How to Keep the Carpet Clean with a Pet

How to Keep the Carpet Clean with a Pet

I am one of those people who just adore pets and animals in general. When I was a child I was always bringing homeless puppies with me and begging my parents to keep them. Not always I succeeded but my love for dogs didn’t get away. Probably that was one of the reasons to buy a big house with a fabulous back yard for the three dogs that live with me. However, dogs cause a lot of problems, especially when they are still puppies. That is why I had to learn some useful carpet cleaning tips in order to minimize the damages, caused by my lovely dogs. Now I want to share with you these carpet cleaning tips. Living with a pet is a real challenge and you should be prepared for the consequences before taking the dog in your home.

If you have spent all your savings on a brand new fluffy carpet, you should try to keep it in its top condition as long as possible. Unfortunately, the dog can quickly damage its breathtaking look with muddy paws or vomit. Urine stains is another of the various problems, linked with the presence of a pet in the house.

The best thing you may do for reducing the damages caused by muddy paws is to dry the pets’ paws immediately after it gets inside the house. If you have a bathroom near the front door, use it for cleaning the dogs’ paws. Of course, it is not the most pleasant activity for dogs but once they get used to this, they will be ok with drying their paws. Turn cleaning pets’ paws into a habit for both you and the dog. That will prevent the appearance of muddy stains on your brilliant carpeted flooring.

If your carpet is polluted, apply a pet-friendly carpet solution for removing the dirt. Don’t use toxic preparations that may be to harmful for pet’s paws. Moreover, toxic preparations are dangerous for people as well, especially if there are babies, small children or pregnant women in the household.

One of the most useful carpet cleaning tips is installment of floor tile near doorways. This would be the place where the dog may clean all the dirt, mud and grass from its paws.

It would be best for you, if you haven’t still purchased new carpeted flooring, to select one with smaller size. Area rugs and carpet runners are the best floor coverings for pet-friendly homes. Like enormous fluffy carpets which are incredibly beautiful, warm and stylish, area rugs also give the sense of comfort inside the home. However, fluffy carpets are much heavier than area rugs and it is difficult for a single person to lift them. Normally, the woman takes care for the cleanness and coziness of the home. That is why heavy carpets are inappropriate flooring for homes with pets. Area rugs on the other hand can be cleaned easily. In fact, you can use the washing machine to laundry them. They will be perfectly clean and will dry quickly. That is a major factor for the prevention of mold on the bottom side of the carpet. 

If you cannot afford scheduling professional cleaning services, you may rent professional equipment for carpet cleaning. If you rent it once a month, that would be enough for keeping your carpet spotless. Basically, the rental periods vary. You may rent the equipment for 24 or 48 hours. Another idea is to purchase such equipment with your sister or best friend. It is not unusual two or three people to purchase one steam machine which is pricey. Have in mind this idea for your next purchase!

I hope these carpet cleaning tips would be helpful for enjoying a fresh carpet with the presence of dogs in the house. If you are interested to learn more about proper carpet cleaning, check the rest of our articles.

All in all, you should know that properly maintained carpet is the primary factor for fresh air and pleasant atmosphere in the room. You should not sacrifice your health and the freshness of your home for the sake of the pleasure of living with pets. Learn how to combine life together with clean stainless carpeted flooring. If you are not ready for it, you may consider the idea to build a dog house outside and not let the dog enter inside the house. Remember that dogs on the first place are animals and their place is out in the nature. They won’t be sad or angry at you because you have left them outside. You still may enjoy your time together, even outside of the house.

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