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ProLux is a cleaning company providing professional upholstery cleaning services in Potters Bar. Our hot water extraction deep cleaning method is the most efficient technique for cleaning your carpets and sofas. The cleaning equipment is always complemented by eco-friendly cleaning solutions, made by Prochem. Combining these makes steam extraction the best method for stain removing and disinfection of furniture.

The sofa cleaning process takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the condition of your furniture. If the cleaning is for peace of mind, we will stay as long as needed to reach our standards. Job duration has no impact on our affordable prices for sofa and carpet cleaning services.

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  • Certified, highly trained and fully insured sofa and carpet cleaners
  • Powerful steam extraction machines
  • Child and pet friendly chemicals
  • Possibility to order same day cleaning services

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Hot water extraction cleaning is the most powerful method for sofa and upholstery cleaning services. Our professionals have been heavily trained in the use of this technique on all types of sofas. They have also undergone special courses to further enhance their cleaning skills. Practical application of their extensive knowledge is a major factor in our popularity as a cleaning company.

The machines themselves are the latest and most effective steam cleaning equipment on the market. Our Ashbys hot water extraction devices are designed to heat water themselves, up to 90°. This temperature can be lowered as well, depending on your sofa material's requirements. The most suitable temperature, pressure and amount of water will be chosen individually for your upholstery.

For leather furniture, we use a different cleaning method which doesn't involve steam machine cleaning. Leather cleaning is done manually by our technicians, using a soft brush to scrub the dirt off. Afterwards, special leather chemicals are applied with a sponge, and then wiped off with a clean cloth. The final stage is applying conditioners to the material, which will return its shine and extend its service life.

Our experts use eco-friendly cleaning solutions by Prochem in all cleaning services. Their green line of products are certified to have no environmental impact whatsoever. These chemicals are completely harmless to children, pets and pregnant women, and cause zero side effects to anyone. By deciding on ProLux, you pick the safest cleaning company in Potters Bar.

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Another edge of our company is our high mobility and flexibility throughout Potters Bar and North London. We cover all surrounding areas, including Borehamwood, Radlett, Enfield, Barnet, St Albans, Cheshunt and more. To receive additional information and availability, contact our customer service centres. We are open 7 days a week, and we also clean on bank holidays with no extra charges included.

We clean the following upholstery on a daily basis:

  • sofas
  • armchairs
  • footstools and ottomans
  • dining chairs and office chairs

How often should sofas be cleaned?

As one of the most used items at home, pieces of furniture tend to get grubby fairly quickly. Stains from drinks and food are common, along with pet hairs, and various accidental spillages. Even if you put covers on your sofa, they cannot prevent dust build-up.

Medical specialists recommend using professional upholstery cleaning services at least once a year. This frequency is higher based on how much usage the sofa receives over time. Commercial furniture, due to increased traffic, should be cleaned once every 3 months. The same rate applies for the sofas and armchairs in a big family's house, or for pet owners.

Upholstery Cleaning Prices

Fabric Upholstery Steam CleaningPrices
2 seater sofa£45
3 seater sofafrom £60
4 seater sofafrom £75
Leather Upholstery CleaningPrices
2 seater sofa£55
3 seater sofafrom £70
4 seater sofafrom £90

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, once the cleaning process concludes, we would be more than happy to apply Stain Protection spray to your upholstery. We even encourage doing so, as the job of maintaining the upholstery clean will become much easier.

Not much is needed in terms of preparation for an upholstery cleaning job. The only two things which you could do prior to our arrival are to make room around the upholstery, so we can clean all sides, and to give it a quick hoover.

The actual job duration depends on the number and size of the items, and also the initial condition. For example, a very dirty 3 piece suite needs roughly 1.5 hours to be cleaned up to a high standard.

Having your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned once or twice a year is a great way to deal with old and stubborn stains, built-in dust and stale smells. It's also cheaper and more environmentally friendly than having to buy a new sofa every other year.

Our Clients Say it Best

Don’t hesitate to call ProLux! They’re by far the easiest company to communicate with, fair pricing and lovely staff as well. They’ were on time and did a great job removing stains from my toddler and cats - I couldn’t be happier with the new look of my velvet upholstery.

Monica Robinson
Monica Robinson
8 Mar

ProLux just did our headboards and bed upholstery, and left them smelling and looking really fresh and clean! This was our first time using this company and we honestly couldn’t be happier, thank you!

David Wood
David Wood
15 Mar

We had a very pleasant experience with ProLux Cleaning, who came to do our chaise lounge and six dining chairs. Tisho was the cleaner who came and who effectively removed all stains, many of which were older than our 1 year old son. I won’t hesitate to call them again whenever the time for a cleaning comes.

Cheryl Orwell
Cheryl Orwell
16 May


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