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When You Need to Order Professional Upholstery Cleaning Ilford?

Prolux upholstery cleaning Ilford is a cleaning company that uses only the best detergents and professional equipment, which ensures the organization of cleaning of any complexity. Using our services once - you will become our regular customer for many years!

Our company carries out expert cleaning of upholstered furniture with a visit to the client's home. All the necessary equipment and cleaners are brought by Prolux employees. To achieve the best possible result, we use the extraction method, which is based on the supply of water-free chemicals at high pressure and the immediate removal of the solution together with the dissolved mud.

Inviting our specialists to your home you can be sure that upholstery cleaning Ilford procedure does not take you too much time. Cleansing the sofa will take no more than one hour of work of our employees and this is in case the sofa is very heavily soiled. An armchair or a soft chair will be brought into the original form no more than 30 minutes later. High speed and quality of work of our employees will pleasantly surprise you.

After completing expert cleaning, your upholstered furniture will take on its original appearance, the colors will become brighter, the upholstery structure will be restored, and all unpleasant odors will disappear. Professionally conducted upholstery cleaning significantly extends the life of upholstered furniture and can save you from having to purchase a new set of sofas.

Why You Should Use Professional Upholstery Cleaning Regularly?

upholstery cleaning IlfordThe design of upholstered furniture is able to please the eye and become a wonderful decoration in the house. However, over time, even the most expensive and refined furniture loses its original appearance. There are spots on it, dust mites begin to appear and much more. This can significantly damage health and even lead to chronic diseases. To avoid this, it is recommended from time to time to carry out professional dry cleaning of furniture, which can be ordered at Prolux Upholstery Cleaning Ilford, where there are always low prices and honest employees.

Our specialists use super-powerful specialized equipment in their work, which can not be bought in a regular household appliance store and whose cost is many times higher than the usual mechanized means.

Experienced staff can determine by eye the degree of pollution and its origin, which helps to use the best cleaning agents and cleaning methods.

During the processing of one sofa, several different chemical reagents can be used at once or in succession. Such a variety of chemicals is rarely found in the arsenal of an ordinary housewife.

If you are interested in upholstery cleaning Ilford, you probably already tried to do an independent dry cleaning at home with improvised household appliances and were disappointed in them. We are ready to guarantee you the best possible result.


Fabric Upholstery Steam Cleaning Prices
2 seater sofa £45
3 seater sofa £60
Armchair £23

Three types of deep cleaning services of upholstered furniture can be used:

Wet upholstery cleaning - the most effective way to clean stains. It may not be suitable for certain types of tissue. After a damp cleansing, the thing is dried quickly enough.

Dry upholstery cleaning Ilford- clears from fat and light spots in the shortest possible time. Such cleaning will leave no traces and relieve allergens. After such dry cleaning, the furniture almost does not have to be dried.

Steam upholstery cleaning Ilford is one of the fastest ways to remove stains. Not suitable for some types of fabrics.

It is often practiced dry cleaning of furniture at home with the use of several types of dry cleaning.

Why You Should Call Us?

Employees of our company will help you to clean upholstered furniture from its inherent pollution using the latest tools and techniques. Deep cleaning procedure will be performed at your home, at time convenient for you. We will take care for absolutely any furniture; chairs, sofas, banquettes, ottomans, kitchen corners and so on.

The material for making your furniture can also be anything. Our highly qualified specialists are ready to work with silk, cotton, linen, velvet, suede, tapestry and other upholstery. We choose the right cleaning method depending on the fabric and the stain, which it can remove and at the same time leave the fabric the same.

Deep cleaning of upholstered furniture at home is useful in that it helps to get rid of dust, dirt, and dust mites. In addition, deep cleaning helps restore furniture to its former beauty.

When you order a dry cleaning of the sofas at home, you will be approached by a qualified technician with a set of necessary equipment and will perform a full cycle of professional cleaning. With self cleaning of the sofas, often due to ignorance of the specifics of the coating, the owners can damage both the external surface and the internal filling and mechanisms. The right way to choose the chemical cleaning agent and the method of execution will be available to the masters of our company directly from your home.

After general processing of the upholstery of the sofa, we start to remove specific spots or cleanse certain areas, the chemical agents for which are selected individually, depending on the origin and stale aging, which allows us to cope with persistent pollution and stains such as traces of coffee, tea, wine, urine of domestic animals.

Our dry cleaning service will please you with the result of restoring the former appeal of the upholstery of the sofa due to the fact that the removal of stains at home was strictly based on the technology of upholstery fabric. Dry shrinkage is used for treatment of shrinkage fabrics, and for deep disinfection, not only special means are used, but also professional equipment that dries the treated area.

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BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
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BEFORE Sofa Cleaning £45 AFTER
Aaren Harrison

I had never had my sofa professionally cleaned, till last month! I purchased it six years ago and just vacuumed it regularly. There were several food stains on it, but I hadn’t tried to remove them because I was afraid I will apply too much water. However, finally I decided to call professionals to take care of my sofa and to see what the result would be.I compared several cleaning companies in Ilford and took the decision to call Prolux. They offered the most affordable prices, and were using only harmless cleaning products! There were hundreds positive opinions left for Prolux, and I read most of them. I called the number, written on their website, and scheduled a cleaning service for the next day.When the specialists came home, they inspected the sofa for stains, discoloration and other problems. I went to the kitchen to cook something for dinner. Meanwhile they performed the cleaning procedure. Probably it took them only an hour but they achieved incredible results! All the stains from my sofa were gone and I saw again the beautiful blue color which was the main reason to buy this sofa! The sofa looked really clean and felt soft in touch! Moreover, it smelled quite pleasant! Now I was ready for the birthday party I had planned for the next week!Actually, after the party I called Prolux again for carpet and upholstery cleaning service. I received a discount for those services because I had become Prolux regular client! I am extremely satisfied by the quality of the procedures! Recommend!

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