Mobile Car Interior Valeting

Mobile Car Interior Valeting


My name is Dean. Many years have passed since, I was hired in a car wash and I was a witness to many situations when people get angry because they had to wait for too long for car upholstery washing. It was a regular practice to have an endless queue of 10-15 people, waiting for car upholstery service. However, the car wash didn't offer an option to make an appointment for specific hour, therefore they were losing perhaps several hours a day waiting on the queue. Then I decided there is a greater way to help people maintain the incredible appearance of the upholstery of their vehicles. It's been 7 years since I started work in Prolux Carpet London which is a cleaning company in London , London specialized in fully washing of the upholstery for your car, insoles and luggage - carrier. The greatest advantage of services Prolux Carpet London provides is that I organize my working day according to your schedule and in addition I accept emergency orders. If you have spilt your black coffee on the car seats, just call us and I will provide adequate help instantly. What is more, the car upholstery service will be completed at the place you choose and will finish the car upholstery cleaning quickly. The overall service I do there, is the perfect if you don’t trust the normal car wash. ProLux Carpet Cleaning is a highly professional cleaning company – nothing here is like in the car wash, where I used to work. Since I use the latest equipment, I’m able to perform a much deeper cleaning – I can get the dirt out of any kind of upholstery! Also – mould, water stains, vomiting – the scariest type of stains – those are no match for the power of the machine that I use! All kinds of stains – no matter how old or huge they are – all of them will be totally removed. Even better – the imbedded dirt is sucked out from the inside of the seats and carpets! This means that not only the car will look clean, but it will be spotless and germ-free! We work with several car leasing companies and used car dealers and all of them are really happy when they see me or any of my colleagues coming – this means that the dirtiest car will be clean, tidy and smelling of perfume in an hour! This is how much it takes to take out even the smallest pet hairs that are stacked onto the carpet and the fabric of the seats! And since we, ProLux Carpet London are local, we are able to come in a matter of minutes or hours – all of this depends on you – whenever it is most convenient we will come and take care for your car’s interior!  I can guarantee that your car upholstery will be in amazing condition after completing the procedure. What is more, I am using the best steam machine and I am using exclusively environmentally-friendly solutions for car upholstery maintenance that are proven to be harmless for you and for your children. You should not bother about health problems, caused by harmful detergents. Most preparations, applied in the car wash are extremely powerful and contain toxic chemicals. This is very important reason why they are not recommended to be applied for vehicles or places to which kids have contact. On the other hand, the cleaning products I use in the car upholstery services are environmentally-friendly and safe not only for you and your family but also for the planet. In order to improve my abilities and become even a more skilful cleaning expert than I am at the moment, I visit several seminars a couple times a year to learn new cleaning techniques. My motto I try to follow strictly is to improve the look of your car upholstery and to make it look like a brand new one. The highest purpose I want to achieve is to make the client content.

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