How to Keep Carpet Clean When Moving out?

How to Keep Carpet Clean When Moving out?

Carpets have a lot of amazing properties: they can radically change the interior, create coziness, and give personality to each room. But caring for carpets in the home is difficult enough: they are difficult to stretch, dry and get rid of stains, even using household tools for carpets.

Here, we will discuss some of the most useful tips that will help you cope with carpet dirt which typically appears when moving out. Specifically, it will be about how to clean the carpet from the shoe polish. After all, we all understand that this happens quite often when we go into the house.

The shoe cream is unique in its composition, and it is sometimes not easy to wash it. But following the tips below, you will do it quite easily. The awkward movement or excess cream on the shoes can easily leave a speck on the carpeting. More laborious spots are prints of dark cream on light carpets.

If the cream is liquid - remove it with a dessert spoon

First of all, if the contamination on the carpet is a liquid cream, then there is no need to worry. You must immediately remove the remnants of liquid shoe cream with a spoon or other improvised means. Try to do it as neatly as possible, without smearing anything around the edges, and to avoid getting liquid cream deep into the fibers, after which it will be more difficult to wipe them.

And if the cream has got hard or has already significantly frozen and crusted, then scrape off the remains with a knife, then thoroughly vacuum it to remove the remaining dust and other crumbs of cream.

After that, take a white (or just a light colorless) rag or a kitchen towel, soak it in the substance to remove nail polish (only desirable to choose with the lowest content of acetone), but in any case it is not so important and any product will do. Wipe the remaining stain with rotating movements.

In this case, the spot should disappear. But if this does not happen (too napping carpet or a poorly cleaned rag), then try adding a little special substance to remove such stains from carpets. Such liquid substances are sold in every industrial or domestic store. It is desirable to always keep in reserve such funds just in case.

Detergents can damage expensive carpets!

However, do not resort to such substances immediately, because, despite their fairly effective work, you can damage the delicate carpet fibers of your expensive carpet. They are really good at work, but they have very coarse elements, which mercilessly interact with your carpet. Therefore, when using it is necessary to carefully read the instructions and follow them. If such a tool is not at hand and you need to clean the carpet urgently, then another effective way is a mixture of domestic household detergent and water.  To do this, take the most common powder without bleach and add water to it to get a half-thick mixture. Rub what you have got into the stain until it disappears. Then wipe the carpet with a napkin or cloth. With these simple methods, you can keep your carpet clean when moving out.

You should follow these tips strictly, because they will save your carpeted flooring. When you are moving out, you need to remove all the furniture and then you can take care for the carpet.

However, when you are lifting heavy pieces of furniture like sofas for instance, most of the time you are wearing shoes. That is why you will be facing the problem with shoe traces on the carpet. Of course, you can take your shoes off and ask the people, helping you with the moving, to do the same. Very few of you will do that. Actually, many people feel embarrassed when they have to say people entering their home to take off their shoes and then to come in. When it comes to keeping the perfect cleanness of your home, you need to follow specific rules, and ask people, entering your home to do the same.

When you have freed the carpet from the heavy furniture, you may roll it and cover it with nylon. If it is too dirty, you can try some of the methods, described below, to return its brand new look.

Cleaning without water is possible if the dirt on the carpet is minimal. It can be carried out with the help of salt, soda or special cleaning agents of industrial production.

For the first method you will need salt. It should be evenly distributed throughout the surface of the carpet and rubbed with a brush until the grains of salt begin to darken, absorbing the impurities from the nap. Then it remains only to walk along it with a vacuum cleaner, and the cleaning is finished.

By the same algorithm, the carpet is cleaned using soda. It should be spread evenly throughout the area of ​​the palace and well rubbed with a brush. But after the soda gets dark color, it should be left for 5-7 minutes and only then you can start to vacuum the carpet.

Dry way you can clean the carpet and with a special powder or foam. Each manufacturer, of course, has its own instruction for the products it produces, but on the whole it boils down to the following:

·        Distribute the product over the surface of the carpet.

·        Lightly rub it into the pile and leave for 1-2 hours.

·        Vacuum the carpet.

The listed methods are suitable for cleaning carpets with light soiling. If there are persistent or chronic spots on the carpet, they will have to be removed in more radical ways. In cases where the pollution can not cope with a dry cleaning only, wet cleaning will come with the use of salt, soda, tea brew, or even sauerkraut.

All in all, if you find it difficult to keep the carpet clean when moving out, you can always use professional cleaning services to restore your flooring.

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