Is it worth getting carpets professionally cleaned?

What is the importance of the carpet?

The various cleaning experts from around the world, as well as not only the leading brands of carpet manufacturers, but also even the small-time carpet weavers globally, all agree that the carpet is not merely a decorating element, but a significant piece of household furniture which requires the utmost care in order for it to brighten up your room for many years to come. After reading this article, you will be better informed on how to handle your floor cover.

How should you care for your carpet?

The different types of carpet, ranging from the bedroom to the narrow corridor to even the tiny landing of your staircase, should all be looked after regularly. And this is even more so important for the core rooms of the home – the dining room, the living room, and of course, the nursery. The cleaning industry worldwide is of a single opinion – carpets should be vacuumed at least once weekly, but it is recommended to do so twice or thrice a week, in order to maintain its good condition. Although merely vacuuming the carpet simply won’t do – occasionally, the services of a professional cleaning company are required. The experts in the cleaning field advise all households and business owners to use their professional services at least once every 6 months, and if the property houses pets and children, the frequency should be no less than once per season.

Why should carpets be cleaned often?

As mentioned above, the carpet is a key element of the household, and more important than most people give it credit to be. It is a source of comfort in any room it is placed in, and walking on it barefoot is definitely more relaxing to the soles of your feet than what the consciousness is able to discern. But carpets are also exceptional dust collectors – more so than any shelf decorations you might own – and thus require thorough cleaning very often. This is exceedingly important for the carpet in the children’s room, as if it is left unchecked, the dust buildup can be hazardous to your child’s health, since it is an allergen. Thus, it is crucial to make sure you frequently remove any dust to be found on the carpet, in order to ensure that the residents of every room are breathing healthy air wherever they go. But you should be aware that there are issues a simple vacuum is mechanically unable to remedy.

What are the typical problems found on carpets?

The most common issues the majority of people have with their carpets are drink spillages. All manner of beverages, including but not limited to: alcohol, milk, fizzy drinks, fruit juice, coffee, tea, and even regular drinking water, can cause stains and lead to typical problems for all manner of carpets. Unfortunately, the list does not end here, as food stains – chocolate, sauce, curry to name a few – as well as all manner of bodily fluids, such as urine, blood, sick accidents, are all regular hurdles for cleaning companies to tackle on a daily basis.

Should I, the customer, deal with typical issues myself?

In most households around London and the rest of the UK, a very widespread belief is that any stain can be removed with one of the following cheap solutions: baking soda, Dr. Beckmann, or Vanish Carpet Cleaner. We at Prolux Cleaning, a professional cleaning company specialized in carpets, urge you to take great care when handling your carpets. Don’t always assume that the cheapest solution is the most suitable one for any job, and don’t believe anyone who says that carpets can be well kept with very minimal effort. Additionally, never underestimate a spillage, for if it is not cleaned, the glass of orange juice, for example, can become an unwanted element of the carpet’s appearance forever, as no cleaning company is able to completely remove a stain that has been affecting the fibres of the carpet for too long, or has gotten too deep into the fabric to be physically removable. We advise you to never experiment with store-bought cleaning solutions, especially lower priced ones, as they are not the most suitable option for every type of carpet. Our advice is to do your own research before you decide on a cleaning method, as the various carpet fibres all have a most suitable approach - for example, synthetic carpet can be steam cleaned, and woollen carpet cannot withstand very hot water temperatures or very high pressure. If you are unsure, it’s better to consult an expert in the field before taking any action, as any mistake can be harmful to the life expectancy of your carpet.

If the cheap solution is a no-go, must I use vanish or bleach instead?

Absolutely not! The carpet, as mentioned above, requires proper handling – it is not merely a dust collector, it is a key element of the room it is placed in, as you spend a good amount of time every day walking on top of it. If you mishandle your carpet, you are directly lowering the comfort you feel when staying in that particular room, which is going against the very idea of the home as a comfort zone. Our professional advice is for you to never use vanish or bleach on any type of fabric, whether it is your carpet, sofa, mattress or car interior. You may be asking yourself: “But if my mattress is white, and there is e.g. a stain from an accident, shouldn’t the bleach (which is also white) return it to the original colour?” The answer is unfortunately no, as the bleach will not remove the stain, but simply create a new stain on top of the original issue, and since it is a harsh chemical, it is no longer safe for you to use the mattress, and once it is dry, it is practically impossible to remove it completely. A similar result can be expected after the use of vanish, which also contains bleach – 9/10 times, it exacerbates the issue instead of resolving it. And for both problems, you will need to call a professional company, who will no longer be able to give you a guarantee they will be able to remove the original problem, due to your use of a severe and hazardous chemical, unsuitable for fabrics of any kind.

And once I contact a company, how I can tell that I’m dealing with professionals?

1.       An unprofessional company’s operators, in the vast majority of cases, have not undergone any training courses, and may even be uncourteous in their discourse with their customers. A professional company, however, has a well-trained customer support team, and this can be easily discerned within the first minute of conversing with them. They are all experts in their field of work, able to handle the customer well, and to answer any questions they may have. The questions may pertain to the cleaning method, the machines used, the chemicals of choice, the manufacturer of the chemicals, or even the suitable cleaning method for every type of non-synthetic fabric or otherwise delicate material – the professional operator is capable of answering in depth to all of them, and of providing additional instructions as well.

2.       These training courses also apply to the cleaners – an unprofessional company more often than not uses the same people who book the appointments to perform the cleaning jobs. The professional company however understands that an appointment needs to be properly handled, and thus has a booking centre which arranges the cleaning jobs, and then sends an experienced and trained technician to fulfil the order. He is not only capable of telling apart all types of fabric, but also knows how to treat them properly, delivering a service of the utmost quality regardless of the job’s peculiarities, and doing his best to meet the customer’s expectations.

3.       Another tell-tale sign of a professional company is that every representative of theirs, as well as the company itself, are both certified and insured. This is almost never the case with an unprofessional company, and just another reason to avoid using them.

4.       You can easily tell apart a professional company’s van and cleaners, as the van is always branded, and the technician is also wearing protective equipment with the company’s logo. An unprofessional company may as well come in with any van and the cleaner may be wearing plain overalls, being undiscernible from a government maintenance worker, an electrician, a plumber, or any other member of the working community.

5.       An unprofessional company operates with cheap cleaning solutions commonly found in your local supermarket, and more often than not also uses harsh chemicals, unsuitable for the fabric they are attempting to clean. Professional companies use chemicals made by professional manufacturers, since they are well aware that the carpet requires solutions that are eco-friendly, with a low impact on the environment, and completely harmless to the residents, whether they are adults, children, babies, or pets. The professional cleaning solution manufacturers also never create detergents that discolour or damage the fabric, as that directly goes against the principle of cleaning.

6.       And of course, an unprofessional company will more than likely offer you lower prices for their services, but at what cost? The vast majority of professional companies report that the number of cases where they get called in to mop up the mess left by an unprofessional company is rising, and this is almost never due to the customer’s direct fault.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we do not dispute that. We merely wish to avoid cases where the customer isn’t satisfied, and the expectations were indeed achievable by a professional company, but not by an unprofessional one.

We hope this article was of help to you, the customer, in understanding how to take better care of your carpet, and that it is indeed worth it to get it professionally cleaned every now and again.

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