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ProLux performs professional mattress cleaning in North London, as well as professional carpet cleaning. Our powerful cleaning equipment and expert cleaners are the best choice to have your mattress professionally cleaned. We work around the clock and have the most competitive prices among the cleaning companies in London.

Our professional cleaners perform steam mattress cleaning in residential properties and hotels in North London. We offer deep carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning services throughout London. All services are done by fully insured, highly trained and certified cleaners, who have over a decade of experience.

Hot water extraction is one of the most recommended cleaning methods, and our technicians know how to use it effectively. After a deep steam clean of your mattress, it will have its bacteria and stains removed. By choosing our company, you can be sure all physically removable stains will be extracted.


Over time and with use, every mattress starts having issues regardless of how thick your mattress cover is. Simply put, the human body sheds its dead skin, and this builds up on your mattresses. Eventually, dust mites come to feed on the shed tissue and become a health hazard.

To prevent all of this from being a problem, order ProLux' professional mattress cleaning services. Our steam extraction machines will rid you of all dust mites and germs living in your bedding. The mattresses will be fully disinfected and ready for a good night's sleep once again.

Our services are performed exclusively with harmless chemicals. Only eco-friendly, child and pet friendly products are applied by our professional cleaners in London. Your comfortable beds will be deeply cleaned, and you will be able to sleep on them for many more years.

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  • Our professional cleaner inspects the mattress for issues, such as stains and odours. The most typical mattress problems are bodily fluids (blood, urine and sweat), and we have encountered them thousands of times. After inspecting the mattress, the company representative will know the best way to clean it.
  • The technician will hoover the futon, removing any dust, hairs and other surface dirt. This step will prepare it for the hot water extraction cleaning to take place.
  • If your bed is heavily stained, we apply a pre-treatment solution to the mattress. It will take a few minutes to dissolve the dirt and most stains affecting the futon.
  • The steam machine sprays heated water under pressure deep inside the mattress fabric. Our technician then extracts around 90% of the water used, along with stains and cleaning product residues.
  • Stubborn stains are given special treatment with eco-friendly, child and pet friendly products by Prochem. The chemicals do not cause any side effects, even for people with allergic conditions.
  • Your mattress is left deeply cleaned and fully disinfected, and it will have to dry for several hours. Please open the windows and use the heating, as instructed by our professional, after he concludes his work.
  • An optional after-care service, called Stain Protection*, can be included for your mattress. It will protect the material from future stains and deformities from the sun.

Stain Protection can be applied in the form of a spray by our technician after the cleaning. It creates an invisible layer on the surface, which will make new stains easier to remove. To receive a free quote for all services we provide, call our five-star customer support centres.

Tenancy cleaning North London

When you are about to move out of a rented flat or house, you need to order professional cleaning services. ProLux is capable of providing same day tenancy carpet and mattress cleaning services for our customers throughout London. Please take the first step to ensure your health and safety by calling us on 020-3318-6387.

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Mattress CleaningPrices
Single mattress (both sides)£25
Double mattress (both sides)£30
King size mattress (both sides)£40
Super King size mattress (both sides)£45
Queen size mattress (both sides)£50

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Every year we have our mattresses cleaned by ProLux, just to keep them fresh and they always do a good job. I would recommend Bobi and Tisho in particular who are very friendly and nice to have a chat with!

Annette Kensell
Annette Kensell

My friend and I had just moved into this property, but we didn’t bring our own mattresses so we had to get the ones in the flat cleaned asap. A lovely gentleman managed to organize the cleaning for me in a short notice, and the guy sent was also excellent. Our mattresses are now smell fresh, way whiter than they were before and all that for a very fair price!

Jamie Taylor
Jamie Taylor

We used ProLux to clean our mattresses for the first time and will definitely be using them again! The mattresses were done in just under an hour, with nearly all stains removed as well as the unpleasant stale sweat smell. The cleaner was also on time and did a good job explaining the process.

Mark Schaffer
Mark Schaffer


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