Never Try These Home Remedies on Your Carpet

Never Try These Home Remedies on Your Carpet

 You love to keep your carpet clean and for that purpose try out all homemade things on your carpet for keeping it clean. However, for carpet cleaning in London, you must remember that all these things leaves back a bad patch on your carpet that cannot be removed by the experts even. So, let’s discuss here some of them

Salt on red wine

It has been a common practice that whenever red wine is spilled over your carpet by someone, you reach for salt. You believe that it would absorb the red wine before it gets inside the fiber of the carpet. However, the truth is that salt acts as an agent in dyeing. So, when you put salt over red wine, the color from the wine may get absorbed in your carpet. Thus, avoid salt when red wine spills over your carpet. Rather lookout for professional help.

Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the most common home remedies used for removing stains from the carpet. You must have read in various tips that baking soda is good for removing stain, however, you need to remember that it must be added with some acid like vinegar. The solution works well on some stains. However, the problem that they leave behind is that the residual paste may be difficult to remove. Vacuuming is not enough and if you use knife, your fibers may be damaged. Thus, again, it’s better to call a professional than using these methods yourself.

Vanish and other carpet stain removers

These products available in the market generally have bleached in them which although can remove the stain but is not good for the fiber of the carpet. They may change the color of the fiber. You would find that professional carpet cleaners too use them but they know how much quantity would not affect your carpet fiber.

Thus, when you need professional help for cleaning your carpet, call Prolux Carpet Cleaning

What is The Best Way to Get Rid of Dust Mites?

What is The Best Way to Get Rid of Dust Mites?

When allergic to dust mites, it is especially important to wash bedding correctly. It has been estimated that on a medium-sized bed you can find between 100 thousand to 10 million dust mites.

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