Interior Car Cleaning

Interior Car Cleaning

Do you think twice before letting someone in your poor-looking vehicle? If you wish to feel more comfortable when a friend asks you whether you could give him a ride, you need to focus on regular car upholstery cleaning. If you don’t want to use professional cleaning services for some reason, you have to learn how to maintain your vehicle interior properly. Most people believe car upholstery cleaning is an easy task but when they face various types of stains, they find out this is not a work for everyone.

The most important factors that will guarantee you successful car upholstery cleaning procedure are enough time, patience, attention to details, right cleaning tools and powerful vacuum cleaner. What we can do here to help you is to share with you our positive experience with car upholstery cleaning and reveal you some secrets about proper interior cleaning.

Let us first present ourselves! We are competent expert cleaners, a part of Prolux Cleaning’s team of specialists! We suppose you are well familiar with Prolux Cleaning services or at least you have a friend who has tested our spectacular cleaning procedures. Prolux Cleaning is one of the most used cleaning companies in London with more than 10 years history in this sphere. We work only with the most effective preparations that are safe even for people suffering from different allergies or asthma. The preparations we use, to remove dirt from your upholstery, are pet-friendly so you can be calm when your dog is with you in the vehicle.

You need to understand keeping your seats clean is not just a sign of good personal hygiene. It also means you value your health and the health of your passengers. Well-maintained seats smell fresh and you feel comfortable, sitting on perfectly clean upholstery. Imagine that you are going to take your friends from the airport with your car. Those are friends who haven’t seen from years! Do you want them to sit in your seats that are full of stains and from the first glance you can see they haven’t been cleaned from a very long time? What first impression you want to make? That’s the question you have to ask yourself!

Imagine another situation – you are driving your kids to school. Of course, the kids are one of the reasons there are so many food stains on the back seats but after all you are the one, responsible for their health. If you want to protect them, take care for car upholstery cleaning at least once on every two weeks. Don’t apply too much water during the cleaning procedure because this may result in mold appearance! Mold is extremely dangerous for people’s health and besides that risk; it worsens the quality of the air inside the car.

If you have leather interior in your vehicle, undoubtedly that is a sign of luxury. Remember that car upholstery cleaning of leather interior should be done with proper care and attention.

Pay great attention not to scratch the seats while you are cleaning them. Leather seats should be cleaned with professional leather car upholstery cleaner. Read the instructions on the label before applying the preparation. After you have read them, test the preparation on small invisible area of the upholstery. Carefully clean the seats with clean damp cloth. Make sure you have wiped down all the preparation, you have applied. Allow the seats to dry completely. Open the doors or windows of the car to speed up the drying process.

Don’t forget you should use leather conditioner to nourish the leather and give it sparkling look. Leather conditioner will prevent the surface of the seats to become dry which may leads to cracking. Always read the labels of leather conditioners to learn when the best time to apply the product is.

The main advantage of leather interior is that it “hides” stains very well and people believe it is easier for maintenance, being compared to fabric car seats. However, not everyone can afford leather interior. If you have fabric car interior, you have to clean it every week and remove the stains immediately when they appear. If you remove the stains as soon as possible, there would be no need to guess what the reason for the stain is. Knowing what has caused the stain is the key to successful removal.

Spilt liquids should be absorbed immediately with paper towels. If there is blood stain on your upholstery, the only way to clean it is with cold water. Pay attention not to apply hot water because that will make the stain persistent. You can use natural methods for refreshing the air inside the car. Placed bowls of white vinegar for a night will eliminate offensive odors. The same goal you will accomplish if you spread baking soda on the upholstery and leave it for a night.

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