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ProLux Cleaning London is a trustworthy cleaning company with almost a decade is the cleaning industry. We specialize in professional deep mattress cleaning in London and our services are used by numerous private and commercial customers like hotels, dormitories and hospitals.

All our clients are assured to receive the following quality service:

Complete Mattress Sanitation – our high-class cleaning equipment utilizes the so called Deep Steam Cleaning with Extraction – as the name of the method suggests, the steam penetrates deep into the body of the mattress, so all bacteria and allergens are terminated and extracted by the powerful motors of the machine, so the mattress is left completely sanitized and fresh;

Urine, blood and General Staining Removal – perfect for families with small children and pets – thanks to the professional 100% Eco-friendly cleaning solutions we are able to efficiently remove hard stains from your mattress;

Anti Bedbug Treatment – due to the outstanding power of the professional machines we use, the water-detergent mixture is getting heated up to 120°C and sprayed into the material under high pressure – this combination is lethal for all bacteria, germs and bed bug mites;

Odor treatments - The efficiency of our service is unrivaled – ProLux Cleaning guarantees the complete removal of kinds of stench that could originate from your mattress! We guarantee that after our visit your mattress will smell like a brand-new one;

ProLux Cleaning offers the mattress deep steam cleaning and sanitation service to all Greater London residents and businesses! We guarantee the complete elimination of noxious smells, heavy staining and full sanitizing from bed bugs, bacteria and germs! Call our 24/7 Booking Office on 020-3318-6387 and secure your families’ or clients’ good and healthy sleep!


Mattress Steam Cleaning Prices
Single mattress /both side/ £25
Double mattress /both side/ £30
King size mattress /both side/ £40
Super King size mattress /both side/ £45
Queen size mattress /both side/ £50

Professional Steam Mattress Cleaning London

mattress cleaning londonAny mattress, no matter how qualitative and expensive it is, gets dirty with time. To ensure that it has a neat appearance and is hygienically clean, periodically it should be cleaned - ideally with every change of bed linen. To effectively clean any mattress, one should adhere to the basic tips that we will consider below. Alternatively, you can contact the specialists of the company ProLux Cleaning, which will save time and effort, ensuring an ideal result.

Effective mattress cleaning is accomplished with the use of a powerful vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning. It not only removes the dust that adheres to the surface of the mattress, but also perfectly displays various allergens such as wool, mold and dust mites. If there is no such unit at home, you can use the old tested method - take the mattress to fresh air and carefully knock out.

Although the mattress is constantly protected by bed linens, which restrains pollution, there are situations when they seep and fall directly on it. This can be spilled morning coffee, childish surprises and not only. To remove such stains will help wiping with a sponge moistened with water and ammonia (in the proportion of 1 cup of water to 1 teaspoon of ammonia). After a couple of minutes, the liquid is washed off, after which the mattress must completely dry out.

When performing mattress cleaning, the moisture should be completely removed, preventing its active absorption inside, as this can lead to the appearance of mold. It's easier not to remove stains, but to prevent their appearance - you should use mattress pads for this. Using them there will be no need for frequent deep cleaning. When cleaning, remove dust from the bottom of the bed itself. This will allow the mattress to remain clean from all sides, and its cleaning will not go wrong. If you are faced with serious pollution, which you can not remove, or you simply appreciate your time - we are always ready to help you. Apply right now and your mattress will become like just bought.

If you decide that mattress cleaning is too exhausting for you, you need to call Prolux Carpet Cleaning experts. Professional mattress cleaning London in our company is carried out with the help of professional tools and equipment. You can order steam cleaning of the mattress at home, as well as cleaning mattress covers and other bedding. The cost of the service will depend on its size and type of cleaning. It must be remembered that for certain materials and types of contamination only a certain cleaning method can come up, if in doubt - call a technologist who will accurately determine the necessary parameters and the type of cleaning of the mattress.

The first step in mattress cleaning is inspection of the surface. After that appropriate preparations are applied, depending on the type of the stain. Steam cleaning method is used for disinfection and removal of old stains and odors.

Professional Mattress Cleaning – The Key of Healthy Sleep

Each of us knows that the perfect cleanliness of the sleeping place provides a good sleep and, as a result, the cheerfulness of the spirit, after all, it is in a dream that a person replenishes his reserves of forces. If you do not regularly clean the bedding, you can say goodbye not only with a sound sleep, but also with a good health.

A fine alternative in this case will be professional mattress cleaning. Cleaning company ProLux Cleaning provides such services as dry and steam mattress cleaning.

Mattress cleaning at home has a number of advantages: there is no need for self-transportation, there is no risk of damaging or dirtying the product during transportation, you can personally monitor the cleaning procedure at any time convenient for you, and if you clean the mattress in the morning, you can use the product in the evening.

The choice of cleaning method depends on the wishes of the customer and on the degree of contamination of the mattress. In case there are old stains on the mattress, we recommend using professional mattress cleaning services.

Prolux Cleaning – The Most Trustworthy Professionals in Mattress Cleaning

We will return your old mattress to its original attractive look! It is guaranteed that your bedding will please you with cleanliness and freshness for a long time after the cleaning procedure. The main activity of ProlLux Cleaning is steam cleaning of mattresses. We will not only clean your mattress, remove all stains, return to it the correct form, remove all unpleasant smells, but also disinfect it, which will make your rest even more pleasant!

Especially popular is the service - cleaning of a children's mattress, because it is a child's sleeping place and for its cleaning special hypoallergenic detergents are needed. Our services are used by thousands clients in London, including hotels and residential homes.

ProLux Cleaning London - or why one should choose quality and health over cheap and fast services:

Mattress cleaning London is one of our most used cleaning services we offer. You should not underestimate the importance of clean mattress, because it is the major reason for having long and healthy sleep. Feeling rested and in great shape every morning determines your mood and productiveness through the whole day.

Mattress cleaning London is a procedure you should use minimum once or twice a year. It is extremely important for protecting your mattress and extending its life. Another benefit of using mattress cleaning London is getting rid of dust mites, bacteria and bed bugs. Removing urine and sweat smell is also a plus you will benefit from if you use mattress cleaning services.

The Steam Cleaning Process - Mattress Cleaning London

The deep steam cleaning service ProLux Cleaning London provides to the public is indeed the single most efficient method of keeping yourself and your family protected while sleeping. With the help of the most up-to-date equipment sold to the industry in combination with the skills and experience provided by our trained operatives, we will not only get the visible part of your mattress dirt-free, we will get the entire inside of the mattress completely sanitized – all germs, bacteria, all the dirt and allergens will be extracted from deep inside, so your health is safe as well as your mattress! ProLux Cleaning London is proud to announce to its potential clients that our expertise and equipment is secure to use and will not cause damage to your memory foam or other specific material mattresses! Also we are one of the few companies to include deep cleansing of both sides of each mattress we clean!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the mattress to dry ?

Our powerful machines extract about 80% of the water unit, but the 20% remaining will form the actual drying process of the mattress. Based on our vast experience, the average timing of the drying is 6-8 hours. Keep in mind, bad meteorological conditions and high humidity percentage in the air might impede the process. Our advice is to turn on a heater or leave your windows open, until you reach the complete drying of the mattress.

Will all stains come out?

Professional Deep Steam Cleaning is the best method to get rid of any stains! We always use our special 3 types of treatment (smell, stain and bacteria) by PROCHEM. Around 92% of the cases, all the stains are completely gone – we have coped with blood, red wine, urine stains etc. Nevertheless, one should always be aware of the fact that some stains, which have been staying for too long, might have already caused damage over the material or simply changed its colour, meaning that even if all the dirt has been successfully removed in depth, there is a possibility that the colour of the stained area cannot be restored.

Do you have a minimum charge?

In order for us to engage a technician to attend your property, you would have to spend a minimum of £50.

Do you charge for parking?

If a permit or a free parking space cannot be provided by the customer, extra fees for the parking may apply.

Use of special environmentally friendly cleaning detergents - mattress cleaning London BR
BEFORE Mattress Cleaning £25 AFTER
Vacuuming and dusting - mattress cleaning London BR
BEFORE Mattress Cleaning £30 AFTER
deep clean  mattress - mattress cleaning London BR
BEFORE Mattress Cleaning £25 AFTER
when necessary - mattress cleaning London BR
Steam Mattress Cleaning
Cleaner Air - mattress cleaning London BR
BEFORE Mattress Cleaning £30 AFTER
Forest Sheldon

Six years ago my whole family experienced the bedbugs’ situation. Several months we lived with bedbugs and it was a disaster! Each night I went to sleep, I felt the bedbugs moving very slowly on my feet. As a result I was waking up and revealing the covering. Perhaps ten bedbugs were trying to run away at the same time. Then we couldn’t overcome the situation and my husband and I selected new mattresses for the whole family. Regrettably, last winter the family suffered from the same crisis again! My aunt gave me the website of Prolux Cleaning that was a popular firm for mattress cleaning London. Their experts were really useful! Because of the procedure mattress cleaning London I didn’t have to get new mattresses for my home. This firm absolutely removed the situation with bedbugs. On top of that, after mattress cleaning London my mattresses smelled really fresh!

Nikolas Joey

If you haven’t faced the bad situation with bedbugs, you won’t get the idea when I admit Prolux Cleaning saved my sleep! Thanks to Prolux Cleaning, right now I have the opportunity to enjoy undisturbed sleep which is very significant for being energetic on the next day. Mattress cleaning London is a process I tested for the premier time last winter. I faced the issue with bedbugs and I had no idea what to do! Basically, I was about to get rid of my mattress and purchase a new piece because the problem was a bit much! Then my colleague proposed me to try Prolux Cleaning mattress cleaning London. Their service came as a miracle! In less than two hours Prolux Cleaning experts coped with all the bedbugs from the mattress, completely transforming its look! Perfect quality service! I am extremely content with their work! I propose Prolux Cleaning to all customers who are looking for help that can cope with bedbugs. Mattress cleaning London, performed by Prolux Cleaning is what you are asking!

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