How to Refresh the Car Saloon?

How to Refresh the Car Saloon?

If you have bought a second hand vehicle, you should focus on car upholstery cleaning. The clean car is free of bacteria, stains and offensive odors, like the one of cigarettes. You may order professional car upholstery cleaning service or you can try to handle the problem on your own. Purchasing antibacterial auto wipes is a good idea for cleaning steering wheels, door handles and leather seats. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that the average American spends 2 and half hours a day in their vehicles. And that is every day!

There are many different methods how to renew your car interior with natural tools. Here we will reveal some of those secrets:

If you have to remove old stains from your vinyl or leather seats, you can apply a small quantity of toothpaste. If the toothpaste cannot cope with the specific stain, you can try cleaning it with a cloth, damped in alcohol. Be careful with application of too much alcohol! It can cause discoloration of the seats.

In stead of using alcohol, you can spray the stains with glass cleaner. Again be very cautious when using it! Always test the cleaning product you are going to apply, on small invisible corner on the upholstery.

You can clean the whole interior of the vehicle with a simple solution – equal amounts of water and alcohol. Another great combination for refreshing the car saloon is with solution of white vinegar and linseed oil. Both products have to be in equal amounts.

If you want to cope with the cigarette smoke odor inside your vehicle, you have to sprinkle baking soda in the ashtray. You can also spread baking soda all over the seats and leave it to act for the night. The next day clean the spread soda with the vacuum cleaner. The bad odor, coming from the seats, will be eliminated! Moreover, some of the old stains on the upholstery will be cleaned.

Essential part of car upholstery cleaning is getting rid of empty coffee cups, remains of old snacks and other waste that spoil the air in your vehicle. If you do that, your car will immediately seem cleaner, even without application of cleaning products.

You can polish vinyl and hard surfaces with the homemade cleaning product. For the purpose, you have to mix one part of fresh lemon juice and two parts of olive oil. Do not apply that polisher on steering wheel or padels because it will make those surfaces slippery.

To clean the fabric and the floor mats, you have to vacuum them with a great attention to details. If there are greasy stains, you can remove them with cornstarch. Leave the cornstarch to act for half an hour. After that, vacuum the spread cornstarch and check the condition of the stain. Another way to clean greasy stains is adding some water to the cornstarch till you make a thick mixture. Apply the mixture on the stain and leave it to dry. At the end, brush away the powder.

You can remove old stains from the upholstery with a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal parts. Pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray the stains. Leave the solution to act for several minutes and then blot the stains.

If there are grass stains on your car upholstery, you will cope with them with the help of 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Then wash with cold water.

You can treat cigarette burn marks with an onion, cut in a half. Hold the one half to the burn, and after you notice that the juice of the onion has been absorbed into the fabric, soak the stain in water to lessen the unsightliness of the damage.

For the most stubborn stains, you can try the following heavy duty cleaner. Mix a cup of Dawn dish soap, a cup of white vinegar, and a cup of club soda. Then apply the solution on the stain and scrub with a brush to clean the stain.

If you are cleaning the car interior regularly, but you still sense a bad smell inside the vehicle, then you have to check for mold. It is well known that vinegar solution is an effective tool for coping with the mold problem. Also, you can use professional car upholstery cleaning procedures. Expert cleaners use powerful steam machines to clean the car upholstery. Steam cleaning is the most helpful procedure for eliminating germs, bacteria and mold that can be found inside the vehicle. Steam machines are expensive equipment, but you can afford renting such machine for 24-48 hours. That way you will keep your vehicle perfectly clean and fresh. Undoubtedly, steam cleaning will transform your car into safe and pleasant place.

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