How to Eliminate Offensive Odor from the Carpet

How to Eliminate Offensive Odor from the Carpet

Everyone who has a pet at home, especially a cat, knows how terrible and sustainable is the smell when the cat decides not to use the litter box and prefers using the carpet in the living room for its natural biological needs. Cat urine has extremely sharp and haunting smell, which if not cleaned can persist for a long time. While female cats rarely urinate on your favorite carpet, the male specimens it is observed territorial behavior, making them mark your carpet (for them it is their carpet, not yours).

Once the trouble is done on the carpet, it must quickly be cleaned. And if it happened during the winter season - you are very lucky. If you are wondering why, the answer is very simple - because everything you need is simply to outsource the carpet in the yard. Probably you are not aware but the easiest of all carpet cleaning tips, is the one that uses snow for eliminating bad odor and bacteria.

You have to take the carpet out in the yard and put it in the snow for about half an hour. Then you have to turn it the other way. At each position of the carpet you need to cover it with little snow. This is extremely important because the snow and cold air react specifically with cat urine (and more precisely with the ammonia contained in it).

Interestingly, after this procedure without the help of any chemicals and any other carpet cleaning tips, you will be free unconditionally from the unpleasant ammonia smell that brings cat urine. After two hours (as consuming entire process from end to end), carpet smells of winter freshness, and with the smell of ammonia will go and mites that cause allergy and millions of harmful germs that live their most blatantly in carpet.

If you don’t have a pet but still need effective carpet cleaning tips for coping with offensive odors, here you will find what you need. We repeat it quite often, but the fact is - and baking soda has an extremely wide range of cleaning properties, of which every household is good to use, no matter how and no matter the room and surfaces to be cleaned.

The carpets are usually one of those places in any home that absorb most odors. They absorb unpleasant odor from shoes and dirt, we bring home by stepping barefoot, especially during the summer months when the feet sweat more.

If you have a carpet, then surely there is a risk that sooner or later appears a specific odor in the room. Overall, hardly there are many people who can constantly wash carpets. It requires more time and resources and not always appropriate to do so let's see what the alternatives are and what we could do to deal with bad odors.

What you need to do is take a small quantity baking soda. Put a little in your palm, and then sprinkle generously all over the floor without saving it. Sprinkle all over the floor of the room until you cover all parts of the carpet. Thus, scattered all over the carpet, the baking soda must stand for at least 15 or 20 minutes to enable it to perform its magic. Once the time has already expired, you need to clean it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner.

Baking soda is removed from the carpet very easy, and it leaves no unpleasant odor. It absorbs everything and so to speak deodorizes soft flooring. Maybe you will notice that even the very air that comes out the back of the vacuum cleaner does not smell as usual of dust.

Moreover, baking soda has other advantages when cleaning. It will help you to clean the carpet much better because it does not allow the fiber to be thickened too much. Small lint, hair and the like also will be cleaned more easily than usual if you use baking soda. Another advantage of cleaning with baking soda is that it will not damage the carpet. It is quite safe if clean soft floor covering with baking soda on every two months. This will help you keep your carpet in top form.

To sum up, there are various reasons for bad smell of your carpeted flooring. However, with our carpet cleaning tips, you will get rid of offensive odor easily and without the use of toxic detergents. Baking soda has various applications, and you can use it not only for carpet maintenance but also for improving the look of your kitchen appliances. We hope we have been helpful to you in the fight against bad odors.

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