You have just found the best used car for you and your family. Everything on the engine is fine and the outside looks just great! There is only one problem – the seats are dirty, covered with stains and the previous owner was a heavy smoker. Don’t let that stop you from getting the long searched car! Prolux Cleaning - North London is here to help you with all those problems!

We are Prolux Cleaners in North London – a local company that brings cleanness and happiness to its customers since 2006. Our highly mobile cleaning teams need only 2 things to bring back the true colour to your car seats and carpets – access to water and electricity! We specialize in steam cleaning – the only method that is capable to revive the colours of all sorts of fabrics. We use only the high grade cleaning equipment and products, and we do this on the best prices in North London! Call our customers service 24/7 for a quote – our specialists will provide you with a free quote and arrange an appointment for you whenever you may need it – on Bank Holidays, weekends, early mornings or late evenings!

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Standard Car Interior from £59Full Car Interior from £100✓ Opportunity to book an emergency same-day cleaning (even on weekends)
✓ Seats✓ Standard Option (Seats, the carpet areas, the mats, the boot)✓ Pre-hoovering
✓ Carpeted areas✓ The door panels, the side rooms, the dashboard✓ The machine heats up the water to about 90 °C and with high-pressure sprays it deeply inside the fabric
✓ Mats✓ The vinyl, the plastics, the front part of the air vents, the seatbelts✓ Stain treatments ✓ Antibacterial treatment
✓ Boot✓ Basically every small and reachable part inside your vehicle, except for the ceiling✓ Deodorizing the interior on completion

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Automobiles have become one of the life's necessities. Car owners take pride in their well-maintained autos. Regardless of how hard we try though, interiors soon start to show drivers' and passengers' habits alike - stains, dirt and filth accumulate in all crevices, air in the cabin becomes sooty and fusty. Travelling with kids or pets, in spite of all the fun and joy, only aggravates the situation.

If the car is not given a good waxing, you put in danger its finish along with the metal under. And, if you stop there, happy with the superficial results, you won't eliminate the hidden dirt and grime that hasten the decline of trim, rubber, and upholstery. Thorough cleaning -- known as "detailing" among automotive enthusiasts -- not only embellishes, but also extends the life of the car.

Bring your car up to its best by allowing us, Prolux Carpet professional cleaners in North London to skilfully clean and finish it. We work with the best quality shampoos, polishes, and conditioners. Proper cleaning procedures could help eliminate all dirt and restore the original appearance of the car.

A car interior is meant to look and feel spotless. Just a tiny speck of dust, or the slightest traces of tobacco smell can ruin the good impression.


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  • 100% Safe Cleaning Solutions
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  • Initially we inspect the condition of the interior and scan for spots, stains, warped or torn places.
  • We vacuum the interior using a professional machine. We pay special attention to all tiny crevices, hidden compartments and hard to reach places and empty ashtrays.
  • We steam clean the textile upholstered seats and treat leather interiors with a microfiber cloth soaked with a proper hide cleaning solution.
  • We thoroughly clean cloth upholstering of doors, ceiling, floor, and luggage compartment. We wash all floor mats and clean spots on them.
  • We apply air fresheners to remove stale odour.
  • Before we give the vehicle back to you, we inspect our work in detail. We don't want to overlook even the smallest speck of dirt behind us. We want you to be fully satisfied and pleased with our product.

Our company, Prolux Cleaning in North London, delivers the best quality interior car care for all vehicle makes and models. We work with the highest quality products available for the industry now to attain superior results. You are going to be pleased how clean and fresh your car looks!

To schedule our North London cleaning services give us a call or fill in our order form on the Internet site. Our prices are competitive, our teams - dependable and honest. We will schedule your service at a date and time convenient for you.

Our Clients Say it Best

Bobbi cleans my car upholstery every other month as I need my car for work (I’m a decorator), and he always does his best to remove every little stain. The results are consistently good and their pricing is also fair, so I’ll definitely keep using them!

Allan Robinson
Allan Robinson
8 Feb

Dimitar was really polite, efficient and quick. My car interior hasn’t looked this good since the day I bought it! Thank you ProLux for sending out such a professional cleaner!

Amanda Thomas
Amanda Thomas
1 Feb

I’m an Uber driver and occasionally accidents do happen, not much I can do about them. ProLux were quick to deal with the sick in the back of my car, dealt with the smell and the stains and I couldn’t be happier. They also came to my house, which was really convenient.

Tom Smith
Tom Smith
22 Mar
Prolux Cleaning
34 Burford Gardens, N13 4LP