Milk Stains on the Carpet – How to Cope with Them

Milk Stains on the Carpet – How to Cope with Them

Cleaning milk stains usually is not considered a serious problem by most hosts. After all, milk is white at first glance seems to be influenced very well when you try to clean it. Like many other spots, however, the worries about the milk stains start when you think that everything is over. Even those pale spots of milk, which does not seem a big deal, can easily fade and appear more insolent than ever.

In fact, being compared to many other stains on the carpet, many housewives determine the degree of difficulty in combating milk stains as high. Well, there are other spots that are no less intrusive and persistent, but the milk is worth leadership. For this here's some carpet cleaning tips for removing milk stains:

1. Let's start with the fact that you have to treat milk stains immediately after they appeared. Do not wait to pass valuable time. First, clean the stain with cold water. Be sure that the water is cold - this is important! If the water is warm or hot, it can make the stain yellow.

2. If the stain remains, rub the area with liquid detergent and gently scrub the area with your fingers for a few seconds. This will help the detergent to penetrate the fibers and dissolve pollution. Rinse thoroughly.Pay attention not to apply too much water on the carpet because this may cause the appearance of mold.

3. Once you have rinsed the carpet, put in place preparation for spots that need to leave to work for about 7-10 minutes. During this time do not have to do anything with the carpet, let's just stand for a few minutes so order preparation to work in depth.

4. Repeat steps one, two and three until needed and until the stain is not completely clear. Sometimes it becomes easier, but another way is a real torture.

But be careful and see the carpet when the lights are turned on - everything should be completely gone, because otherwise it is possible to tip the stain again. It is important to know that if the stain is not completely cleared, then drying the carpet will leave it there permanently and then you can clean it in any way. So be observant when following our carpet cleaning tips!

To clean various stains on the carpet or furniture, not only milk stains, you can use wet towels. They will absorb the liquid and cleaned surface. Wet wipes are very useful for stains on clothing or furniture.

If the milk stain doesn’t go away, you can try with a toothbrush. Use a brush with soft hair, which can penetrate deep into the contaminated surface. Apply detergent and wipe the stain with a soft toothbrush.

Did you know that – Curious facts about milk

Sometimes we have to face the problem with cleaning blood stains from the carpet. It seems laborious task, but it also has solution. If the stain has dried, wet it with cold water and sprinkle it with salt. Leave the salt to act for about 30 min. Then wash with soap and cold water. Another way, which we soon found out one of the most surprising carpet cleaning tips, is that we can clean the blood stains with milk. Pour some milk on the blood stain and leave it to stand for an hour - two. Then wash the stain with cold water.

Recently we found out another curious fact. If there is an ink stain on your carpeted flooring, you have to pour the stain with hot milk, dusted with fine salt. Leave it to dry, brush it and then soak it in lemon juice. Repeat the operation several times until the ink stain disappears completely.

Stains from milk, cream, soup or sauce can be removed in two ways, depending on how fresh they are. For fresh stains it is enough to apply some warm water and diluted alcohol, and for older stains, you should prepare a mixture of 2 tablespoons of glycerin and water, a few drops of ammonia or a mix of turpentine oil and lemon juice in a ratio of 1: 2

If you are curious to learn other carpet cleaning tips, visit our website. You may also use professional cleaning services twice a year for maintaining the good look of your carpet. Cleaning experts are most likely to tell you effective carpet cleaning tips for coping with milk stains on the carpet.

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