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Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Orpington

Prolux carpet cleaning Orpington based company was established 10 years ago. The main criterion for effective and high-quality work of our carpet cleaning company in the cleaning sector is the selection of employees from specialists with a common experience in this service sector.

  • We constantly monitor the carpet cleaning market.

  • We track novelties of ecological means for professional carpet cleaning.

  • We use modern carpet cleaning equipment.

  • We use only ecological means that will not harm you and your pets.

Carpet Cleaning OrpingtonOnly qualitative cleaning of apartments and houses creates coziness and is essential for life of each person because we spend a considerable amount of time at home. Putting order and cleanliness daily takes precious time, which can be spent on your leisure, while our company Prolux will help you to restore your carpet to brand new condition.

With Prolux services you can save your precious time and free yourself from routine work by using professional carpet cleaning of apartments, houses, offices, etc. in Orpington with a full range of carpet cleaning services.

Having made your choice on our company you get accuracy, responsibility, efficiency and of course, quality. By calling our operators, you can learn more about our services. We work in all areas of Orpington, we accept orders for any time convenient for you.


Carpet Steam Cleaning Prices
Single bedroom £20
Double bedroom £25
Living room £30
Dining room £25
Lounge (from) £30
Staircase /max 16 steps/ + landing £25
Landing (from) £5
Hallway (from) £10
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £1.20 – £2.00 / sq.m.

Prolux Carpet Cleaning – Prolong the Life of Your Carpets!

Carpets are the most polluting coatings in the house. Due to the nature of their texture, they easily absorb and retain dust, dirt, animal fur, insect larvae and serve as an excellent medium for the development of bacteria, fungi, viruses and small pests, such as dust mites. Usual vacuum cleaners and the usual means of cleaning do not allow to completely cope with pollution and at best clean only half.

If small children live in the house, people with allergic diseases - for them a poorly cleaned carpet carries a serious threat to health. Therefore, in order to achieve real cleanliness for your carpet, you should turn to a professional dry carpet cleaning service. After all, chemical cleaning, washing of carpets and area rugs is quite a popular procedure in Orpington, and with the services of our firm, professional dry carpet cleaning Orpington is guaranteed to you!

Our company inexpensively provides the best carpet cleaning procedure for dry cleaning, namely the carpets in Orpington, the price of which is accessible to everyone and which is easy to make at home. Ordering carpet cleaning carpeting at home in Orpington, you get a number of advantages:

  • We use absolutely safe carpet cleaners, and you do not have to worry about the health of your children and loved ones;

  • Dry carpet cleaning will return the carpet a new look, give freshness and brightness to the paints, the carpet does not fade and will not lose shape;

  • Dry cleaning completely disinfects the carpet from any harmful microorganisms;

  • Our carpet cleaning prices are absolutely fair and available to any client;

  • The provision of our services will not cause you any inconvenience and will be held in the shortest possible time;

The cost of dry carpet cleaning Orpington depends on the size of the carpet and the level of contamination.

Why Choosing Us?


Prolux carpet cleaning Orpington Company offers a full range of cleaning services that are conducted at a high professional level using modern equipment, and the price is definitely worth it. We are dynamically developing cleaning company, the main priority of which is professional carpet cleaning services in Orpington. Our team is specialists with at least 10 years of experience.


We use special tools that not only can effectively remove contaminants of various types, but are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. Professional carpet cleaning Orpington that is not harmful to the environment, or the so called eco-friendly carpet cleaning, and human health – that’s what you need!


We always complete all the works on time, use only the best modern carpet cleaning technologies to ensure the speed of work. At the same time, our team pays special attention to detail and ensure high quality.

Advantages of Using Cleaning Services from Prolux

We appreciate the time of our clients; therefore cleaning services in Orpington are conducted in strictly agreed terms. The use of specialized tools allows us to guarantee the safety of the surface of various interior items in their original form.

Our cleaning company has favorable prices and at a high level will clean carpets, area rugs and other surfaces that require a special approach. Our carpet cleaning Orpington service is carried out with observance of all technologies and use of modern equipment and cleaning products from famous Prochem manufacturers.

All our specialist carpet cleaners are specially trained and prepared to cope with any carpet problem. They will give you some helpful advices about proper care of your carpeted flooring.

Remember that you should use deep carpet cleaning services at least once a year!

What Carpet Cleaning Procedures Do We Use?

In some cases, with very strong soiling and stubborn stains, it is not possible to cope with this problem on your own, especially if the carpet is made of silk or wool with unstable dyes. In this case it is necessary to resort to Prolux carpet cleaning services to return not only the ideal cleanliness of your favorite carpet, but also the freshness of the paints.

Today, carpet cleaning by hand can be carried out in different ways, each hostess chooses from them the most acceptable and effective for themselves. Recently, the technology of dry carpet cleaning with special powders or granules has become quite popular. But this requires a floor machine equipped with a rotating brush. In this case, the cleanser (granules or powder) is evenly distributed over the carpet, and then rubbed into the carpet fibers with a brush. The mixture formed on the surface is removed by means of a machine.

Dry carpet cleaning Orpington has a number of advantages: the use of water will not be required, and it also does not take a lot of time to dry. You can use the carpet right after cleaning it.

For deeper carpet cleaning cleaning, steam cleaning is used. This method of carpet cleaning requires several hours for complete drying of the carpet. Steam carpet cleaning is the preferred cleaning procedure by people, suffering from allergies or asthma, pregnant women, parents and pet-owners.

The power of steam eliminates all the living bacteria from the carpet and refreshes its colors. No other cleaning method can penetrate so deep into the carpet’s fibers and provide you 100 % removal of all dirt.

Steam cleaning method

Steam carpet cleaning is the most popular method for carpet maintenance today. A mixture of hot water and a cleaning solution helps to effectively clean carpets. Since the temperature of the steam reaches almost 99 degrees Celsius (99 ° C), it can dissolve difficult to remove stains, such as coffee, lipstick, blood or wine. This method also uses low humidity technology that helps to dry the carpet after cleaning. It’s also known as hot water extraction carpet cleaning method.

Deodorizing by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Orpington
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
top rated carpet cleaners by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Orpington
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £20 AFTER
Hot Water Extraction by Prolux Carpet Cleaning Orpington
BEFORE Carpet Cleaning £25 AFTER
Edward Clifford

Prolux Cleaning made my carpet look as good as new!

Everything began last year when I bought a dog, a Labrador to have a companion to play with when i finish work. As the dog kept getting bigger and bigger, so the dirt and the stain did. At a certain point the mess became so big and I had no time to clean it all ,that I was about to get rid of the dog, giving it to somebody, but I wanted to keep my best pal so, I started to check in the internet about a professional cleaning company so i tried a few. The service that they provided was good, but a friend of mine recommended me Prolux Clean, saying that their work is brilliant, so I decided to check if their service is on a superior level. I called them and a customer service representative answered, he was polite, gave me full details about their cleaning products and equipment and gave me reasonable price.

We arranged an appointment and a let the cleaners in my apartment. Immediately after entering my place, I noticed their professional attitude towards me and my problem, and after cleaning all the mess the dog made, I was astonished! Before the cleaning the carpet had stains and dirt, that I tried to remove with a variety of products but their professional equipment made it look almost as good as new! On of the reasons I hired them was that I have asthma and some allergies and the Eco-friendly products that they used were harmless. I decided from now on to use only their professional deep steam services and their are THE PEOPLE FOR THE JOB!

The best part of all was that I kept my dog, because my pal was waiting for me at home after a hard day at work, and continued to distract me from my daily problems and choirs! Thank you Prolux!

Molly Bradley

Three days ago I woke up full of energy. I collected all the toys from the apartment and stored them in the children room. I wiped the dust, vacuumed everywhere, washed the dishes and did the laundry. Meanwhile I prepared the breakfast for my 3-year-old daughter and when I kneeled down to collect the last toy I saw on the carpet huge stains! It was so dirty! I don’t know how I haven’t noticed the carpet’s condition till that moment. However, after all the work done in less than 2 hours and having in mind I am pregnant I was wondering what to do.

I tried to close my eyes and forget about the carpet, but I couldn’t. Then I sat down on my laptop and 15 minutes later I was already scheduling a carpet cleaning service. Prolux was the company I chose because of the use of safe products in carpet cleaning. Also, this company had vast experience in cleaning and was recommended by many customers in Orpington.

Yesterday was the day of my expected cleaning service. I am completely impressed what remarkable change Prolux experts accomplished! My carpet looked like brand new! The colors were so bright – I have never seen it in such excellent condition! Also, the whole room smelled so fresh! Thank you for the top quality service! I do recommend Prolux carpet cleaning services!

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