How to deep clean a carpet and what is deep cleaning?

How to deep clean a carpet and what is deep cleaning?

 Carpets have always been a sign of luxury and wealth of the owner of the house. Despite the fact that the fashion for such properly clean the carpetproducts has long been a thing of the past, many people traditionally decorate their homes with them. Moreover, they talk a lot about the personal taste of the home owner. The colors, their design, and their condition – they can reveal so much information about the habits and likes of the person who has chosen them. What to do, so that the carpet always had an excellent appearance, regardless of the service life.

Carpet cleaning at home should be done about once a week, especially if the product is light-colored and has a long nap. It is carried out with the help of a broom or a vacuum cleaner, but a deeper carpet cleaning of the nap should be done every six months. Usually they are cleaned from the inside and the back, using a vacuum cleaner or elastic broom.

Specialists first recommend cleaning the back side, that when processing the front side, the dust was not sucked into the carpet even deeper. Please note: the brush of the vacuum cleaner should be led along the carpet, not across.

Deep cleaning can be of several types, such as:

Steam carpet cleaning - The product must be thoroughly moistened with hot water, having previously dissolved in it a special cleaning agent. It will quickly absorb all the dust and dirt that pile has accumulated on it;

Cold carpet cleaning - It is carried out exactly as a steam method, only with the use of cold water;

Dry carpet cleaning- The foam of the cleaning agent is applied to the surface, and after the end of the care it is removed by a vacuum cleaner. With dry cleaning, you can return an attractive look to the product without damaging the pile structure and discoloring.

When choosing a cleaner, give preference to the one that is aimed at eliminating the pollution on your carpet. If you find a stain on the carpet, first blot it well with a cloth in the direction from the edges to the center, trying to completely collect the spilled liquid. Then use the steam cleaning method. This method allows you to get rid of the most difficult to remove stains, such as coffee, red wine. In addition, another advantage is the rapid elimination of any stains.

Choosing the Right Deep Cleaning Method

To remove stains, dust and dirt from your favorite carpet, you can use a lot of tools, because their range today is very wide. But, before resorting to professional carpet cleaning firm, try using improvised tools that can be very effective.

Experienced housewives share their secrets of cleansing the nap with the help of such available means: baking soda; cooking salt; laundry soap; ammonia; sauerkraut; tea welding; petrol; starch.

You should know that before applying any of these tools, you need to study the structure of the pile, so as not to damage it. Especially careful cleaning is necessary in case when the carpet is light colored.

Baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent tool for coping with many contaminants. It not only removes stains, but also returns the carpet initially saturated color and noticeably refreshes it. For maintenance, prepare a solution: 0.5 cups of baking soda is dissolved in 5 liters of warm water.

Then spray it over the surface of the product, and if there are spots on it, then they should pay more attention. You have to wait half an hour, so that during this time soda absorbed all the pollution and unpleasant odors. At the end of this time, thoroughly vacuum the carpet so that no soda remains on it.


Another effective way to clean the carpet with dry cleaning method at home is to use kitchen salt. If it is winter season, you can clean the carpet with snow first and then bring it into the room and sprinkle it abundantly with fine table salt. Then take a wet rag and rub the salt well into the dirty pile. Remaining grains on its surface are removed with a vacuum cleaner or a broom. After such actions your carpet will shine like a brand new one!


If you have chosen laundry soap as a cleanser for carpet care, then you must first rub it. After that, the chips must be dissolved in warm water with a calculation of 1 spoon per liter of liquid.

In the solution, you have to add a spoonful of turpentine and mix well. Using a hard brush, apply a cleaning solution to the nap and let it sit for a few minutes. Walk on all the nap with a damp cloth, and then dry, as a result, it should become completely dry. This method will allow you to remove greasy stains without leaving a trace. At the end of the procedure, if possible, it is better to take the product out onto the street so that it is well-ventilated there.


The long pile on the carpets can be cleaned of contaminants with the help of ammonia. For the procedure, take 3 tablespoons of powder, 5 liters of water, a spoon of ammonia, and prepare the solution. At home, we clean the carpet using alcohol, as follows: brush it on the pile, then wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry it. After cleaning, the thing needs to be dried well.


This is perhaps the most unusual method, to which many housewives are concerned with fear, because they believe that this can only ruin the carpet. You can rest assured that this is a fairly effective way to return a new look to the product. Take sauerkraut, cooked without the addition of vinegar, wring out the brine from it and sprinkle over the carpet.

You will immediately see the action of cabbage, because it absorbs the dust and becomes dirty. Collect the used cabbage and repeat the procedure again. Do this until the cabbage stops changing its color. After such cleaning, vacuum and dry the carpet.

We considered the most common methods of deep cleaning carpets used by housewives at home, but apart from them there are other ways:

In clean warm water, dissolve the detergent powder, add kerosene, and treat the solution with heavily soiled areas, applying it to the stains. This tool is ideal for synthetics and wool. After such a procedure, it will be necessary to regularly ventilate the room for three days, because it is this time that the smell of kerosene remains.

Surely you've heard about such a tool as used tea. Spread used tea over the entire surface of the product, and then retracted with a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Do not use tea leaves to clean light carpets, because tea can leave spots on the pile.

If you spilled coffee on your favorite product, get rid of its traces of glycerin. Dampen a clean cloth in a solution of glycerin and treat the contaminated area. To prepare the solution, stir a spoonful of glycerin in a liter of warm water.

You can eliminate greasy stains with the help of gasoline and starch. Mix the ingredients before the formation of gruel, and put it on the stain, rub with a cloth, and remove the remains of starch.

If you just want to give a carpet of freshness, vacuum it, and then brush it with a brush dipped in vinegar. When you finish the procedure, open the window to get rid of the unpleasant vinegar smell.

To remove old stains, mix petrol in a soap solution - 1:10, soak wood chips and scatter them all over the carpet. Leave the wet sawdust on the carpet surface until completely dry, collect them and wipe the carpet with a cloth.  

All in all, when deciding to deep clean the carpet at home without using special tools, be extremely careful, your actions can lead to discoloration, deformation and premature wear of the product. Trust only those methods that have already been tested in practice by other landladies!

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