How to Transform Your Home with a Limited Budget?

How to Transform Your Home with a Limited Budget?

 When you are transforming your home, you bring a new energy in it. But everyone associates the transformation with spending thousands of dollars in renovations, which not all of us can afford. Here you will find some helpful ideas how to change the appearance of your home with a limited budget.

  1. The first thing you should do is change the curtains in the room you want to transform. You will immediately sense the new energy in your home. When you are selecting the curtains, think about the carpeted flooring and the furniture in the room. Be sure you have chosen the right curtains, matching your carpet and upholsteries. It is a good advice to choose completely different curtains from the ones you are using right now.

  2. Add new decorations in the room – for instance, new decorative pillows for the sofas and couches. You may buy different color pillows. If your pieces of furniture are single colored, it will be easy to combine them with multi-colored pillows.  

  3. Change the positions of the furniture you have in the room – rearrange them. That is a helpful advice when you can’t afford buying new furniture.

  4. Add several green plants in the room. Indoor plants have multiple functions - from air purification, saturation with oxygen and moisture of the air to their ornamental value. The presence of flowers at home is also justified because of their esoteric meaning. It is known that there are plants that "purify" the aura of the atmosphere of the home by absorbing negative energy of thoughts and emotions.

  5. Not in the last place – you have to take care of your carpet’s condition. Effective carpet cleaning tips that use natural cleaning products will also transform the feeling in the room. Here are some carpet cleaning tips what products you may use for improving the look of your carpet:

Baking soda

To reduce significantly the cost of special detergents of carpets, try cleaning your carpet with home-made household detergent. This means it will be much cheaper for your household, there will be an endless list of powerful compounds in composition and most importantly – you will be astonished by the incredible results.


Salt has the power to absorb various substances such as grease, dirt, dust. To get rid of unwanted stains on the carpet, you should thoroughly sprinkle the whole carpet with salt, leave it for 20 minutes. Then take a brush dipped in soapy water and sweep the dirt.

Washing powder

Washing powder can be used to clean natural fiber carpet. You have to dissolve the powder in hot water and add to it a small quantity of kerosene. Use this soap solution to clean the damaged areas with a sponge or clean white cloth. You will immediately see the positive effect from the procedure. You will get rid not only from the new stains but also the old ones. However, this cleaning procedure has a major disadvantage - kerosene has a peculiar odor, which will have to get rid for 3 days with ventilation of the room. Therefore, you should not use such means in the home, where he lives toddler.


 To continue with the effective carpet cleaning tips, we will tell you easy recipe that uses vinegar to remove old stains. This method of carpet cleaning is effective against any stubborn stains on the carpet of household dirt, spilled food or spilled drinks. It is not recommended to be used to remove paint or ink as vinegar can make things worse. All you need is white vinegar, water, cloth and iron.

 Make a solution of 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water. Dampen the cloth with it and put it on the contaminated site. Set your iron to steam and treated with it the carpet for about 30 seconds. If the stain is still there, repeat the procedure.

 If you have rearranged the pieces of furniture in the room, you will probably notice there are traces from the heavy furniture on your carpet. In order to recover the carpet’s fibers you should use ice cubes and a fork. Place the ice cubes on the affected areas of the carpet, leave them for several minutes, and then use a fork to lift the fibers. You will see the positive results after several procedures. You can use ice cubes to remove chewing gum remains from the carpet. How to do that? Place the ice cubes on the gum and wait till it freezes. Then use a spoon and remove the gum carefully. Finally, you have to vacuum the carpet.

 In order to keep the positive atmosphere in your home, you should wipe dust every day and vacuum your carpet several times a week.

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