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Carpet Cleaning Ilford

Everybody knows how to basically maintain their carpets – vacuuming every now and then. But what happens when you accidentally spill your coffee, for example? Just try to soak it up with a thick paper towel and then use a cleaning solution on it? Of course, there will be a nasty blot left on the carpet itself, and it will be bigger than the original spill. This is exactly the case in which you should call Prolux Carpet Cleaning Ilford IG1! Our exclusive hot vapor extraction method will show you that there isn’t an impossible task! Stains from tea, coffee, curry, oil, blood or even old bubble gum - there won’t be even a sign that your carpet have had a stain on it! It is going to have fresh, vivid colors, just like when it was first laid!

carpet cleaning IlfordOur family company has been here to maintain your carpets and rugs since 2006. Our mobile cleaning teams are just like our family. That’s why we take pride in each end every cleaning done. No matter how big or small one job is, or how impossible it may look like – Prolux Carpet Cleaning Ilford will execute every task with the same accuracy, efficiency and attitude! Our cleaners had gone through our special training program, which includes not only cleaning, but how to treat a client and how to behave while doing even the hardest work. We, Prolux Carpet Cleaning Ilford are loyal partners with a lot of small and big businesses – from local out-of-town pubs to airports! Our most important client is You – our next client! Just try our services – call our Customer Support Center - it is available 24/7! A trained specialist will arrange an appointment for you at the most suitable day and time. And not only that – you just can’t find a better price! See for yourself – satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Where to Find the Best Carpet Cleaning Ilford?

Prolux is the best carpet cleaning Ilford IG1 based firm with more than 20 years experience in this sphere. During this period of time, the skills of our employees have been significantly improved, we have the most qualitative and efficient equipment that perfectly copes with pollution, as a result, the processing object acquires a beautiful appearance, it becomes like a new one. The company's specialists will perform the work quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. We guarantee 100 % customer’s satisfaction, complete restoration of your wasted carpets by application of only safe cleaning products.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

We are Certified Carpet Cleaners

With prolonged use of carpets and area rugs without deep cleaning, there is a possibility that dust mites can hang there, contact of which with the skin of children or animals is highly undesirable. With self-cleaning, there is no guarantee that the mites completely disappear. Deep carpet cleaning services will help in this.

Professional cleaning of carpets and area rugs removes dust and fine dirt particles with special professional equipment. It also removes stubborn stains from wine, chocolate, grass, etc. Pile is treated with chemical solutions, without pungent odors.

We recommend cleaning your carpets by certified carpet cleaners minimum once a year. That way you will ensure the best care for your carpet and the safest atmosphere for your family.

When cleaning carpeted flooring, the best detergents are used, which do not wash the carpet color away. Processing of local spots is carried out, unpleasant smells are removed, both household character, and after washing-up liquids.

Contact our company, which will gladly bring your carpet, area rug, upholstered furniture or car salon in order at the most affordable prices! Prolux carpet cleaning Ilford based company provides services for professional carpet cleaning in apartments, hotels, restaurants, warehouse, etc. We work with individuals as well as with organizations.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a unique, convenient and aesthetically correct invention in the world of floor coverings. Countless colors, sizes of nap and composition of materials allows you to choose a carpet for any interior and room - whether it is a children's room, bedroom or office space. However, there are also negative aspects: the carpet is dirty, not only from the outside, but also in the depth of the fibers, which makes the cleaning process more complicated. It is not enough to make daily cleaning with a simple vacuum cleaner - dust and dirt are removed only from the outside, inside they continue to accumulate and poison the air in the room, they have pathogenic microorganisms.

The most ideal option is the use of a specialized vacuum cleaner at least once in one or two weeks, with which cleaning the carpet becomes a pleasant and carefree occupation. However, not every family can afford such expensive equipment. And once on every 3-6 months the carpet should be cleaned with steam carpet cleaning procedure, performed by professional carpet cleaners. This procedure not only refreshes the colors of the carpet, removes dirt and dust, but also eliminates the various bacteria and microbes that accumulate in the depth of the nap.

Carpet cleaning should be done with specialized equipment and special chemicals. They not only remove dust and dirt, but also easily cope with stubborn stains that do not lend themselves to conventional home remedies, such as stains from paint, varnishes, berries, sauces and so on.

Prolux offers very favorable conditions for its customers in Ilford. You can conclude a contract for long-term maintenance with a large discount, and then your carpeting will never fade, and will delight you every day. It should be remembered that timely deep cleaning of carpets - a guarantee of your safety, cleanliness and harmony of your home.

But what actually represents steam carpet cleaning Ilford IG1? This is a procedure which starts with an inspection of your carpeted flooring. At that moment, our experts decide what method is best to use in order to protect the carpet. After that they use powerful vacuum cleaners to collect the surface dirt. The next stage of the process is treatment of stains and spots. After this is done, powerful hot water extraction machine is used to remove the dirt, kill bacteria and allergens and revive the carpet’s colors. Finally, if there are any remaining spots, they are treated again. You need to wait a few hours until the carpet is fully dry and ready to use!

Dry Carpet Cleaning Ilford

Dry cleaning of carpets is a serious undertaking. And like every serious matter, it requires for its performance the acquisition of special skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is unlikely to manage independently. There are specialists for whom carpet cleaning at home is their functional duties.

After all, in order to extend the period of using carpets, they need to be taken care of in a timely and proper manner. Dry cleaning of carpets should be performed at least twice a year.

What is such a cleaning? First of all, spots are being processed. It is clear that no matter how hard the person tried, it happens to spill accidentally coffee, or wine on it. There may be traces from a ballpoint pen, or felt-tip pens, and even bottled milk, will necessarily leave a visible mark on the carpet. Each spot should have an individual approach. Therefore, when choosing a stain remover, Prolux specialists take into account the nature of the contamination and, of course, the characteristics of the carpet fabric. A competent specialist begins his work with studying the composition of a carpet product. Of course, the incompatibility of cleaning products with carpet materials is very rare. But it is not excluded. Therefore, in order to prevent discoloration, a test is necessary. Many agree that dry cleaning of carpets and area rugs is a matter of professionals, because how many can be "broken down" if you take the work yourself.

After each spot is treated separately, special chemical solutions are used.

The next stage is basic: mechanical cleaning. And, as a summary of the work, the final stage is removing dirt and chemical residues.

What is important about dry carpet cleaning Ilford is that the carpet is ready to use immediately after the procedure. It is completely dry so you are saving a few hours. Dry cleaning procedure is usually used in offices, public buildings and other premises with high traffic of people. It is also recommended for carpets that should not be wet, for instance wool carpets.

Eco- Friendly Cleaning Agents

When we perform quality carpet cleaning Ilford, we apply exclusively eco-friendly cleaning agents that are safe for people suffering from asthma, small children, babies and pregnant women!

Prolux Carpet cleaning – Experts in Carpet Care

We offer quality carpet care products in the form of highly effective dry cleaning based on the latest organic technologies (dry carpet cleaning), as well as steam carpet cleaning with delicate detergent chemical solutions on a water basis.

In such a large area as IG1 Ilford, carpet cleaning is a very popular service. We conduct it with the use of professional equipment. Deep cleaning of carpets is carried out by us with a guarantee for the safety of products and the degree of cleaning.

Quick drying by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Ilford
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
No hidden charges by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Ilford
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Pet odour neutralisation by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Ilford
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Archie Turner

I would like to recommend you the best carpet cleaning Ilford services I have tested – Prolux services. I don’t claim I am an expert in this sphere, but I have more than 8 years experience in testing different companies in the cleaning field. I use carpet cleaning procedures every month to maintain the carpet in my office in spotless condition and also, I use professional deep cleaning twice a year to keep the carpets at home stainless.

Over the years I gained a lot of experience with various providers of this service, and up to now, Prolux is the most reliable company in Ilford I had contacted with. For me, the greatest advantage of Prolux is that they work with eco-friendly cleaning agents! I suffer from a long list of allergies and my daughter has asthma, so I choose very carefully the cleaning products that I use.

Probably that is the major reason I’ve tested more than 10 different carpet cleaning Ilford based companies. I can say that after Prolux specialists have cleaned my carpets at home, I can breathe freely. Only a person who has asthma or an allergy will understand the importance of that fact! My entire home smells fresh, and all the carpets look like brand new! I am extremely satisfied not only by the top quality services, provided by Prolux, but also by their attitude towards clients. Moreover, there are special discount for regular customers, which is a great plus!

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