How to clean wool carpets yourself?

How to clean wool carpets yourself?

 The first impression for the guests of each house is its cleanliness and neatness. One of the main elements of the interior, which needs constant care, is the carpet, and since the most popular carpet models in composition are woolen, in this article we will consider some helpful tipshow to clean wool carpets.

Cleaning the carpet is one of the most labor-consuming tasks of caring for a house, so you need to know a set of simple rules, how to properly care for a carpet, how often to clean it, how to preserve its original appearance and extend its service life for many years. Here, we will consistently consider what everyday care is required for natural woolen carpets, and how to clean such carpets at home yourself.

How to clean a wool carpet at home?

For everyday cleaning of carpets made of wool, you should use a normal vacuum cleaner. For permanent maintenance of the carpet in its pure form it is desirable to vacuum it 1-2 times a week in the direction of the nap. According to the advice of many housewives, it is good to refresh the wool carpet that helps snow cleaning in winter.

If a wool carpet is on a cotton base, then wet cleaning is not recommended (especially complete washing), as this can damage the basis of this carpet. Wet cleaning professionals advise to hold no more than once a year, with the right decision to turn to a specialized dry cleaning.

If serious dirt and stains appear on the wool carpet, you can use special tools for carpets made from wool (neutral detergents). The sequence of carpet cleaning will be as follows:

First of all, the carpet needs to be vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust and small debris on the surface of the carpet.

Mix the required amount with cold water and whisk until foam forms.

Apply foam to the pile of the carpet. In those places where there are obvious spots on the carpet, you can additionally gently clean them with a brush with a soft pile or sponge in the direction of the pile of the carpet. You can not overwhelm a dirty place.

Using a washing vacuum cleaner, clean the carpet with clean water.

At the end of cleaning it is very important that the carpet of wool is completely dry, in this case in a natural way. If possible under the most wet parts of the carpet, you can put something in order that the carpet can quickly dry out from the side of the base.

Open the windows to speed up the drying process.

Don’t use hairdryer for drying the carpet because you can damage its fibers.

Be extra careful what cleaning products you use for deep cleaning of wool carpets. If you are not sure whether you are using the right preparation, consult professional carpet cleaners. Also, you can make a small test on an invisible corner of the carpet.

Why you should not clean the wool carpet with too much water?

In the wet material, mold rapidly reproduces, a musty smell and dark spots appear. And if the base is woven of cotton, it will simply rot. Pure wool can withstand the effects of microbes much longer, but moldy material becomes hazardous to your health.

The color of the product may have a different strength. If the colors are weak, the question of whether it is possible to wash a wool carpet disappears immediately. From water, the colors are discolored, and the pattern "floats".

After washing pile often falls down, becomes more rigid, and at long-length carpets it is confused.

Products on a cotton basis can give a serious shrinkage and deform.

In addition, wool carpets are afraid of:

overheating (drying with hot air, iron);


too aggressive mechanical action (from hard knocks, scraping, rubbing with a brush, washing at a car wash under high pressure is damaged and lint falls out);

ultraviolet (under direct sunlight the paints quickly burn out).

All this applies to pure woolly carpets (of 100% wool). And there are also products made from mixed fibers - half wool (up to 50% wool) and woolen (more than 50%). As additives use cotton, silk, viscose, synthetics. The latter option is the cheapest and most convenient in the care. But the products with the content of cotton and viscose are even more capricious than pure-wool ones.

Proper care for the wool carpet and its daily cleaning

Once or twice a week, vacuum it on both sides, always in the direction of the pile, without excessive pressure and rubbing. The thicker and shorter the pile, the more severe mechanical impact it can withstand. You need to clean long-carp carpets carefully.

If necessary, clean the garbage with a soft brush or broom. Do this more often so that small particles (crumbs, sand) do not have time to penetrate deeply into the fibers.

Spot the stains immediately. Collect the fresh dirt, and wipe the liquid with a tissue. Then consult a dry cleaner or treat the carpet stain yourself.

On every few months, gently knock out the carpet. In this case, it should be spread on a flat surface with a pile down, and not hung on the crossbar. Otherwise, the warp threads will sag, and the web will deform. After knocking out, lightly shake out the product and ventilate it well.

Once a year or two, thoroughly clean the woolen carpets at home or take them to the dry cleaning.

Protect the coat from moths. If you regularly vacuum the entire carpet from two sides, the larvae of moths will not have time to harm it. Also, the mole is afraid of knocking out.

How to clean a wool carpet without water?

There are two options for home "dry" cleaning:

Snow cleaning

On a frosty day, the carpet should be spread on fresh snow and sprinkled with the same snow. Then the snow is swept away with some of the dirt. It is advisable to use a brush with rubber bristles.

The procedure is repeated until the swept snow is completely clean. This cleaning is gentler than washing, but it can not be called completely dry - as a result, the carpet will be wet. Therefore, carry out the procedure only once or twice during the winter and only if you can provide the product with a quick drying. And keep in mind that neither snow nor cold kill germs and mold.

Dry cleaning with a special powder

Among household chemicals, you can find carpet cleaning powders, similar to professional dry-cleaning products. Such a powder should be scattered on the carpet, and after a certain time, vacuumed.

Before you clean the wool carpet with such a tool, make sure that it does not hurt your health. After all, completely removal of the fine powder with a home vacuum cleaner will not be accomplished. And powder chemistry, left in the pile, can cause serious allergies.

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