How to Replace Chemical Air Fresheners

How to Replace Chemical Air Fresheners

car clean and smell treatmentMost likely every one of you has used at least once in his life an air freshener, bought from the store. Let's not forget that inhaling a chemical is the fastest way to get it absorbed into the body, and it is extremely dangerous for your health.

The main components in flavors are glycol ethers with ethylene base and terpenes. Both are toxic, and in terpenes poisonous compounds are formed upon their ozone coupling. Lemon and boron flavor products prove to be the most dangerous, as the chemicals used to make these fragrances react with ozone in the air to form formaldehyde and ultra-fine particles that can fall into the lungs.

That will probably make you think twice before purchasing another lemon or boron flavor for your car. In fact, boron and lemon are the two most used air fresheners of car saloons.

Now it is the time to consider the idea of replacing the chemical air fresheners with natural products for refreshing the air. Moreover, it is good to replace the chemical car upholstery cleaning products with safe products for cleaning. When you are using chemical preparations you are not only putting your health at risk, but also there is a great chance to damage your car interior. Every time you are going to apply chemical product for car upholstery cleaning, you have to test it first on small invisible corner of the seats.

For those of you, who are curious to find out how to maintain the vehicle clean with natural products, we will give some useful car upholstery cleaning tips.

The easiest way to cope with bad odor in the car and maintain the seats spotless is with baking soda. Take several boxes of baking soda and spread their content on the seats. Baking soda should cover the whole surface of the seats. Leave the substance to act for one night and on the next day collect with a vacuum cleaner. You can use the same method for carpet cleaning. The effect is amazing! You will get rid of unpleasant odors in your car and you will brighten the colors of the upholstery.

Vinegar solution will help you kill all the bacteria in the saloon and is an excellent way to cope with cigarette smoke odor. There are several methods of using vinegar for car upholstery cleaning.

First, you have to mix water and vinegar in equal amounts and clean all the surfaces in the car. You will get rid of the dirt and dust, and will kill all the germs.

You can use the vinegar solution to clean the car windows as well. Pour the solution in a spray bottle and spray the windows. Then wipe with old newspapers.

Another way for coping with bad odor inside the vehicle is placing a bowl of vinegar inside the car for a night. It will absorb the unpleasant smells. The next day you have to open the windows for a few hours to get rid of vinegar odor.

Placing cat litter sand in the ashtrays is a very useful method for coping with remnant cigarette odor.

If you want your car always to smell pleasant, you need to stick to the rule not to eat, drink or smoke inside the car. These are the major reasons for unpleasant smell inside the vehicle. If you cannot obey this rule, at least try to remove remains of food and other waste every day from the car. Also, clean the stains immediately after their appearance.

If you have to cope with coffee stains, you have to absorb the liquid with paper towels. It is good to keep paper towels in the car, just in case of a spillage.

If there are blood stains in the car, you should treat them very carefully. Never apply hot water on blood stain! They are cleaned only with cold water and appropriate preparation.

If you have leather upholstery, you have to be very cautious when cleaning it, not to damage the surface. You can use wet wipes to clean the surface dirt. Also, it is recommended to use leather polisher once on every three months to protect the leather from cracking. In stead of buying leather polisher from the store, you can make one from olive oil and essential oils. Damp cotton cloth in the mixture and polish the leather seats.

The main advantage of professional car upholstery cleaning services is that specialists are equipped with powerful steam machines that can bring your car interior to brand new condition. Steam will penetrate deep into the upholstery, removing all the dirt and bacteria from the seats. This method of cleaning is effective for killing all the germs and bacteria and is perfectly safe.

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