on a wet carpet with a stiff bristle brush. If you are worried about your carpet, you can dilute it with a little water. A little peroxide is another possible supplement, but only if your carpet is white, and you do not want to risk making the stain worse. At first it may seem that the smell is getting stronger. This is only because it becomes wet, rising to the surface and running away. Do not be scared!


The next step of the process how to clean vomit from carpet is the following: vacuum soapy water with a household vacuum cleaner or a "wet / dry" vacuum. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, soak the liquid with a dry towel. Vacuuming in wet mode will be much more effective, but a towel can help - it can just take an hour or two until the towel absorbs all the water.

After that, dampen the carpet again with water to wash the carpet from excess soap. Gently rub it with a brush, lifting the soap up if it is absorbed into the carpet fibers. It may be necessary to repeat this step several times to completely remove the soap from the carpet fibers.
If the soap really remains in the carpet, it can harden and lead to light discoloration. So, although this step seems innocuous, if you do not do this, your carpet will not become as clean as a new one.

Vacuum the carpet again to remove excess water, and to allow the area to dry. Do not hurry yet to draw conclusions - you do not know what the carpet will be when it completely dries. So, if the stain or smell persists, wait a bit, and then try some alternative methods. It could just be a game of waiting.

Those of you who have small children in their families or are owners of pets often have to face the problem of cleaning vomit stains. Not a single person is immune from the rapid reaction of the body. For that reason every person should know several different ways how to clean vomit from carpet.

Often, even adults can not prevent the consequences of vomiting. Therefore, everyone is not superfluous will know how to remove vomit from carpet and furniture. A disgusting smell instantly permeates the room and is absorbed into the fabric or other coating. Like any contamination, traces of vomiting are best eliminated immediately, without giving a chance to soak up gastric eruptions in the fibers of the tissue. It is necessary to follow simple recommendations so as not to aggravate the situation. Small tricks will facilitate the work on eliminating unpleasant pollution.


Initially, remove the remnants of vomit from the surface of the sofa, armchairs, carpet using paper napkins, toilet paper, rags. After that, use a damp sponge, gently washing the remaining dirt. But it is impossible at this stage to remove the remnants of the eruption from the stomach by smearing or rubbing movements. It is strictly prohibited to use hot water to remove stains from vomiting, because:

- it contributes to the penetration of a hideous smell of living deeper into the fibers of the upholstery and the filler of the sofa;

- at a high temperature it ensures protein folding, so it will be more difficult to wash such dirt from the upholstery;

- provokes the spread of a heinous smell not only in the room where the trouble occurred, but also deep into the subject matter.

It is recommended to use cold or slightly warm water in which the remains of food with the gastric enzyme participating in the digestive process are best dissolving. If it is impossible to overpower the fastidiousness, then it is necessary to sprinkle generously the filler for the cat's toilet, which perfectly absorbs not only the liquid of the vomit, but also the unpleasant odor emanating from them. After soaking, the formed pile can be gently swept to the scoop, and the remnants removed by vacuuming.


You can use an excellent tool for carpet cleaning, which is at hand of any housewife - baking soda. Baking soda
has excellent absorbent properties, eliminating moisture residues. It absorbs an unpleasant odor; perfectly neutralizes stomach acid. If you clearly work at the first stage to eliminate the effects of nausea, you can relatively quickly get rid of traces.

Experienced housewives, in the absence of the aforementioned means, can successfully use salt or starch, which also perfectly absorb moisture and contribute to the elimination of contaminants.

Among the popular methods of how to clean vomit from carpet is applying baking soda on the stain and pouring lemon juice or vinegar on top of it. Seekers, how to remove a stain from vomiting from clothes will not be disappointed, having tried on white clothes the action of hydrogen peroxide.

If vomit masses get on clothes, bed linen, then you should not postpone the procedure for eliminating pollution for later, but immediately act. Tips on how to wash vomit from wardrobe items will help prolong the life of your favorite things.

The remnants of vomiting are washed off with cold water. But it is necessary to direct the water jet to the contamination from the wrong side, in order to minimize the penetration into the carpet fibers of the tissue.

If vomit had time to dry, then you should scrape them off, and after soaking for several hours, adding to the cold water enzyme preparation for pre wash. When soaking, a small amount of undiluted detergent (gel, shampoo, soap) should be rubbed into the old dirt as well as fresh ones, which will help to wash the stale contamination.

Those who are interested in, rather than washing away from vomit, should know that it is better to choose a carpet cleaning powder or a liquid detergent. The right choice for getting rid of vomit and unpleasant odor is chosen by each hostess at her own discretion.

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