Interesting Facts about Carpets

Interesting Facts about Carpets

1. Stepping with shoes on the carpet leads to wearing and tearing of your flooring

More dirt and sand on the flooring means more wear on its surface. This is especially true for varnished wooden flooring, which in no time will become kind of in a public institution.

More dirt and particles on the carpet is equal to more cleaning with different preparations and scrub with a vacuum cleaner. Everything that has a mechanical impact on your floor means more wear and tear.

It can be concluded that taking your shoes off at home will assure you not only cleanliness, but will save you time and money on maintenance of the carpeted floor. Additionally, you will save your shoes from wearing as well, because you won’t use them so much.

2. Carpet manufacturers recommend using deep cleaning services twice a year. It is preferred to use expert cleaning procedures because professional companies are equipped with industrial equipment, a great variety of preparations and trained specialists. Meanwhile, here are some effective carpet cleaning tips that will help you preserve the beauty and durability of your carpet:

- To prevent the accumulation of dust it is recommended to vacuum clean the carpet at least once a week;

- Vacuum cleaning is carried out in the direction of width of the carpet;

- Preventing durable stains on the carpet requires a quick response from your side, with the necessary water and preparations;

- If there is a stain on the carpet, it has to be cleaned first with a vacuum cleaner and then you have to apply carpet cleaning tips for washing and drying;

- If you use cleaning products with strong chemicals we recommend you to try the detergent on a small spot of carpet which is not prominently.

- Carpet should not be placed near stoves or other appliances;

- Carpet should not be exposed to direct sunlight;

- Use baking soda for refreshing the carpet’s fibers. It is a helpful method for removing old stains on the carpet or on the upholstery.

- Follow the carpet cleaning tips written below for coping with the most common stains:

  • Red wine stains - on the stain apply suitable detergent and or try cleaning it with white wine. You may also mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and clean the carpet with that solution.

  • Stains caused from shoe paint - first treat with alcohol and then clean with detergent

  • Chocolate, caramel or jam stains - in lukewarm water, add 5% ammonia and swabbed

  • Fruit and food stains - swabbed with lukewarm water

  • Candles or paraffin stains - put on the stain a towel and then turn on the iron. The paraffin will stick to the towel and the carpet will be cleaned. You may apply a suitable preparation after that

  • Mud stains - wait for it to dry then vacuum it with your powerful vacuum cleaner.

  • Coffee stains – first clean the stain with cold water. After that apply a solution of equal parts alcohol and white wine.

  • Blood stains – they should never be cleaned with hot water. Fresh blood stains should be cleaned with lukewarm water. Old blood stains have to be cleaned with special preparation.

  • Coca Cola stain – it may be cleaned with warm water and preparation.

  • Cacao stain – you may get rid of it if you apply salt on its surface. After that you need to use the steam machine.

  • If some makeup as foundation, powder or another has fallen on your carpet, rub the stain with shaving cream while disappear and then rinse with water.

  • One of the most troublesome spots - from hair dye, you can remove only from white fabrics with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

  • The spots of alcoholic beverages ( except for wine) have to be washed with cold water, then with sodium glycerin and water and finally rinsed again with water mixed with vinegar.

3. According to specialists the reverse side of a carpet issued its origin. It reveals how it is woven and what is the quality of the carpet. There are places and labeling containing information about the size, origin and quality of wool and dye, which is painted this carpet.

4. Helpful carpet cleaning tips for maintenance of Persian carpets: Persian carpets should be regularly cleaned as ventilated and gently brushed the dust of them. When cleaning the Persian carpet most important is the use of liquid shampoo and avoiding foaming that may be stuck in it. Once on every five years a specialist should review it and clean it thoroughly. In case of stains on the Persian carpet make sure that the carpet has a very nice color before using soap and soda water to remove these stains.

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