Low moisture method of professional carpet cleaning in London

Low moisture method of professional carpet cleaning in London

Earlier there were methods like hot water cleaning and steam cleaning used for carpet cleaning. But these methods were time consuming and required the carpets to be cleaned according to the type of fabric quality and type of stain. But with plenty of research and development, a new method for carpet cleaning has been introduced that is used by professional carpet cleaning companies in the market today. It is low moisture carpet cleaning method.

The low moisture cleaning of carpets is also called with the name dry carpet cleaning as it’s one of the most efficient and effective methods available today. It can clean even a carpet made of pure wool to the core removing the dust and dirt without getting it wet. We all know that any wool materials when brought in contact with water will make its fibres to shrink. But the low moisture cleaning method will not soak the carpets and clean them without discoloring them or damaging the fibres.

Benefits from using it

When a professional carpet cleaning service providers use the low moisture cleaning method, using their equipment, there would not any water on the floor or even underneath the underlay. This method will remove any type of dust or dirt that is trapped in between the concrete and the floorboards that can get into the carpet. The wet cleaning method will also be able to remove the dirt between the floorboards, but will draw them up to get into the carpet thus spoiling it again.  But this does not happen with low moisture method when used by professional services. The low moisture method is safe for pets and children. Normally the carpets are to be kept in for dry or avoid children or pets from walking on it till its dry. But with low moisture, you can use it immediately after it’s cleaned.


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