Natural and Delicate Fabrics Cleaning

Natural and Delicate Fabrics Cleaning

If you are new in professional carpet cleaning business, you should know some little tricks which will make you the preferred choice of the clients. Having modern machines and trained staff are just some of the key factors that will guarantee your successful future in this sphere. You should also emphasis on availability 24 hours a day/7 days a week and also good advertisement. However, the most significant thing is your customers to be satisfied of your services and to use them more than once. If they are completely content with the cleaning procedures, they will use you cleaning firm regularly. It is very likely that they will recommend your expert cleaning business to their friends and relatives. To conclude, if you want your business to prosper, you have to emphasis on quality of your services. Having a top qAuality cleaning products is the most important factor that will make you a leader in cleaning business.

If you work with truckmounts and portables, you should purchase a special cleaning detergents, specially designed for such use. As a cleaning specialist I will recommend you to use the products of Prochem Kärcher Group. They are high-quality, extremely effective and at a very reasonable price. This brand is famous for having a wide variety of cleaning products, which can be used by professional cleaners and homeowners. However, let’s get to the point. Some of the detergents, offered by Prochem Kärcher Group, are created specially for use with truckmounts and portables. They are the best professional cleaning detergents available on the market. Fine Fabric Detergent B106 is the most recommended expert cleaning product for delicate and natural fibers. You should be aware that natural fiber carpets need great attention and mild pH detergents for washing. High pH preparations may damage the look and condition of the carpeted flooring. No matter whether you are going to clean the rug by yourself or you are going to use professional services, you should avoid applying high pH detergents on natural fiber carpets. Fine Fabric Detergent B106 is wool safe approved and its pH is 8.3 – 8.5 which makes it the perfect product for maintaining such type of carpets. In addition to that, it is designed according incredible polymer technology, used for preventing soil wicking and browning. This technology encapsulates soils and pre-spray residues for maximum soil removal with minimal residues.

Fine Fabric Detergent B106 by Prochem Kärcher Group is an eco-friendly cleaning product, absolutely safe for your family and pets. It is recommended for use specifically with truckmounts and portables. Although it has mild pH, it is incredibly powerful and can applied for 1-step or 2-step hot water extraction cleaning procedures. The hot water extraction procedure is more popular as steam cleaning process. Your carpet is cleaned thoroughly and extremely effective and all the germs and bacteria are eliminated. Steam cleaning is the most used technique for carpet cleaning and it has many advantages. However, it should not be applied for carpets which must not be moistened.

Fine Fabric Detergent B106 comes into 1 gallon bottle which is really economical. 1 gallon bottle is enough for making up 65 gallons of ready to use cleaning solution. If you are going to use Fine Fabric Detergent B106 for portables, you should dilute 2 to 8 oz. per 1 gallon of water. If you need the product for truckmounts, you should dilute 1 gallon per 4 gallons of water. Read the instructions on the label before application.

The first step of the hot water extraction cleaning procedure is inspection of the carpet. Then professional cleaners decide what product to use for the specific type of carpet. Carpets from natural fibers and synthetic carpets should be maintained with different preparations. If you need refreshing of carpet’s colors or you need to remove the dirt from its surfaces, Fine Fabric Detergent B106 will help you accomplish these goals. It will return your carpet to its magnificent condition it had when it was brand new. Moreover, it will leave the room with a very fresh scent, coming from the carpet. You can apply a pre-sprayer by the list of products of Prochem Kärcher Group for the most stubborn step as first step of the cleaning process. Then you can clean the entire carpet with Fine Fabric Detergent B106 as a second step of the washing procedure. The other option for you is to apply directly Fine Fabric Detergent B106 without using a spotter or a pre-sprayer before that. Fine Fabric Detergent B106 is an enough powerful cleaning tool to remove all stains from your carpeted flooring.


To sum up, if you are looking for environmentally-friendly cleaning detergent for delicate and natural fibers, designed for using with truckmounts and portables, Fine Fabric Detergent B106 will meet all your criteria.

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